Chapter 1 Water Talk
Reading Listening Language Speaking Writing
Three lives have I. Gentle enough to soothe the skin. Light enough to caress the sky. Hard enough to crack rocks.
A guessing game Brainstorming
How much do you know about
Water has no taste at all. Water has no smell. Water's in the waterfall, The bath, The tap, The well. Water's everywhere around us, Water's in the rain, The stream , The river, And in the sea again.
How much do you know about water?

  1. You could live without water for a few A
A. days
B. weeks A
C. hours

  2. Your body needs about
litres of water daily.
A. two
B. four
C. eight

  3. When you exercise, you need A
A. more
B. the same
C. less
How much do you know about water?

  4. When you freeze water, it becomes a B . A. liquid B. solidA C. gas

  5. About C of Earth is covered by water. A A. one third B. one half C. two thirds B
  6. The scientific symbol for water is A . A A. H2O B. HO2 C. H2O2
Group work How can we get water? Divide the class into groups. Each group lists as many sources of water as they can.
Put these sentences A in the correct order. A ( 3 ) It flows to the sea. A ( 2 ) It runs into streams and rivers. B ( 4 ) It rises from the sea to the sky. C ( 1 ) Water falls from the clouds as rain. A ( 5 ) It falls as rain again.
valuable a. = precious a valuable collections of paintings 一批很有价值的画 valuable advice / help / information 帮助/ 宝贵的意见 / 帮助 信息 valuables n. 贵重物品 value n. 价值
a daily routine / visit / newspaper 日常工作 / 日访 / 日报 We clean the classroom daily. = We clean the classroom every day. monthly = every month / once a month yearly= every year / once a year
increase - become / make greater in number decrease - to become smaller / fewer remain silent 保持沉默 remain standing / seated 一直站着 坐着 一直站着/ Water is a liquid. When the temperature is below 0 ,it turns into a solid. When the temperature is over 100,it turns into a gas.
science ? scientist - scientific vanish= disappear freeze ? froze ? frozen It's freezing outside. =it's very cold outside. The meat was frozen in the fridge. He froze when he saw the thief. = He stopped moving when he saw the thief.
obey the law / the rules faint- difficult to hear I cannot hear you if you speak in such a faint voice. float Wood floats in water. A balloon floated across the sky. comfortable ? comfortably
speed (sped sped) move along / go quickly Cars are speeding past the school. 汽车从学校旁快速驶过. 汽车从学校旁快速驶过. He sped down the street. 他沿那条街快步走去. 他沿那条街快步走去. speed sth up 使加速
carry … to… thorough = complete get a thorough cleaning 得到彻底清理 treatment n. He underwent treatment for cancer. 他接受了癌症治疗. 经受;经历) 他接受了癌症治疗.(undergo- 经受;经历 treat v. 对待;看待 对待; We treat our teacher as a friend. I treat his words as a joke.
until She will stay here until Saturday. I slept until 8 o'clock. I waited until he came. He will be here until 6 o'clock. not …until 直到 直到……才 才 She will not go to bed until she finishes her homework. They didn't leave until the rain stopped.
reply v. reply to a question = answer a question reply n. the reply to the question / a letter shake one's head 摇头 nod one's head 点头 When my mother offered me some ice cream, I nodded gladly.
plant ? building with machines in it When the plant closed down, many workers lost their jobs. precious - very valuable Nothing is more valuable than mother's love. pump- push by machine Can you help me pump the water from the well?
relax- rest from work After a day of hard work, I relaxed at home. view ? what you can see from a place or a position I want a room with a good view because I will stay there for a long time. weird = strange
Exercises1 :根据句意和中文释义填写单词. :根据句意和中文释义填写单词 根据句意和中文释义填写单词.

