牛津小学英语 4B 复习资料之各单元单词及句型
Unit1 A new student 单词: new , student , teacher , doctor , nurse , boy , girl , man , woman 句型:
  1. A: Who’s that …? B: He’s/She’s … He’s/She’s a … 例如: A: Who’s that man ? 那个男人是谁? B: He’s Mr Brown. He’s a doctor. 他是布朗先生。他是一名医生。
  2. A: Are you a …? B: Yes, I am. / No, I’m not. 例如:A: Are you a teacher ? 你是一名教师吗? B: No, I’m not . 不,我不是的。
  3. Welcome to our school . 欢迎来到我们学校。
  4. Who’s the boy in the tree? 在树上的那个男孩子是谁?
  5. Come down, … 下来,…
  6. Don’t climb trees again. 不许再爬树了。
  7. I’m new here . 我是新来的。 Unit2 At a party 单词: white , friend , grandfather , grandmother , father , mother , brother , sister , hair , head , an eye , an ear , a nose , a mouth 句型:
  1. A: Who’s the …with…? B: He’s / She’s my… 例如:A : Who’s the boy with a big mouth? 那个长着大嘴巴的男孩子是谁? B : He’s my brother. 他是我的弟弟。
  2. A: Is that woman your mother ? 那个女人是你的妈妈吗? B: Which one ? 哪一个? A: The one in the red skirt. 穿着红短裙的那个。 B: Yes, she is . 是的,她是。
  3. We’re late for the party. 我们参加聚会迟到了。
  4. Let’s hurry ! 让我们快点! Unit3 What’s your job ? 单词: policeman , policewoman , waiter , waitress , driver , worker , cook , farmer , postman , an engineer 句型:
  1. A: What’s your / his / her job ? B: I’m / He’s / She’s … 例如:A: What’s his job? 他的工作是什么?
B: He’s a worker. 他是一名工人。
  2. A: What are their jobs ? 他们的工作是什么? B: They’re drivers. 他们是司机。
  3. A: How old are you / is he / she? B: I’m / He’s / She’s… 例如:A: How old is he? 他多大了? B: He’s ten . 他十岁了。
  4. It’s cold today, isn’t it? 今天冷,不是吗?
  5. A: What do you want to be ? 你想成为什么? B: I want to be a policeman. 我想成为一名警察。 Unit4 Buying fruit 单词: buy , some , apples , oranges , bananas , peaches , grapes , pineapples , lemons , strawb erries , mangoes , watermelons , pears 句型:
  1. A: What are these / those ? B: They’re… 例如:A : What’re these ? 这些是什么? B : They’re grapes. 它们是葡萄。
  2. A: I’d like some grapes, please. 我想要一些葡萄。 B: How many kilos? 多少公斤? A: Three kilos, please. 三公斤。 B: Here you are . 给你。
  3. Can I help you? 我能帮助你吗?
  4. These or those ? 这些还是那些? Unit6 Let’s go by taxi ? 单词: station , supermarket , library , theatre , hospital , airport , by train , by plane , by metro , by motorcycle , by minibus , by taxi , on foot 句型:
  1. A: Shall we go to …by…? B: All right . / OK. 例如:A: Shall we go to the theatre by bus ? 我们乘公共汽车去剧院好吗? B: All right . 好的。
  2. A: Is this train for Shanghai ? 这是去上海的火车吗? B: No, it isn’t. 不,不是的。
  3. A: How do we go there ? 我们怎么去那儿? B: Let’s go by taxi. 让我们乘出租车去。
  4.How do you go to school? 你怎么上学?
  5、Are you free now? 你现在空闲吗?
  6、 Good idea. 好主意。
Unit 7 At a snack bar 单词: pies , sandwiches , hamburgers , chips , sweets , biscuits , noodles , chocolate , tea , co ffee , juice , milk 句型:
  1. A: What would you like ? 你想要什么? B: Some chips , please . 一些薯条。 A: Anything else ? 还要一些别的吗? B: No, thank you. How much are they ? 不,谢谢。多少钱? A: Ten yuan, please. 十元。
  2. How much is it / are they ? It’s / They’re…yuan .
  3. How about you? 你呢?
  4. Something to drink? 要一些喝的吗?
  5. What can you see in the picture ? 你能从图上看到什么? Unit8 Open Day 单词: our , chair , blackboard , noticeboard , recorder , music room , an office , playground 句型:
  1. A: What’s in / on / near / …? B: There’s a / There are some … in / on / near … 例如:A: What’s near the classroom ? B: There’s a tree. There are some cars.
