听力部分(共 听力部分 共 20 分) I. 听录音 找出你所听到的单词: (5 分) 听录音,找出你所听到的单词 找出你所听到的单词
  1. A. where B. wear C. there D. hair
  2. A. Maths B. month C. mouth D. months
  3. A. bye B. by C. buy D. hi
  4. A. right B. nights C. light D. lights
  5. A. trick B. tricks C. treat D. trip II. 听录音 找出合适的应答句: (5 分) 听录音,找出合适的应答句
  1. A. It doesn't matter. B. See you. C. You're welcome. D. That's very nice of you.
  2. A. Give you. B. No, you can't. C. Here you are. D. Here it is.
  3. A. It's October 10th. B. It's Sunday. C. It's spring. D. It's four o'clock.
  4. A. That's a good idea. B. I don't like. C. It's lovely weather. D. Not really.
  5. A. Certainly. B. Fine. C. I'm sorry. D. Me, too. III. 根据录音中的对话及提问 选择正确答案: (5 分) 根据录音中的对话及提问,选择正确答案 选择正确答案
  1. A. She is a doctor. B. She is a teacher. C. She is a nurse.
  2. A. By bike. B. On foot. C. By bus.
  3. A. Sixty yuan. B. Eighty yuan. C. One hundred and forty yuan.
  4. A. 8:
  00. B. 8:
  15. C. 7:
  5. A. In the classroom. B. In the playground. C. In the library. IV. 根据短文内容 选出正确的选项: (5 分) 根据短文内容,选出正确的选项 选出正确的选项
  1. Where is Jan from? A. England. B. China. C. Shanghai. D. Japan.
  2. How many classes does Jan have a day? A. Four. B. Two. C. Six. D. Five.
  3. What does Jan like? A. English. B. sports. C. maths. D. Chinese.
  4. What does Jan usually do on Saturdays? A. He does his homework. B. He plays football. C. He plays games. D. He studies at school.
  5. What does Jan's father do? A. He is a policeman. B. He is a teacher. C. He is a doctor. D. He is a driver. 笔试部分(共 笔试部分 共 80 分) I. 根据汉语意思写单词:(10 分) 根据汉语意思写单词
  1. The little dog is very sad, because it can't find its (主人).
  2. The girl in a (马尾辫)over there is my sister.
  3. When you want to get a job from a company, you should give them your (简历).
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  4. Tom is a (有礼貌)boy. He always says "hello" to his teachers.
  5. I want to play tennis with my friends, but I can't find my (球拍). II. 从 b 栏中为 a 栏各句选择正确的答语 栏各句选择正确的答语:(10 分) a
  1. How many people live in your home?
  2. Where are you from?
  3. Whose bag is it?
  4. What's the capital of Jiangsu?
  5. What's the date today?
  6. How are you these days?
  7. How can I get to the bank?
  8. Is this your brother or your classmate?
  9. Happy birthday!
  10. Why do you go to school on foot? b A. My mother's. B. Thank you. C. Because my bike is broken. D. You can go by bus. E. Three. F. I'm very well, and you? G. Nanjing. H. April 8th. I. I come from Shanghai, China. J. My brother! III. 选择填空 选择填空:(15 分)
