Unit 3 The world online The fifth period
Linking verbs
What is a linking verb? A linking verb is a word used to connect the subject of a sentence to further information about the state which the subject is in.
Point out the linking verbs

  1. I am Zhu Zhenfei.
  2. Surfing the Internet is really interesting.
  3. We are now in need of English teachers. are
  4. The question is how to solve the problem.
  5. What we want to know is who will give us the lecture next Monday.
  6. Your suggestion sounds reasonable.
  7. It seems that everyone here knows him quite well.
  8. Milk goes bad easily in summer if you do not put it in the fridge.
连系动词(即系动词) 连系动词(即系动词)用于连接主语和 表语,说明主语的状态,性质, 表语,说明主语的状态,性质,特征或 身份。 身份。 常见的系动词是be 常见的系动词是be ,它的三种变化形 式为: 式为:am , is , are . 除了 be 动 词之外还有一些,他们大致可分为四类: 词之外还有一些,他们大致可分为四类:
1 表示“ 似乎“ 如: appear , seem 表示“ 似乎“ She appears/seem all right. They appear/seem in favour of the Internet. He appears/seem to be very friendly with us. They appear/seem to have misunderstood me. It appears/seem that she will win. It appearsseem to me that you are all mistaken.
试比较: 试比较: He seems (to be) forty. 他似乎四十岁了。(说话人有一定根据) 他似乎四十岁了。(说话人有一定根据) 。(说话人有一定根据 He appears (to be) forty. 他看上去四十岁。(从外表上看) 他看上去四十岁。(从外表上看) 。(从外表上看

  2. 表示“感觉” 如: look , sound , 表示“感觉” feel , taste , smell That sounds wonderful, but some people claim that the Internet is a waste of time. If you always eat fast food, vegetables may not taste delicious to you.

  1. It feels good to sit in front of the TV after a hard day’s work.
  2. When he got up on stage, he looked a little nervous.
  3. The air often smells bad in Internet cafes.

  3.表示 “变化 ”如: become , come , 表示 get , grow , turn , fall, go Leaves turn green in spring. The boy will go mad if you don’t allow him to use the computer. Your son had grown much taller. He gets easily excited when playing computer games. She fell asleep the moment she got into bed.

  4. 表示其他含义 如: keep ,remain , stay , stand , prove The Internet proved of great value to us during our project. You shouldn’t keep quiet in a debate. People stayed silent and listened to us, and applauded at the end. For these reasons, I believe the Internet remains a positive tool that helps make our lives better.
  1. Peter became a judge but John remained a fisherman.
  2. His knowledge of French remained very weak, because he was not good at learning languages.
  3. The door remained closed.
  4. You can’t let the room remain like this.
  5. It remains to be proved.
Translation: ? 那个老头似乎聋了。 那个老头似乎聋了。 The old man seems deaf .
  2.她显得很健康。 她显得很健康。 她显得很健康 He appears quite well .
  3.她不感觉足够的安全。 她不感觉足够的安全。 她不感觉足够的安全 She didn't feel safe enough .
  4.这个混合物闻起来很难闻。 这个混合物闻起来很难闻。 这个混合物闻起来很难闻 The mixture tasted terrible .
  5.现在我的梦想已经变成了现实。 现在我的梦想已经变成了现实。 现在我的梦想已经变成了现实 Now my dream has come true .

