牛津小学英语 5A 期末测试
得分 一,翻译下列词组 (30 个,每个 1 分,共 30 分) 一张世界地图 教关于图形的内容 一个大客厅 在音乐课上 做模型飞机 弹吉它 在课后 一个万圣节晚会 在晚上 画一幅画 打电脑游戏 扫地 星期天上午 做家庭作业 去加入他们 一个南瓜灯 到黑板这边来 一个大帐篷 互相出示他们的东西 一次野营旅行 在小山附近 我们的祖父母 放风筝 下棋 听音乐 需要一些面具 做木偶 学习这首歌 阅读一本杂志 一个圆和一个正方形
二,单项选择(20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分)
( )

  1.?I have a book.How many A.toy B.toys
do you have??Oh,I have only C.toies

  2. Li Li and Hong Hong are happy each other. A. see B. seeing C. to see

  3.A: is in the classroom? B: Helen is in the classroom. A. What B. Who It's . C. a triangle C. What's

  4.What shape is the moon? A.red
B. triangle you a nice picture.

  5.Let me
A: to show B: show
  6. Who is in the playground?
C: showing
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A. run
( )
B. running
C.to run

  7. Is the swing beside the house? Yes, . A. it is B. there is
  8. Here's a toy bear for you . . A.Here's your change B. Here you are C.he is
C. Thank you

  9. Tom a toy car. Tom's parents two cars. A. have; has B. have; have day of the new term. B. first C. the first C. has; have

  10.It is A. one

  11. -What I doing Guess! -You playing the guitar. A. am; / B. /; are C. am; are

  7. Wang Bing is looking his book. A./ B.for ? B.swims a cake. B.to make work on Saturdays B.aren't do you need? B.else 9 o'clock. B.in Nancy have a pencil? B.Is you C.Do ?-we are going to the playground. B.are;going the light! B.turn off C.turns on C.are;going to C.on C.about C.like C.how to make C.swiming C.to

  13.Can the boy A.swim

  14.Please show us A.making

  15.They A.don't

  16.What A.too

  17.I go to school A.at

  18. A.Does

  19.Where A.do;go

  20.He forgets A.to turn off
三,翻译下列句子(10 小题,每小题 2 分,共 20 分)
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  7.?Mike 有一只望远镜吗?--他没有.
四,在Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏句子相应的答语.(10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分) Ⅰ Ⅱ ( )
  1.Where're your shoes? A.Here's a pencil for you. ( )
  2.There isn't a pencil. B.I can sing. ( )
  3.Are there any sweets in the box? C.No,I don't. ( )
  4.Is your study big? D.Twenty yuan. ( )
  5.What can you do? E.Thank you. ( )
  6.What do you need? F.No, there aren't. ( )
  7.How much is the doll? G.Yes it is. ( )
  8.Do you like flowers? H.OK.Let's sing. ( )
  9.Here's your change. I.There're under the bed. ( )
  10.Shall we sing now? J.We need some rice 五,选用所给介词填空(9 小题,每小题 1 分,共 9 分) near on in under behind after the tree.
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between (备选词可重复使用)

