牛津初中英语 8B Unit1 单元知识点复习
  1. used to do sth (过去常常做某事) be used to doing sth (习惯于做某事) ①This building is a department store now. Ita cinema. A.was used to be B.used to be C.is used to doing D.used to be ②Children at the beginning of last century a lot and themselves greatly even without television A.used to read,enjoying B.used to read,enyjoyed C.were used to reading ,enjoy D.were used to read,enjoying
  2.pleasant ,pleased, pleasure ⑴pleasant 令人高兴的,令人愉快的,作定语,用来修饰事物不能修饰人 ⑵pleased 一般作表语,常用的结构:sb. be pleased at sth /doing sth Sb. be pleased with sth, sb. be pleased that… ⑶pleasure n.愉快,乐趣 It’s a pleasure to do sth. do sth with pleasure ①It’s for me to work with her ②His voice is . ③You have had a life of joy, and ,and success ④I’m very that you have decided to come.
  3.return n. Hong Kong’s return to china v. return sth to sb.=give sth ,back to sb return to sp=go / come back to sp
  4.own adj / v. / n. ①This is /his house (自已的)=This house is his ②他父亲有一面大镜子。 (own) ③我有一个自己的电脑(of one’s own) ④on one’s own 独立地 他独自收集了许多关于香港的信息.
  5.win ,beat , hit We are sure we can them. I’m very pleased when the boys the relay race. He was by a falling stone. They us at basketball last week .
  6.take off ①起飞 (反)land ②脱下 (反)put on . The plane at 7am. your gloves , they are wet.
  7.marry v. marry sb /marry sb to sb. get/be married be married to sb . Sally wants to Bob, so she went to the country with him. A, get married B, marry C, marry with D, get married ①他们把女儿嫁给一个老富翁. ②他们结婚已 10 年了. 8, a bit +adj./ adv. = = a little + adj. / adv. a little + u.n. = = a bit of + u.n. 班级: _学号: 姓名: be used to do sth (被用来做某事)
There is (有点) water in the glass. I find the watch a bit expensive. A, much more B, very C, a little D, too 9, 现在完成时:构成:S+have/has+Vpp 用法:
  1) ( 表示过去发生或已经完成的某一动作对现在造成的影响或结果。 常与 just, yet,ever, never,already, before 连用。
  1.Have you been to Beijing? No, .
  2.I have finished my work.(已经).
  3.They have left here. (刚刚)
  4.I have (从来没有)met such a man . (以前) (
  2)表示动作或状态开始于过去, 一直延续到现在, 甚至还可能继续延续下去. 常与 for , since, so far, in the past/ last +一段时间, recently 等连用。动词用延续性动词。常见的非延续性动词 与延续性动词的转换。 come/go ?be in/on go out-be out leave ? be away begin/start ? be on buy ? have borrow ? keep join ? be a member die ? be dead catch a cold ? have a cold become ? be fall asleep ? be asleep open ? be open get to know ? know close-be closed
  1.He died twenty years ago.
  1) He for twenty years.
  2) Twenty years he died.
  2.Jim came to the city last year.
  1)Jim the cityone year.
  2) one year Jim the city.
  3) One year Jim to the city.
  3.The exciting film began 5 minutes ago.The exciting film 5minutes ago. (
  3)have (has) been to sp.曾经去过某地,(或多少次)而现在不在某地 have (has) gone to sp. 已经去了或正在去某地的路上 have (has) been in sp 在某地(多久)
  1).The twins are not at home. They the West Hill Farm.
  2).A: Where you? I’m looking for you.B: I the library.
  3).How long his uncle Germany? I don’t know. But I know that he there many times.
  4).We can’t find Zhang Ming .Where he __? A. does, go B. does, gone C did , gone D. has , gone
  5).Neither you nor Jim to Japan. A have been B. has been C. went D. has gone
  6).Where is your mother ? She Shanghai. She won’t be back next week. A. has gone to ,until B. has been to , until C. has been to ,after D. has gone to , after


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