牛津初中英语 9A Unit4 同步测试
  1、He talked (少) of all at the meeting.
  2、After twenty minutes’ (讨论), the students agreed with the teacher.
  3、He was working on the day of his (死).
  4、It’s (危险) to play football in the street.
  5、I will give you two (月) time to finish the work.
  6、I got up late yesterday, but (幸运) I got to school in time.
  7、The students are having a (一周的) test.
  8、The boy’s grandfather died in a (自然的) disaster.
  9、The key is one of the (导演的) over there.
  10、We found this TV (节目) very enjoyable. 二、翻译
  1. 虽然那些演员都是新人,但他们演的很好。
  2. 这本书充满了神密感,你会很感兴趣的。
  3. 直到我看了这个节目才知道老虎处于危险之中。
  4. 睡觉前你必须把作业都做完。
  5. 请告诉他在
  8:00 至
  9:00 间给我电话。
  6. 书读完后,请准时归还给图书馆。
  7. 《乡村小屋谋杀案》是一位由新导演导演的恐怖片。
  8. 这部电影很精彩,而且充满了恐怖和神秘色彩。 9 《老虎观察》是 2003 年和 2005 年之间在印度拍摄的。

  14.昨天他就怎样花这笔钱和我争论。 三、选择

  1. Of all the stars, the sun is A. the big
  2. The dumplings taste A. had
  3. A. By
. C. the biggest D. big
B. the bigger
. Please help yourselves. B. so-so C. well D. delicious
her way home, Liu Mei helped a lost child find his mother. B. In C. At D. On
, China will send up a spaceship with people into space. A. Before long B. So far C. From then on and I can’t afford it. C. cheap night. B. on C. at D. to the west of Wuxi. D. to; on D. expensive D. Long before

  5. That digital camera is too A. much
  6. We can’t see the sun A. in
  7. Changzhou lies A. in; in
  8. It’s very kind A. for
  9. They found A. it B. high
the south of Jiangsu and B. on; to C. in; on
you to show me they way. B. of C. with D. from
very hard to work out the problem. B. its you? C. cost D. pay C. this D. that

  10. How much did the car A. take B. spend

  11. “The Young Pioneers often help the old man do some cleaning.” “ .” A. So they do B. So do they C. So we do D. We either

  12. “Would you mind my opening the window?” “ .” A. Of course, open it C. No, don’t do it
  13. “Where is Mr. Jiang?” “He A. has been to B. has been B. Certainly, do please D. Not, at all London.” C. has gone D. has gone to

  14. “Is Jim at home by himself?”
“No, There is another boy A. playing
  15. Zhongshan Road is A. the two widest C. the second wider
  16. I really don’t know what to A. say
  17. “ B. speak B. play
with him.” C. plays road in our city. B. a second widest D. the second widest about such a thing. C. talk D. tell D. to play
does he take this medicine?” “Twice a day.” A. How long B. How often C. How soon D. How much she walked out without a word. D. what; what really difficult.

  18. She was so angry at A. what; that
  19. Half of the class A. have done; is
he was doing B. that; what C. that; that
most of the work. Some of the work B. had done; are C. has done; is
D. have done; are of the trees is still increasing.

  20. There are many trees on A. both; the number C. both; a number
  21. I was told A. that how
side of the street, and B. either; the number D. either; a number
Bill Gates was thirteen he began to play with computers. B. how that C. when that D. that when

  22. “Which colour do you prefer, red or pink?” “ A. Both . I really don’t mind.” B. None C. Either D. Neither

  23. “He didn’t catch the train, did he?” “ , though he was caught in the rain.” A. No, he didn’t
  24. Is Russia B. Yes, he did Asian or B. /; an; a C. No, he did D. Yes, he didn’t
European country? C. /; an; an D. /; the; the
A. the; an; a

  25. It’s the third time you A. have reached
late this month. C. have arrived D. had arrived a rainy night. D. from
B. head reached

  26. The traffic accident happened near the post office A. at B. in C. on

  27. Usually Li Lei spends A. little
  28. The computer needs A. fixing; going
  29. There’s A. a B. less
time doing homework than Lin Tao does. C. few . I think I need D. fewer to ask Mr. Zhang for help. D. to fix; to go
B. fixing; to go “h” in the word hour. B. the
C. to fix; going
C. an
D. / for our new books. D. rooms

  30. Wow, so many books. We need to tidy this shelf to make A. place 四、完型填空 B. space C. room


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