Exploring Chinese medicine
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Do you know what picture it is ? Acupuncture point wall chart
What do you know about Chinese acupuncture ?
Scan the passage and find which of the following topics is not mentioned?
History , past uses, current uses, acceptance in the west, benefits, disadvantages
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The development of Chinese acupuncture
Old time Stone or p S or pottery needles needles
Make holds on swollen areas of the body
Modern time
Metal needles mneedles
Put needles into the skin at certain points on the body
365 acupuncture points
About 2,000 acupuncture points
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The development of Chinese acupuncture
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  1.What medical problems can acupuncture treat?
neck and back pains, headaches, injuries, stomach problems, blood pressure problems

  2.How does acupuncture reduce and relieve pain?
blocks pain signals from reaching the spinal cord or pain. promotes the production of chemicals in the body which reduce pain.

  1.Fever is a s of many illnesses. ymptom
  2.His a to drugs caused his ddiction family much grief.
  3.The f of an adjective is to unction describe a noun.
  4.He ithe key in the lock but nserted could not open the door.
  5.The drug will r your headache soon. elieve

  1.Acupuncture involves putting stainless steel needles into the skin …
涉及, 涉及,使卷入
My job as a guard involves staying in the factory all day.

  2. One theory suggests that acupuncture blocks pain signals from reaching the spinal or brain.
block … From doing 阻止 做…. 阻止…做
由于那场交通事故,许多车无法通过该路口. 由于那场交通事故,许多车无法通过该路口.
A lot of cares were blocked from passing though the crossroads because of the accident.
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  1. What are your thoughts on acupuncture?
  2. What are the possible benefits or disadvantages of acupuncture over other treatments?
  3. What aspects of acupuncture are discussed in the article?
  4. What traditional Chinese medicine (perhaps one herb or treatment) do you want to focus on in your oral report?
教育123资源网 www.jiaoyu1

  5. What aspects do you need to find out about, e.g., history past uses , current uses, acceptance in the west, etc.?
  6. Where can you find information on the subject?
  7.Who will write the draft of the oral report ?
  8. Who will present which parts of the report?
教育123资源网 www.jiaoyu1

  1.Finish the exercises in exercise book
  2.Read the passage carefully
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教育123资源网 www.jiaoyu1


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