  1. I can see two birds

  2. There are some apples
  3. Wang Hua is
  4. My shoes are
  5. The park is
  6. The boy
  7. That woman
  8. The umbrellas are
  9.The dog is running the bed.
the plate. Chen Ming and Zhang Qiang. the supermarket.
big eyes is his brother. a red skirt is my mother. the door. the mouse.
六,阅读理解. (共 A,B 两篇,11 题,每小题 1 分,共 11 分) A Where are the cake and the cat? It's an Art lesson. Mr Art is teaching his students drawing. The students are learning how to draw pictures. Mr Art: Today we're going to draw a cake and a cat, OK? Look at the blackboard, please. This is a cake. What shape is it, Tony? Tony: It's a circle. Mr Art: That's right. There are some candles and some words on the cake. Do you know the words, Mike? Mike: They're "Happy Birthday!" Mr Art: Good. What can you see on the cake, Liu Tao? Liu Tao: I can see two hearts on the cake, a big one and a small one. Mr Art: Yes, you are right. Now, please look! Beside the cake there's a cat. I'll show you how to draw it. OK? Mr Art: Great! Now it's your turn to draw the cat and the cake. (All the students begin to draw pictures.) Mr Art: Tony! What are you drawing? Tony: I'm drawing a cake and a cat. Mr Art: But where's the cake? Tony: The cat has eaten the cake. Mr Art: Where's the cat? Tony: It has run away(跑了). 根据短文,判断下列说法与文章内容是否相符,正确的写 T 错误的写 F: ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. It's a music lesson. )
  2. Mr Art is teaching the students how to draw shapes. )
  3. There are some candles, shapes and words. )
  4. The cake is a circle. )
  5. Mr Art finds no cats or cakes on Tony's paper.
B It is Su Hai and Su Yang's birthday (生日) today. All their friends are in their home. They are having a birthday party together.
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All: Happy birthday to you, Su Hai and Su Yang. These presents (礼物) are for you. Su Hai and Su Yang: Thank you very much. Su Hai: Which box is for me? This one or that one? Mike: The red one. Su Hai: What is in it? Let me open it and see. Oh, a music box! How nice! I like it very much. I'll put it on my desk. Su Yang: So, the green box is for me. Let me have a look. Yang Ling: Wait a moment (等一下). Please guess (猜). Su Yang: All right. Yang Ling: It is fat and lovely. It has two black eyes and two black ears. It looks like (看起来像) a bear. We all like it very much. What is it? Su Yang: I know! It's a toy panda! Yang Ling: You're right. Hope (希望) you will like it. Su Yang: Sure, I will. Su Hai: It's time to have the cake. Come on (来啊), everyone! Nancy: All right. Let's sing the song "Happy Birthday" together now. All: Good idea. Happy birthday to you. …
( ( ( ( ( )
  1. The children are . A. in the classroom B. in the park C. in Su Hai's home )
  2. Which box is for Su Yang? A. The red one. B. The green one. C. The blue one. )
  3. Where will Su Hai put her present? A. In the desk. B. On the desk. C. Beside the desk. )
  4. What is Su Hai's present? A. A music box. B. A toy panda. C. A toy bear. )
  5. Su Hai and Su Yang . A. want some presents B. like their presents C. give some presents )
  6. From the dialogue (对话), we know Su Hai . A. likes music B. likes toy bears C. likes cakes
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牛津小学英语 5A 期末测试??参考答案及评分细则
一, 翻译下列词组 (30 个,每个 1 分,共 30 分) 一张世界地图 a map of the world 教关于图形的内容 teach about shapes 一个大客厅 a big sitting-room 到黑板这边来 come to the black board 在音乐课上 at a music lesson 一个大帐篷 a big tent 做模型飞机 make a model plane 互相…. show their things to each other 弹吉它 paly the guitar 一次野营旅行 a camping trip 在课后 after class 在小山附近 near the hill 一个万圣节晚会 a Halloween party 我们的祖父母 my grandparents 在晚上 in the evenings 放风筝 fly kites 画一幅画 draw a picture 下棋 play chess 打电脑游戏 paly computer games 听音乐 listen to music 扫地 sweep the floor 需要一些面具 need some masks 星期天上午 Sunday morning(s) 做木偶 make a puppet 做家庭作业 do homework 学习这首歌 learn this song 去加入他们 go and join them 阅读一本杂志 read a magazine 一个南瓜灯 a pumpkin lantern 一个圆和….a circle and a square 二,单项选择(20 小题,每小题 1 分,共 20 分) 1-5 BCBCB 6-10 BACCC 11-15 CBACA 16-20BAABA 三,翻译下列句子(10 小题,每小题 2 分,共 20 分,)
  1.How many slides are there in the park?There is one.
  2.Are there any magazines near the computer?No,there aren't
  3.Look!What is in the basket?There(They) are two mice.
  4.I can dance.What can you do?I can sing.
  5.Does he like skating?No,he doesn't.He likes skiing.
  6.What doea she have?She has a towel.
  7.Does Mike have a telescope?No,he doesn't.
  8.Do you have a tin-opener?No,I don't.Why don't we buy one?
  9.He is looking for a chiken near the house.
  10.What is XiaoMing doing?He is sleeping in his bedroom. 四,在Ⅱ栏中找出Ⅰ栏句子相应的答语.(10 小题,每小题 1 分,共 10 分,错一个扣一分) 1-10 IAFGBJDCEH 五,选用所给介词填空(9 小题,每小题 1 分,共 9 分,)
  9.after 六,阅读理解. (共 A,B 两篇,11 题,每小题 1 分,共 11 分, ) A1-5 FTTTT B1-6 CBBABA
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   牛津小学英语 5A 期末试卷 听力部分(20 分) 听力总设计意图:了解学生对重点句型, 听力总设计意图:了解学生对重点句型,单词以及日常用语掌握情 况,同时培养学生听说读写等综合运用知识的能力。 同时培养学生听说读写等综合运用知识的能力。 一、听录音,选出你所听到的单词。 分) (6 ( ) 1. A. say B. swing C. song ( ) 2. A. ski B. start C. skate ( ) 3. A. walk B. wall C. work ( ) 4. A. ...


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   5A Unit1 在学校的第一天 今天是新学期的第一天。所有的学生都回到了学校。他们对于彼此的又一次见面 很高兴。 王兵:海伦、迈克,你们好。 海伦和迈克:你好,王兵。 海伦:看,有一座 新的大楼。 王兵:是的。大楼里有许多房间。 海伦:(那里)有多少个教室? 王兵:有 24 个。 迈克:大楼里面有一些阅览室吗? 王兵:我不知道。让我们去看看。 王兵:看!有 2 个阅览室。 迈克:有一个乒乓室吗? 王兵:让我看一看。是的,有(乒乓室)。 海伦:有一些电脑室吗? 王兵:是的,有(电脑室) 海伦 ...


   第一单元 在学校的第一天(开学第一天) A 这是新学期的第一天。所有学生都回到了学校。他们很高兴再次互相见面。 王兵:嗨,海伦,麦克。 海伦和麦克:嗨王兵。 海伦:看,有幢新大楼。 王兵:是的,里面有很多教室。 海伦:有多少间教室? 王兵:有 24 间。 麦克:这幢楼里有阅览室吗? 王兵:我不确定。让我们去看看吧。 王兵:看!有两间阅览室。 麦克:有乒乓球室吗? 王兵:让我看看。是的,有。 海伦:有电脑房吗? 王兵:是的,有。 海伦:我们一起去看看吧。 E A: 你家附近有个公园吗? B: ...


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