Unit 7 After school
( ( ( ( ( A B )
  1.clock doctor )
  2.park car )
  3.teacher her )
  4.ready breakfast )
  5.computer subject C box start order really bus D go quarter finger head lunch

  8.stand in a line
  9.clean the library
  10.on duty
  11.brush my teeth
  12.put your feet together
  13.give orders
  14.a busy day
( )
  1.What your parents want? A. do B. does ( )
  2. Miss Li is. She has no time rest. A. tired... for B. happy...of ( )
  3. It's time breakfast. A. for B. to ( )
  4. It's eight o'clock. Helen is her homework. A. do B. doing ( )
  5. Sam to bed at nine every evening. A. go B. going ( )
  6. Yang Ling do exercise with . A. doesn’t, us B. don’t, we ? 1 ? C. are C. busy... to C. in C. Does C. goes C. /, us
( )
  7. There's a football game a quarter to four. A. at B. past ( )
  8. Are you ready lunch, David? yet, Mum. A. to, No B. for, isn't ( )
  9. It's late. I want to take some bread with . A. I B. me ( )
  10.We play football in the street. A. aren’t B. can’t
C. about C. for, Not C. My C. doesn’t

  1. there’s , for, rest, no, time ( . ) .
  2. us, to, do, want, join, you ( ? ) .
  3. a, there’s, game, at, football, a, to, quarter, five ( . ) .
  4. the, orders, students, the, are, follow, trying, to ( . ) .
  5. finger, you , put, can , the , on , your, egg ( ? ) (?)

  1. I usually go to school at seven in the morning. (用 he 转换) to at seven in the morning.
  2. He usually
  3. David has some beautiful stamps. (否定)
  4. David beautiful stamps.

  5. Mike does his homework in his study. (对划线部分提问) Mike in his study?
  6. Lie on your back. (否定)
  7. What time is it?(同义句)
  8. It’s time for school. (同义句) It’s time ? 2 ? on your back. ? .

  1. 孩子们正在操场上上体育课。 The students are a PE in the playground.
  2. 他们正在和马老师做一些运动。 some exercise Mr Ma. They are
  3. 用你的左手摸你的右腿。这样做十次。 your with your . Do this
  4. ?刘涛每天晚上通常做什么?他做作业。 LiuTao do every ? ? What ? He does homework.
  5. Nancy 在
  8:58 睡觉。 Nancy to bed two to .
(一) 选择 Old John goes to see a doctor. The doctor looks over(检查) him carefully and says, “Medicine can’t help you. You must have a good rest. Go to a quiet place for a month. Go to bed early, drink some milk, walk a lot and smoke one cigar(抽一支雪茄烟) a day.” “Thank you very much,” said Old John. “I can do everything you say.” Four weeks later, Old John comes to the doctor again. “Well,” says the doctor, “I am glad to see you. You look much younger.” “Oh, doctor,” says Old John, “I feel quiet well now. I have a good rest. I go to bed early, I drink a lot of milk and walk a lot. Your advice (建议) helps me. But you ask me to smoke one cigar a day, and it nearly kills me at first. It is no joke(笑话) to smoke at my age. ( )
  1.The doctor . A. asks him to take some medicine. B. asks him not to take any medicine. C. doesn’t say any word about medcine. D. gives him some medcine. ( )
  2.Old John after four weeks. A.doesn’t B.looks younger C.is young D.is old ( )
  3.Which one is true? A. Old John smokes now. B. Old John doesn’t smoke now. C. Old John smokes less than before.(比以前少) D. Old John doesn’t smoke a cigar a day. ( )
  4.What does Old John need? A.Some medicine. B.Some water. C.A lot of rest. D.A cigar. ? 3 ?
( )
  5.The best title(标题) of this story should be . A.Old John. B.Old John is ill. C.The doctor’s advice(建议). D.One cigar a day. (二)Read and write T (true) or F (false) Helen usually gets up early everyday. But today she gets up very late in the morning. So she has no time for breakfast. She goes to school at about half past seven. She has her first lesson at eight o’clock. She doesn’t go home at noon. She has lunch at a quarter to eleven at school. After lunch, she has a rest for half an hour. Then she plays games with her classmates. Classes are over at half past four. Helen goes home with her friends at about six. At six thirty, she has supper with her parents. She goes to bed at half past nine. That’s Helen’s day. ( )
  1.Helen gets up early today. ( )
  2.Helen has supper at half past six. ( )
  3.Helen has lunch at a quarter to eleven at home. ( )
  4.Helen has a rest and play games with her classmates after lunch. ( )
  5.We don’t know what time Helen gets up in the morning.
? 4 ?
Unit 7 答案
一、单词辩音 D D B CA 二、翻译下列词组
  1. at night
  8. 站成一排
  2. jump up and down
  9. 打扫图书馆
  3. half past six
  10. 值日
  4. his feet
  11. 刷牙
  5. turn left and right
  6. really busy
  13. 发出指令
  7. after school
  14. 忙碌的一天 三、选择 A C A B C AA C B B 四、连词成句
  1. There’s no time for rest.
  2. Do you want to join us?
  3. There’s a football game at a quarter to five.
  4. The students are trying to follow the orders.
  5. Can you put the egg on your finger? 五、句型转换
  1. goes, school
  2. doesn’t, have any
  3. What, does, do
  4. Don’t, lie
  5. What’s the time?
  6. to, go, to, school 六、根据提示完成下列句子
  1. having, lesson
  2. doing, with
  3. Touch, right, leg, left, hand, ten, times
  4. does, usually, evening, his
  5. goes, at, nine 七、阅读理解 (一) 选择 ABECD (二)Read and write T (true) or F (false) FTFTT
? 5 ?


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