下水道 There is a mouse in the drain. 漂浮 Wood floats on water. Sometimes my little brother is really 奇怪的 weird. 服从 As a student, you must obey the school rule. We hoped to get her letter, but there is no reply. 答复
  6. He replied that he would not like to go to her party.
  7. That's a rather wonderful football 相当 match.
  8. Let's sit over there. 那里
  9. In the recipe, it says that I must use 食谱 two eggs.
  10. You can open it if you follow every step in the instructions. 步骤
A. Choose the best meaning

  1. vanishing b. disappearing c. stopped moving
  2. froze
  3. impatient
  4. view
a. angry because it wanted Daisy to do something a. things you can see

  5. sped A A. moved fast B. fell C. climbed
  6. relaxed C A. flowed through B. dropped C. rested comfortably
  7. thorough A A. complete B. ordinary C. incomplete
  8. precious B A. very beautiful B. very valuable C. very useful
B. Match the words in Column A with the meanings in Column B.

  1. faint
  2. nodded
  3. treatment
  4. sewage
  5. plant
  6. pump
  7. weird a. something done to change a person or thing b. push (by machine) c. difficult to hear d. very strange e. moved her head up and down f. building containing machines g. waste matter and dirty water
Exercise 2: 根据句意和首写字母提示补全单词. 根据句意和首写字母提示补全单词.

When you freeze water, it will become a solid. If you exercise more, the amount of water you need will increase. My sister is kind and she often carries water for an old man. The question is rather difficult and I can't answer it. If you don't know the answer, you can shake your head.

  6. He takes a bath twice daily in summer.
  7. The number of the students decreased from 210 to 160 this year.
  8. The novel describes the life of the ordinary people there.
  9. The car sped along the road towards the village.
  10. The oil is carried across the desert in pipe lines.
Find out the phrases from the passage. 刷牙
  1.brush one's teeth
  2. pour into 源源流入
  3. vanish down the drain
  4. turn off the tap 流进下水道 关闭水龙头
  5. waste 浪费水 water
  6. sound impatient 听起来不耐烦
  7. float comfortably in a cloud 舒适地漂浮在云中
  8. enjoy the view
  9. drop into a stream 欣赏风景 跌入小溪
  10. speed down the mountain 沿山快速下来
  11. clean … up
  12. a thorough cleaning 彻底清洗 把……净化
  13. the end of a journey
  14. a sewage plant 旅程的终点 污水处理厂
  15. pump把水抽入河流 river
  16. liquid gold water into the 液体黄金
  17.remember not to do sth
  18. add…to… 记得别去做某事 把……加进 一个水处理厂 等一会儿
  19. a water treatment works
  20.wait a minute
Let's learn to play a game
Example: ambition raw father bed eye
A game!
liquid freeze vanish speed precious
reply solid drain treatment weird
sink faint sewage symbol pump
scientific daily shake thorough plant
Sentence patterns:
  1. It is not easy for me to get there.
important 重要的 difficult hard necessary 必要的 unnecessary possible 可能的 impossible
It is
for sb to do sth
It is very kind of him to help the blind man. nice good clever foolish silly rude right wrong
It is
of sb to do sth

  2. I was floating comfortably in a cloud, enjoying the view.
  1. The old man was sitting on the bench,
  1. 那位老人坐在长凳上,睡觉. 那位老人坐在长凳上,睡觉. sleeping.
  2. She was sitting under the tree, reading a
  2. 她坐在树底下,看书. 她坐在树底下,看书. book.
  3. Tom is lying on,听mp
  3. 汤姆躺在沙发上 the sofa, listening to MP
  3. 汤姆躺在沙发上, .
  4. They were sitting 晒太阳. sunbathing.
  4. 他们坐在沙滩上,晒太阳. 他们坐在沙滩上, on beach,
  5. We are standing still, listening to the
  5. national anthem. . 我们肃立,听国歌. 我们肃立,听国歌

  3. I waited until you called me. didn't leave I until you called me.
  4. This is the end of your journey. You your trip. have finished
  5. What do you mean by liquid gold? does mean What liquid gold ? What is the __ liquid gold? __ __ meaning of
  6. There was no reply. Nobody . answered
the journey of Water