  2. I’ve got a new dress . 我有一件新裙子。
  3. Can you read them? 你能读它们吗?
computer ,
picture , bookcase ,
Unit9 Breakfast 单词: fridge , able , knife , fork , plate , bowl , cup , bottle , spoon , glass , cupboard , chopsticks , rice , bread , an egg 句型:
  1. A : Where’s / Where are the / my …? B: It’s / They’re … 例如: (
  1)A: Where’s the glass? 玻璃杯在哪儿? (
  2) A: Where are my chopsticks? B: It’s on the bed . 在床上。 B: They’re in the bookcase .
  2. There’s no …in/on/near … 例如:There’s no rice in the bowl . 碗里没有饭 。
  3. What’s for breakfast ? 早餐吃什么?
  4. Have some juice then . 那么喝些澄汁吧。
  5. A : Can you use chopsticks? 你会用筷子吗? B: Yes, I can. / No, I can’t. But I’d like to try. 是的,我会。/ 不,我不会。但是我想试试。
  6. Let me try again. 让我再试一次。
牛津小学英语 4B 复习资料知识梳理
一、词组(本册书中出现的四会词组及少数重要的三会词组) in the tree 在树上 let me see 让我看一看 come down 下来 all right 好的 climb trees 爬树 the boy with big eyes 长着大眼睛的男孩 late for 迟到 in the car 在车里 how old 几岁 look at 看… old woman 老妇女 how many 多少 in the red sweater 穿着红色的毛衣 want to be 想成为… would like 想要 here you are 给你 some apples 一些苹果 with big eyes 大眼睛的 how much 多少钱 with a big nose 长着一个大鼻子 in your bag 在你的书包里面 go to the theatre 去剧院 by bus 坐公共汽车 by taxi 打的 be free 有空 go to the park 去公园 good idea 好主意 on foot 步行 an apple pie 一个苹果派 orange juice 橘子汁 a cup of coffee 一杯咖啡 how much 多少钱 can not move 不能动 go and play basketball 去打篮球 get up 起床 see the doctor 去看医生 watch TV 看电视 in class 在班级里 big and bright 大而明亮 music room 音乐教室 on the piano 在钢琴上 lots of 许多 in the library 在图书馆 go and see 去看看 a new T-shirt 一件新 T 恤 in the cupboard 在碗橱 on the table 在桌子上 in the fridge 在冰箱里面 a pair of 一双 watch me 看我 try again 再试试 open day 接待日 二.单词的复数形式 1 名词的复数 直接加 S : apples doctors forks 单词以 X, S , ch, , 结尾的 :boxes, glasses watches 辅音+Y 结尾的变 y 为 i 再加 es : strawberries 元音+Y 结尾的加 s 词尾为 f,fe,一般变为 ves : knifeknives 一些特殊的形式:man?men footfeet child?children 2 代词的复数 *指示代词 this?these that?those
*人称代词 I?we you?you he, she, it?they *物主代词 my?our your?your his, her, its?their 附表格: 单数 第一人称 第二人称 人称代词 主格 中文意思 形容词性 物主代词 中文意思 I 我 my 我的 you 你 your 你的 he 他 his 他的 第三人称 she 她 her 她的 it 它 its 它的 复数 第一人称 第二人称 第三人称 we 我们 our 我们的 you 你们 your 你们的 they 他们 their 他们的
3 be 动词 am, is?are 三、句型 本册主要出现的疑问词 who which what how many how much how where 运用上面的疑问词对划线部分提问 1 That boy is my brother. 2 The girl with big eyes is Helen. 3 They are cooks. 4 There is a TV in the classroom. 5 I’d like some orange juice. 6 I can see seven books on the desk. 7 It’s twenty-five yuan. 8 I go to school by bus. 9 The milk is in the fridge
牛津小学英语 4B 复习资料之 1-5 单元选择题
( )
  1.Who’s the boy ___? A. on the tree B. one the tree C. in the tree ( )
  2.Welcome__my school. A. for B. in C. to ( )
  3.Who’s the girl ___? A. on there B.over here C.over there ( )
  4.Are you a student?Yes. __a student. A. I B. I’m C. I is ( )
  5.Can you the zebra? A.look B.watch C.see ( )
  6.Who’s the man? Mr Green A. He B.he’s C.He’s ( )
  7.Who’s the girl? Linda. A. she’s B.She C.She’s ( )
  8. climb trees again.
