Unit 2 Wish you were here
Reading An adventure in Africa
New words of places:
Morocco Kenya Tanzania (Kilimanjaro)
the Sahara Desert
the River Nile Lake Victoria Himalayas
[ him?'lei?z]
A North African kingdom. Casablanca, is the largest city. The famous movie Casablanca tells a story which happened in this city.
the Sahara Desert
It is the world’s largest desert, covering 9,065,000 square kilometers.
the River Nile
Flowing quietly and peacefully, it enjoys the fame of “The cradle of African civilization(文明)”. civilization(文明 文明)”.
Lake Victoria
It is named after Queen of England in the 19th century. It is the world’s largest tropical(热带 )lake and the second tropical(热带 largest freshwater lake(淡水湖). lake(淡水湖).
It is the highest mountain in Africa. It stands in northeastern Tanzania. The top is covered by snow and ice all year round.
?The mountains, located in Asia are one of the highest mountain ranges(山脉) in the world.
dates addresser friendly greetings jokes past events contractions
Reading Strategy
It is a(an) formal /informal letter.
Unit 2 Wish you were here
Reading An adventure in Africa
white-water rafting
Adventure is an unusual, exciting or dangerous adventure or experience, journey series of events. mountain climbing
rock climbing
Have you ever thought of visiting Africa one day?
  1. What words come to your mind when we talk about Africa? ?
  2.What interests you most about Africa?
Please read the following letter quickly and answer these questions.
  1.How will Colin and Toby travel through the desert? They will travel on camels. ?
  2. What activity does Toby think is dangerous? White-water rafting and watching wildlife up close. ?
  3. How long will the brothers stay in Africa? About four weeks.
Fill in the blanks with proper words:
Places Morocco The Sahara Desert Details Go there by
  1) from London
  1.Travel through the desert by
  3) in tents.
  3. Sleep on the ground and on
  4)nights The River Nile
  1. Start at Lake Victoria
  2. In
  5) not to fall into the water,
  1.Live with the local people in their villages.
  2. Walk across the land and follow the tracks
  3. Get close
  7) to take photos of the Tanzania
  1.Many people feel sick while climbing
  2. Have a
  9) rest before climbing. Go to the Himalayas after the trip in
Title: An adventure in Africa Places Morocco The Sahara Desert Details Go there by
  1) from London plane
  1.Travel through the desert by
  2) Camp
  3) in tents.
  3. Sleep on the ground and on
  4)nights clear The River Nile
  1. Start at Lake Victoria order
  2. In
  5) not to fall into the water,
  1.Live with the local people in their villages. Kenya
  2. Walk across the land and follow the tracks
  3. Get close
  7) to take photos of the enough higher Tanzania
  1.Many people feel sick while climbing
  2. Have a
  9) rest before climbing. good Go to the Himalayas after the trip in
  10) Africa
Choose the correct answer :
  1. According to the second paragraph, Colin and Toby will take the following things except during C the six-day trip. A. Sleeping bags C. Heavy shoes B. a flashlight D. tents
  2. While , they have to wear a helmet and a life jacket to protect themselves.
A. going across the desert B. climbing the mountain C. going on a trip D. going white-water rafting

  3. Which of the following is the right order of their travel? A.London Moroccothe Sahara DesertLake Victoria ( the River Nile)KenyaTanzaniathe Himalayas B. Londonthe Sahara DesertMoroccoLake Victoria ( the River Nile) KenyaTanzaniathe Himalayas C. Londonthe Sahara DesertMoroccoLake Victoria ( the River Nile)TanzaniaKenyathe Himalayas D. The HimalayasLondonthe Sahara Desert--MoroccoLake Victoria ( the River Nile)Kenya--Tanzania

  4. What kind of person do you think Toby is by saying “I hope my camels likes me”? A. An animal-loving person. B. A very humorous person. C. A helpful person. D. A kind person.

  5. What can we infer after reading the text? A. Adventurous as the trip is, Toby feels worried about it. B. The trip is sure to cost Toby much. C. Though it is an adventurous trip, Toby is sure to enjoy it. D. The trip is sure to be very exciting and relaxing.
Let’s listen to tape and enjoy the adventure in Arica
tent flashlight
sleeping bag
the River Nile
Lake Victoria
white-water rafting
Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania
Put the activities in the correct order according to Toby’s plan for the trip.
3 ? travel down the River Nile 2 ? travel camels through the Sahara Desert 5 ? climb Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania 4 ? see wild animals in Kenya ? take a flight to Morocco 1 6 ? go to the Himalayas
Morocco The Sahara Desert Egypt the River Nile
Kenya Lake Victoria
Mount Kilimanjaro
Where to start: London Where to go:
Morocco Sahara How to go there: plane (from London to Morocco) What to take: camels (through Sahara) tents/ a flashlight How long: six days
Lake Victoria
  1.What adventure activity will the writer try?
  2. What is whitewater rafting like?
dangerous exciting
White-water rafting

  3.How to protect himself?helmet
life jacket
Kenya In , they’ll live with the people in their villages , local and eat and drink they whatever do, including cow’s . blood
They’ll walk across the land, following the tracks of big animals such as elephants, lions giraffes and.
Please do pair work,one as Toby,the other as a reporter from our school magazine. Toby will be interviewed about his travel plan by the reporter. Toby:say something about the travel plan in Africa. The reporter: interview Toby about his travel plan. You are interested in:Where will you go first? Will you go white-water rafting? Is it exciting? Are you going to Kenya?etc.
An adventure in China
Discuss in groups a travel plan in China. Where to travel? travel routine What to take with? How to travel? What to do?

  1.Finish 课本Ex. E on page
  2. Finish 课课练Ex.一,二 on page 37
Exciting, mysterious and attractive Africa
Camels in the Desert
The pyramids in Egypt
The Africans The Pharaohs
An elephant in Africa
Giraffes in Africa
Zebras in the beautiful grasslands of Africa


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