  1. Sandy enjoys . A. to play the football B. playing the football C. to play football D. playing football
  2. Amy is . She often tells us some interesting stories (故事). A. polite B. helpful C. funny D. happy
  3. Millie after school. A. take the bus B. fix the chairs C. flying the kite D. watches football games
  4. In my family three people. A. have B. has C. there is D. there are
  5. can sleep with their eyes open. A. People B. Fish C. Dogs D. Elephants
  6. Daniel is good at lessons. A. all his B. his all C. the all his D. his the all
  7. Why you stay at home and play? A. isn't B. don't C. aren't D. doesn't
  8. Let's together. A. go to home B. to go to home C. go home D. to go home
  9. Mrs Tang two hours a day reading.
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A. spends B. has C. takes D. uses
  10. Amy, my dictionary is at home. Can I use ? A. you B. your C. yours D. mine IV.下列各句中 A、B、C、D 四处均有一处错误 请找出 并改正 下列各句中 、 、 、 四处均有一处错误,请找出 并改正:(10 分) 请找出,并改正
  1. Everyone calls me is Li Gang. A B C D
  2. There will have a Chinese New Year party in Chinatown this evening. A B C D
  3. Don't play a trick to your little brother. A B C D
  4. I think someone is in. Let's knock the door. A B C D
  5. Thanks for tell us so many funny stories. A B C D V. 看图补全下面对话 看图补全下面对话:(15 分)
A: Oh, Millie. It's dark in your room. Please 1 2 the light. B: All right. Oh, 3 you, Sandy. Please sit down. A: Thank you very much, Mike. I don't have a knife. Can I 4 5 ? B: Certainly. 6 it is. What do you use my knife to do? A: I want to make a 7 8 . Tomorrow is 9 . B: How do you celebrate this 10 ? A: Have parties. VI. 书面表达 书面表达:(20 分) 你结识了一位外国网友,下面是她的相关信息,请根据她给你所发的照片及个人资料,向你的同学们介 绍她。70 个单词左右。 Name Annie Age 13 From New York Love Play computer games, singing, listening to music. Like Dressing up as an animal on Halloween
Dislike Assembly, Maths
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期中复习题参考答案 听力部分录音原文及参考答案 I.
  1. Does the girl wear glasses?
  2. The boy over there likes Maths very much.
  3. Sometimes we go to the tuck shop to buy snacks.
  4. Can I turn on the lights now, Mr White?
  5. Usually, they give us some candies as a treat. (1-5 BACDC) II.
  1. Thank you very much.
  2. I need some more cards.
  3. What day is it today?
  4. Shall we go fishing this afternoon?
  5. I love English films. (1-5 CCBAD) III.
  1. W: What does your mother do, Mike? M: She teaches English in a middle school. Q: What does Mike's mother do?
  2. W: Hello, Simon. Why are you walking to school today? M: Because there's something wrong with my bike. Q: How does Simon go to school today?
  3. W: Good morning. I'm looking for some swimsuits. How much is this one? M: Sixty yuan, and that one is eighty yuan. W: OK. I'll take both. Q: How much are the two swimsuits?
  4. W: Can you tell me the time? M: It's a quarter to eight. Q: What time is it now?
  5. W: Excuse me, where is Simon? M: Sorry, I don't know. You could go and ask Daniel. They are good friends. W: Excuse me, Daniel. Can you tell me where Simon is? M: He is in the library. He wants to borrow some books. Q: Where is Simon? (1-5 BBCCC) IV. Jan is English. He speaks English, Japanese and Chinese. He is studying at a school in Shanghai. He has four classes in the morning and two in the afternoon. He loves sports, but he doesn't like Maths. On Friday afternoon, he often plays football in the playground. He usually stays at home and does his homework on Saturdays. On Sundays he sometimes plays games with his Chinese friends. His father is working in Shanghai. He teaches English. Jan and his father are very happy here. (1-5 ACBAB)
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笔试部分 I.
  3. profile
  4. polite
  5. racket II. 1-5 EIAGH 6-10 FDJBC III. 1-5 DCDDB 6-10 ABCAC IV.
  1. D。去掉 is。
  2. B。have 改为 be。
  3. C。to 改为 on。
  4. D。在 knock 后加上 on 或 at。
  5. B。tell 改为 telling。 V.
  1. turn
  2. on
  3. it's
  4. use (borrow)
  5. yours
  6. Here
  7. pumpkin
  8. lantern
  9. Halloween
  10. festival VI. One possible version: I have an e-pal. She is an American girl. She is from New York. Her name is Annie. She is tall and thin with glasses. She has yellow hair in a ponytail. She loves playing computer games, singing and listening to music. Halloween is her favourite day of the year. She likes dressing up as an animal on the festival. But she doesn't like going to Assembly Hall. She doesn't like Maths either. (73 words)
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