A. Do B.Not C.Do not ( )
  9. he a teacher? A. are B.Is C.is ( )
  10.Who’s that ? Liu Tao. A.boy; He B. girl;He’s C.boy;He’s ( )
  11.Come ,Mike. A.Down B.down C.up ( )
  12.Who’s the boy big eyes? A.in B.have C.with ( )
  13.Who’s the girl a white dress? A. wear B.in C.on ( )
  14.Which one? The in the vest. A. One B.ones C.one ( )
  15.Who’s the man with ? A. big nose B.an nose C.a big nose ( )
  16.that woman your aunt? Yes , is. A.is;she B.Is ; He’s C.Is;She’s ( )
  17.Is the your father?No, isn’t. A.woman; He B.man; He C.man;he’s ( )
  18.We’re latethe party. A. four B.for C. to ( )
  19.His socks and shoes black. A. is B.am C.are ( )
  20.Look,Joe is on the chair. A. sit B.sit down C. sitting ( )
  21.What are jobs? A. they B.them C.their ( )
  22. a student? A. Are your B.are you C.Are you ( )
  23. a doctor? A. is He B. Are he C.Is he ( )
  24.What’s job? A. His B.his C. he’s ( )
  25.The book and ruler on the table. A. boy ; are B.boy’s ; are C. boy; are ( )
  26.What you want to be? A. did B. does C.do ( )
  27.What this? A.am B.is C. are ( )
  28.What these? A.am B.is C. are ( )
  29.What you like? I’d like some pears. A. do B. would C. are ( )
  30.What you like? I like swimming . A. do B. would C. are ( )
  31.The one the yellow jacket is father. A. with; his B. in; he’s C.in ; his ( )
  32.Is that your sister? A. boy B.girl C.woman ( )
  33. is in your pencil box? A. what B.What’s C.What ( )
  34.What’s name? His name is Ganshan. A. her B.he’s C.his ( )
  35.The old cat oh the tree. A. woman’s ; is B. woman ; is C.woman’s ;are ( )
  36. There are many apples are the tree. A. on B.in C. to ( )
  37.What are these? are bananas. A. These B. They C. Those ( )
  38.Are you a student? A. Yes, I’m . B.Yes, he is. C.Yes, I am. ( )
  39.Where’s Mrs Green? A. She’s thirsty. B. She’s ill . C. Sorry,I don’t know. ( )
  40. your grandmother? A. Are you B. Is he C.Is she ( )
  41. bike is it? It’s . A. my B. mine C. me ( )
  42. you LiuTao’s classmate? A. Is B. are C. Are ( )
  43. -She’s Nancy’s mother’s mother.Who’s she? - She’s Nancy’s . A. mother B. sister C. grandmother ( ).