  1. 24 days ago , float …in …,enjoy
stream Dongjiang River cloud

  2. drop …into..
  3. speed down…into…
water treatment works

  4. carry…to
Daisy's bathroom sewage plant

  5. be dirty after..., get a thorough cleaning, in …, add…to.., clean ..up
  6. travel to …in pipes under the streets
  7. finish with , a sewage plant
  8. pump …into…, go back into…, again
stream Dongjiang River reservoir
water treatment works Daisy's bathroom sewage plant sea
Water talk This is a dialogue between Daisy and a drop of water. Daisy is brushing her teeth with the tap left running. The water tells Daisy to turn the tap off, and she followed. The water tells Daisy about its journey from a cloud in Yunnan to the Dongjiang River, to a reservoir, to the water treatment works. The water tells Daisy that when it goes down the drain, it will go to a sewage plant and then into the river. It reminds her that water is precious. Daisy tells Benny that she has talked to the water, and Benny thinks she is weird.
Sentence patterns

  1. I waited until you called me. = I didn't leave until you called me.
  2. She didn't go to bed until she finished her drawing. = She went to bed after she finished her drawing. =She didn't go to bed before she finished her drawing.

  3. I went to the safari Park after the TV film was over. = I didn't go to the Safari Park until the TV film was over.
  4. The library will be closed at 9:00 in the evening. = The library won't be closed until 9:00 in the evening.
  5. They started the work when the light was bright enough. =They didn't start the work until the light was bright enough.

  6. You're kind to help me with my maths. = It is kind of you to help me with my maths.
  7. You believed what he said. You are really foolish. = It is really foolish of you to believe what he said.
  8. You help me a lot. You are really nice. = It is really nice of you to help me a lot.
里所学内容, 根据 "Water talk" 里所学内容, 为题写一篇80- 字 以 "Water's journey "为题写一篇 -100字 为题写一篇 的作文, 开头已给出. 的作文 开头已给出. Water's Journey We can't live without water. It takes a long journey to enter our house .
Listening: Picture ordering
One day, Suzy's mother gave her a one-yuan coin. It was rather dirty, oneA so Suzy put it in the sink and washed A it. When the coin was nice and clean, A it suddenly started talking to Suzy. B
The Water's Journey
stream Dongjiang River reservoir
water treatment works Daisy's bathroom sewage plant sea
Listening: Picture ordering
Listen to the coin's story. The pictures below are not in the right order. Write the numbers 1-8 to show the right order.
4 7 A A B 8 C 2 6 A 3 1 A 5
After listening: Work in pairs to tell the story of the coin's journey, using your own imagination.
There + be There is milk in the fridge. There is a small town across the river. There is a ball and some toys on the floor. There are some balls and a toy car on the floor. There are thirty-nine students in my class.
We use a lot of, a little, much and no with uncountable nouns. We use a lot of, a few, many and no with plural countable nouns. There is a lot of /a little/not much/no water in the pool. There are a lot of/many/a few/not many/no swimmers. Things to remember: a little and not much have similar meanings. So do a few and not many. We usually use much in negative sentences, e.g., There is not much water.
how much or how many
We use how much with uncountable nouns and how many with plural countable nouns. How much food is there in the cupboard? There is milk in the fridge. How many oranges are there …? There is a lot/a little/not much/none. lot/ little/ much/none. There are a lot/a few/not many/none. lot/ few/ many/none.
I've got She's got
too many eggs. too few enough too much milk. too little enough
Amount that Albert has

  1. He has too few prawns.
  2. He's got enough onions.
  3. He's got too few red peppers.
  4. He's got too many mushrooms.
  5. He's got too much salt.
  6. He's got too much sugar.
  7. He has enough tomato sauce.
  8. He's got too little cooking oil.
Amount that Albert has
Speak up Why do we need water?
Work in groups of
  5. S1 is in charge of the water in the city. The other students must explain how they use water. Useful expressions: We need water for washing / drinking… It is very important because… If we do not have water, …will…
What can we do to save water?
Don't wash…under running taps.
Fix dripping taps Turn off.
Use a mug for brushing teeth.
Don't water plants too much
Don't waste for playing water.
Take a shower rather than a bath.
Using graphs and charts
A pie chart A line graph
A flow chart A bar chart
Making flow charts: SHENZHEN'S WATER
travels in pipes under the streets comes out of tap
runs down drain
Answer the quest c ions about th


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