单元检测(Unit 1-Unit
  2) 单元检测
听力部分 一、Listen and judge whether the pictures accords with what you hear 判断下列图片与所听内容是否相符,用“√”或“×”表示(8%)
5b-p10-3 P9-5 P10- 4 P16Toothache

  1. (

  2. (

  3. (

  4. (

  5. ( )
  6. ( )
  7. ( )
  8. ( ) 二、Listen and choose the word which belongs to the different category with the word you hear 听录音,找出与所听单词不同类的词,将序 号和单词写在横线上(8%)
  3. __ _ _
  4. _ __ _ _ _

  8. 三、Listen and fill in the blanks, then answer the questions 听录音, 先填 空再回答问题(14%) Today is . In Class 2, Grade 5, everyone is here. But David . He got a .There are four in the morning and one in the . When classes are , Mike calls David. David feels better . He wants to know homework. So Mike will go to tell him, and some for him, too.
  1. What day is it today?
  2. What’s wrong with David?
  3. How many classes do they have today?
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  4. Why does Mike go to David’s home? 笔试部分 三、Read and find out whether the sound of underlined parts are same or not, write “√”if they are same, write“×” if they are different 判断 “ 下列每组单词中划线部分的发音是否相同, 相同打 “√” 不同打 , “×” (9%) 1 come 2 so 3 to brother ( ) on ( ) cold ( ) 4 7 social computer ( 5 ) Monday hot ( 6 ) sofa hope ( )
Maths 8 term 9 feel has ( ) better ( ) read ( ) 四、Rewrite the words according to the instructions 按要求写出下列单词 (10%)
  1. do(第三人称单数)
  3. these(对应词)
  5. take(现在分词)
  7. class(复数形式)
  2. lesson(近义词)
  4. hot(对应词)
  6. her(主格)
  8. parents(所有格)

  10. write(同音词) 五、Complete the words in the dialogue according to the context and the given alphabet 根据单词首字母和句子意思,将对话中的单词补充 完整(15%) A: Welcome b to school, Ben. B: Nice to m you, Mr Green. A: There is a n subject in this t, do you know? B: Yes. It’s S S. A: Do you l it? B: Maybe. I t it will be i. A: Of course. When do you h this l? On M? B: No. It’s on F. W will teach us, Mr Green? A: Mr Zhang. He is a very good t. 六、Fill in the blanks with proper prepositions 填入适当的介词(8%)
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  1. How many Art lessons do you have a week?
  2. We have a Computer Studies lesson Friday.
  3. First draw some flowers the paper.
  4. She goes to school half past seven.
  5. Can you come and help me my Maths?
  6. Here’s a new copybook Nancy.
  7. Take your coat, please. It’s hot today.
  8. Boys and girls, this is the first day the new term. 七、Translate the phrases 英汉互译(10%)
  1. the first lesson
  3. stay in bed
  5. take some medicine
  7. get better
  8. 星期一早晨 午饭后 带些水果给你 八门学科

  9. have a lot of rest
  10. 上课 八、Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the given words 请 用所给单词的适当形式完成句子(6%) a lot, what’s wrong, be absent, have a rest, be over, after supper.

  1. My father often reads newspaper .
  2. Who today?
  3. -- with your watch? -- It doesn’t work.
  4. We work for a long time. Let’s .
  5. The present is very good. Thanks .
  6. The classes at four o’clock. In the afternoon. 九、Rewrite the sentences according to the instructions 按要求写出下列 句子(5%)
  1. He has Chinese, Maths, English and Art in the morning. (改为否定句)
  2. There are four English lessons in a week.(改为一般疑问句)
  3. I’m not taking any medicine.(改为肯定句)
  4. They aren’t reading the books.(改为单数形式)
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  5. I’ve got a bad cough.(对划线部分提问) 十、Reading comprehension. Choose and judge to the passages 阅读理解, 选择并判断(7%) A Jane is a schoolgirl. She is fifteen. She lives with her parents and her grandpa. Her grandpa is seventy years old. He’s got a backache. He needs to see a doctor. But Jane’s parents are very busy. Her father is a policeman. Her mother is a teacher. So Jane wants to go to hospital with her grandpa after school. She hopes her grandpa gets better soon.
  1. What is Jane? A. A teacher B. A policewoman C. A student
  2. --What’s wrong with her grandpa? --He’s got a . A. toothache B. backache C. earache
  3. Who needs to see a doctor? A. Jane B. Jane’s parents C. Jane’s grandpa B A: Hi, Mike. Nice to see you. B: Nice to see you, too. Liu Tao. A: What day is it today? B: A: B: A: B: It’s Thursday. What lessons do you have in this morning? We have Maths, Chinese, Art, and Science. Oh, I like PE very much. But we don’t have it today. We have PE and Computer Studies this afternoon. Great! Do you like PE?
A: No, I don’t. I like English very much. Tomorrow we will have an English lesson in the morning. B: It’s time for class. Let’s go! ( ( ( ( )
  1. Liu Tao has PE in the afternoon. )
  2. Liu Tao has six lessons today. )
  3. Mike likes English very much. )
  4. Liu Tao will have English lesson on Friday morning.
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