  44.There are some . A. mangos B. mango C. mangoes
( )
  45.My hair long. A. are B.is C. be ( )
  46.Is friend a girl? A. you B.your C. yours ( )
  47.How watermolons can you see ? I can see fifteen. A.many B.much C. old ( )
  48.How are they? They’re fifteen yuan. A.many B.much C. old ( )
  49. How many ? A. kiloes B.kilo C. kilos ( )
  50.I’d like one pineapples. A. kilos B.kilo C. kiloes ( )
  51. It’s cold today.? A. it is B.isn’t it C. it isn’t ( )
  52. I’d like some . A.peach B. peachs C.peaches ( )
  53.I those dogs over there are very thin. A. like B.thin C.think ( )
  54.-What’s the ? - I’m ill. A. this B. matter C. time ( )
  55. He is student. A. a B. the C. an ( )
  56. The boy the walkman. A. listens B. listen to C. listens to ( )
  57. .?Can I help you ??some bananas,please. A. I want to be B.I’d like C. I like ( )58 .?These or those ?? The big ,please. A. ones B. it C. one ( )
  59. .?Who’s the boy white ??He’s Mike. A. with B.in C. in a ( )
  60.I’d like some . A. a watermelon B. watermelons C. watermelon ( )
  61.What are over there? A. these B. those C. that ( )
  62.How much the apples? A. am B . are C. is ( )
  63.Look, that is . It’s four now. A. a clock, o’clock B. o’clock, a clock C. o’clock, o’clock ( )
  64.I can see the girl the tree. A. in B.with C. on ( )
  65.They’re my friends. They’re . A. pears B. boy C. workers ( )
  66、 climb trees again. A. Not B. Don’t C. Do ( )
  67、It’s time play. A.to B.for C.at
牛津小学英语 4B 复习资料之选择题
( )
  1. Who’s that woman over there? Mrs Green. A. He’s B. She’s C. It’s ( )
  2.This is my brother. is a doctor. A. He B. She C. It ( )
  3. ? Yes, I am. A. Is he a teacher? B. Are they teachers? C. Are you a nurse? ( )
  4.Who’s the man the green coat? A. in B. at C. with ( )
  5.Is the girl big eyes your sister? A. in B. on C. with ( )
  6. The boy the walkman. A. listens B. listen to C. listens to ( )
  7. write on the desk. A. Do B. Not C. Don’t ( )
  8.Who’s the man ?
A. with big ears B. with a big ears C. in big ears ( )
  9. the boy a big nose? A. Whose, with B. Who’s, in C. Who’s, with ( )
  10.? It’s in the desk. A. Who’s he B. What’s that C. Where’s the key ( )
  11.The girl is my sister. A. in the red B. in red C. in red coat ( )
  12. is that man? A. She B. Who C. No ( )
  13. Don’t the window. A. go B. look C. open ( )
  14. Look! This is my mother. is a teacher. A. I t B. He C. She ( )
  15. Are you a doctor? A. Yes, I am. B. No, it isn’t. C. Yes, it is. ( )
  16.Are you a teacher? No, . A. I am B. I’m not C. I’m ( )
  17. I can see the girl the tre



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【多人英语表演短剧】美女与野兽 Beauty And The Beast

   www.K555.Cn 光影时代 -专业英文剧本下载-影评基地 收集制作 转载请注明出处,谢谢! Beauty And The Beast 演 The Beast: ?s宥佐 Belle: 沈_e君 Anjerry: ?s怡蓁 A-chip: 廖中健 Gaston: 蔡??| The old lady/The Goddess: ?1_e霞 出 ?c Actors: 容 Cogsworth: ??立人 Lumiere: ?s_e佑 Mrs. Potts: T3巧伶 Organ: 高旺?~ Ma ...


   2009~2010 学年度上学期第二次模块学业水平测试 ~ 学年度 学期第二 高二英语 第Ⅰ卷 (共 105 分) 共 2010.01 注意事项: 1.答第 I 卷前,考生务必将自己的姓名、准考证号、考试科目涂写在答题卡上。 2.每小题选出答案后,用 2B 铅笔把答题卡上对应题目的答案标号涂黑。如需改动,用 橡皮擦干净后,再涂其他答案标号。不能答在试卷上。 共两节, 第一部分 听力 (共两节,满分 30 分) 共两节 (略) 第二部分: 共两节, 第二部分:英语知识运用 (共两节,满分 45 ...


   2011 中考英语一轮复习 中考英语一轮复习?基、序数词以及连字符的复习 数词篇 Brainstorm:你了解我们从一年级就开始学习的数字吗?你能准确写出它们吗?你知道什 么是序数词吗?你了解序数词的用途吗? 基数词 基数词的写法 数字是我最早接触的英语单词,但是你能准确拼出每一个数字吗?我们看看大家要注意 的问题。 [ 十几词尾是发长音的 teen,而且要重读,几十词尾是短音的 ty,而且不能重读,这点在听 力中是区分它们的关键。 三十和十三都以 thir 为前缀后面加 teen 和 ty ...