模块 5 第二单元 Reading The economy or the environment Must we choose? 江苏省海州高级中学 英语组 韩燕 【教学目标】 教学目标】 目标 (
  1) To read a passage about economy and environment to improve their reading ability. (
  2) To make them aware of the problems caused by man with the development of economy. (
  3) To make students pay attention to the environment problems and think about what they can do to help protect the environment. (
  4) To learn how to read a debate. 教学重点 重点】 【教学重点】 To help the students learn how to keep the balance between economy and environment. To help the students develop their ability in solving problems and improve their oral English. 教学难点 难点】 【教学难点】 To help the students learn how to read a debate. Master some important language points and use them correctly. 知识链接】 【知识链接】
  1. 根据首字母提示写出符合句意的单词。 符合句意的单词。 . 根据首字母提示写出符合句意的单词
  1) Some experts are worried about the situation because profits are f(流动)out of the country.
  2) With the development of our economy, many companies are thinking of e(扩大) their business relationship with China.
  3) With the environment polluted, it is high time that we took e (有效的) measures to solve this serious problem.
  4) It is well-known that scientific farming is the k (关键)to the further development of agriculture.
  5) Before making the final decision, the girl d(辩论) with herself for a while.
  6) We all know that in practice most planes are delayed or arrive (稍微的)ahead of schedule.
  7) For the local people, the war is still a (an ) (可怕的) experience in their mind.
  8) In our country, everyone should bear (责任) for the stability of society.
  9) It is (荒唐的) make a stupid mistake in examination, but my daughter is always to doing so.
  10) It was (明显的) that some disaster had occurred in this flooded area.
  2. 歌曲欣赏。 . 歌曲欣赏。 Earth song ? Michael Jackson I used to dream I used to glance beyond the stars now I don’t know where we are although I know we’ve drifted far hey, what about yesterday, what about us, what about the seas, what about us the heavens are falling down, what about us I can’t even breathe, what about us what about the bleeding earth, what about us can’t we feel its wounds, what about us what about nature’s worth, ooo, ooo It’s our planet’s womb, what about us what about animals, what about it we’ve turned kingdoms to dust, what about us what about elephants, what about us have we lost their trust, what about us what about crying whales, what about us we’re ravaging the seas, what about us what about forest trails, ooo, ooo burnt despite our pleas, what about us what about the holy land, what about it torn apart by creed,
what about us what about the common man, what about us can’t we set him free, what about us what about children dying, what about us can’t you hear them cry, what about us where did we go wrong, ooo, ooo someone tell me why, what about us what about babies, what about it what about the days, what about us what about all their joy, what about us what about the man, what about us what about the crying man, what about us what about Abraham, what was us what about death again, ooo, ooo After hearing the song , what conclusion can you draw? 学习过程】 【学习过程】 Step 1 Lead in: The earth is facing serious problems. Get the students to look at the pictures on P21 of the book and discuss the following questions:
  1) Which ones are caused by nature and which ones are caused by man?
  2) Why do people damage nature? Can you think of other ways in which people damage the environment? Step 2 Fast reading:
  1. What side does Mr. Lin Shuiqing and Mr.Qian Liwei each represent?
  2. By how many times has the world’s population increased since 1800?
  3. According to Mr.Qian Liwei, what should be done to factories that pollute the environment? Step 3 True or False:
  1.The waste they create goes into the atmosphere and makes us sick.( )
  2. Many sea creatures are being wiped out by poisonous chemicals.( )
  3. Qian believes that people are more important than creatures.( )
  4. Qian thinks that paying a higher price for some things is good for the economy in some ways.( )
  5. Qian agrees that those factories which pollute the environment shouldn’t have to pay higher taxes.( ) Step 4 Careful reading: Speakers Points Reasons they provide to convince you they present Lin Shuiqing Industrial (an waste environmentalist) Water pollution fishing population
production recycling
Qian Liwei ( an economist )
taxes Step 5 Debate: Divide the students into two groups, one group stands for Lin shuiqing, the other Qian liwei. Get the two groups to debate with each other about the problem of the environment. Step
  6. homework Group discussion: According to Qian Liwei’s opinion, it is possible to achieve a balance between the economy and the environment. How can this be achieved? Give us your results of the group discussion. ( 至少 5 条)



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