  6.詹姆斯一年年地长大了。 詹姆斯一年年地长大了。 詹姆斯一年年地长大了 James grew bigger every year .
  7.你必须保持身体健康。 你必须保持身体健康。 你必须保持身体健康 You must keep healthy .
  8.今天的乡村音乐还是与从前一个样。 今天的乡村音乐还是与从前一个样。 今天的乡村音乐还是与从前一个样 Country music today remains much the same as before .
使用连系动词时应当注意以下几个 问题: 问题:
(一)除be以外的连系动词在用法上与 以外的连系动词在用法上与 be有点不同,有be 动词的句子变为疑问 有点不同, 有点不同 句或否定句时,直接前提或加not 。 句或否定句时,直接前提或加 He is in the classroom . 他在教室。 他在教室。 Is he in the classroom ? 他在教室吗? 他在教室吗? He is not in the classroom. 他不在教室。 他不在教室。
而其他连系动词变疑问句或否定句时与实 而其他连系动词变疑问句或否定句时与实 义动词相同。 义动词相同。 The language spoken in these places stayed the same .那些地方讲的语言都是一样。 那些地方讲的语言都是一样。 那些地方讲的语言都是一样 →Did the language spoken in these places stay the same ?那些地方讲的语言都是一 那些地方讲的语言都是一 样吗? 样吗? →The language spoken in these places didn't stay the same .那些地方讲的语言不 那些地方讲的语言不 都一样。 都一样。
一般来讲, (二 )A: 一般来讲,连系动词之后 用形容词作表语可表示主语的性质、 用形容词作表语可表示主语的性质、 特征,这时用“怎么样”提问。 特征,这时用“怎么样”提问。 如: The book is interesting . ( interesting 是形容词,表示主语 是形容词,表示主语book 的性质, 的性质, 对表语进行提问可以说: 对表语进行提问可以说: How is the book ? (这本书怎么样?) 这本书怎么样?) 这本书怎么样
B: 名词作表语表示主语的身份,回答 名词作表语表示主语的身份, 什么”的问题。 “什么”的问题。 如: He is a teacher . ( teacher 是名 它表示主语的身份, 词 ,它表示主语的身份,对表语进行 提问可以说: 提问可以说:What is he ?)
C: 副词、数词、代词、介词短语、分词、 副词、数词、代词、介词短语、分词、 动名词都可以作表语, 动名词都可以作表语,分别表示不同的 含义。 含义。 如: The professor is at home . 教授在家。 教授在家。 at home 为介词短语 The computer is mine . 这台计算机是我的。 这台计算机是我的。mine 为代词 Five and six is eleven . 五加六等于十一。 五加六等于十一。eleven为数词 为数词 He is out . 他出去了。 他出去了。out 为副词
My job is looking after the children . 我的工作是照看小孩。 我的工作是照看小孩。 looking...为动名词短语 为动名词短语 The film is moving . 电影很动人。 电影很动人。moving 为分词
I. 翻译并比较: 翻译并比较:
  1.我们班都在外面操场上。 我们班都在外面操场上。 我们班都在外面操场上 Our class are all out on the playground
  2. 站在那儿的妇女是干什么的? 站在那儿的妇女是干什么的? What are the women standing over there ?
  3.我门急需要的是好教材。 我门急需要的是好教材。 我门急需要的是好教材 What we need badly are good textbooks .

  4. 窗户被男孩打开了。窗户是开着的。 窗户被男孩打开了。窗户是开着的。 The door was opened by the boy. The window is open .
  5. 哪里有五棵树。是去年栽的。 哪里有五棵树。是去年栽的。 There are five trees over there. They were planted last year
  6.我摸了摸桌子。桌子摸上去很冷。 我摸了摸桌子。桌子摸上去很冷。 我摸了摸桌子 I felt the desk and the desk felt cool.

  7.请看这幅图。看上去很美。 请看这幅图。看上去很美。 请看这幅图 Please look at the picture. It looks very nice.
  8.这是个好主意。请按铃喊他们进来 这是个好主意。 这是个好主意 It sounds a good idea.Please sound the bell and ask them to come in.
  9. 我在花园里种的植物现在乐长越大。 我在花园里种的植物现在乐长越大。 The plant which I grew in my garden is growing higher and higher.
II.填入适当的词使句意完整 填入适当的词使句意完整 was
  1. It he who found the lost purse . Are
  2. the students looking over the animals now?
  3. The news exciting . is Does
  4. the answer sound reasonable ? Was
  5. a new factory set up last year ? Is
  6. he careful about his studies ?

  1. Review what we have learned in class.
  2. Finish the workbook exercises.
  3. Unit Revision: Period 5 .


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