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Unit 1
听录音,标号(听两遍) 一、 听录音,标号(听两遍) 1 A: What lessons do you have on Monday? B: I have Maths, Chinese, PE and Science. 2 3 4 5 A: What lessons do you have on Wednesday? B: I have Maths, English, Art and Social Science. A: What lessons do you have on Friday? B: I have Chinese, Computer Studies, Art and Maths. A: What lessons do you have today? B: I have Science, Chinese, Maths and PE. Oh, time to have lessons. I must go now. A: What lessons do we have in the morning? Can you tell me? B: OK. We have Maths, Science, English and Computer Studies.(432
  51) ( )
听录音,完成下列表格(听两遍) 二、 听录音,完成下列表格(听两遍) A: Glad to see you, Gao Shang. B: Glad to see you, Wang Bing. A: B: A: B: A: B: A: B: Do you have any new subjects this term? Yes, we have Science this term. How many Science lessons do you have in a week? Three. What subject do you like? I like English. We have four English lessons in a week. Do you like Chinese? Yes, I do. We have six Chinese lessons in a week. How about you?
A: I like Computer Studies. It’s interesting. We have two in a week. I hope we have more. B: Me too. Subjects Science English Chinese Computer Studies How many? three / 3 four / 4 six / 6 two / 2
三、Read and find out whether the sound of underlined parts are same or not, write an S if they are same, write a D if they are different 判断下列每组单词中划线部分的发音是 否相同,相同的写“S” ,不相同的写“D” ( DS DS DD SS DD) 四、Translate the phrases 英汉互译(略) 五、Complete the dialogue according to the timetable 根据课程表,完成对话
  1. Eight. / I have eight lessons this term.
  2. No, I don’t.
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  3. I have Chinese, Maths, Social science and Music.
  4. Yes, I do.
  5. Six. / I have six Chinese lessons in a week. 能力提升试题 一、 (略) There’s a mistake in each sentence, circle it and then correct it in the blank 圈出句中 二、 的一处错误并改正
  1. at home
  2. mother’s
  3. Let her
  4. are both
  5. go there 三、Answer the questions in English 用英语回答问题
  1. A mirror.
  2. Shoes.
  3.The first two letters are different.
  4. A computer.
  5. A plane
  6. Seven
  7. a bee
  8. tea
  9. Chinese
  10. None/0
Unit 2
一、 Listen and choose the word which belongs to the same category with the word you hear 听录音,选出与所听单词同类的词 1 breakfast (B C C 2 Science 3 earache 4 hear 5 Wednesday 6 doctor B A D)
二、Listen and complete the dialogue 听录音,完成下列对话 A: Hello, is that Nancy? B: Yes, this is Nancy speaking. Who’s that? A: This is Leo. Are you free this afternoon, Nancy? Shall we go to the reading room? B: Sorry, I can’t. A: What’s wrong with you? B: I’m ill. I’ve got a bad cold. A: Are you taking any medicine? B: Yes. A: Drink a lot of water and have a rest. B: Thank you. See you A: See you. 三、Rewrite the words according to the instructions 按要求写出下列单词
  1. running
  3. I have
  4. right
  5. hot
  6. aren’t
  7. match
  8. right
  9. taking
  10. a lot of Fill 四、 in the blanks with the proper forms of the given words 用所给词的适当形式填空
  1. speaking
  2. got
  3. have
  4. taking any
  5. does likes
  6. There is
  7. matches tins 五、Look at the pictures and complete the dialogue 看图,完成对话
  1. wrong got a cough sorry get
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  2. have don’t want to What’s the matter
  3. do you feel feel Take have 能力提升试题 一、Match the proverbs 试将中英文配对
A. (DEHG AFBC) B. (CEA BFD) 二、Write down the names of five gingers 写出五个手指头的英文名
  1. thumb
  2. index finger
  3. middle finger
  4. ring finger
  5. little finger 三、Complete the word in the sentences according to the context and the given alphabet 根据单词首字母和句子意思,将句中的单词补充完整
  1. favourite
  2. turn off watch
  9. strawberries
  3. take off; put on
  4. break
  6. clock
  7. Excuse

  10. school; Saturdays; Sundays

  11. telephone

  12. family
Unit 3
一、Listen and circle 圈出你所听到的图片 1 A: Do you have any hobbies? B: Yes, I do. I like growing flowers. Do you like growing flowers? A: No, I don’t. I like collecting stamps. 2 A: Hello, Jack. B: Hello, Wang Tao. A: Where’s your mother, Wang Tao? B: Oh, she’s in the supermarket, I think. She likes going shopping very much. 3 A: What do you like? B: I like playing the accordion. What do you like? A: I like playing football very much. 4 A: It’s sunny today. Let’s go and play basketball. B: I’m sorry. I don’t like playing basketball. I like taking photos. Let’s go and taking photos. OK? A: OK. Let’s go. 5 A: Look! This is my new model plane. B: Oh, it’s very nice. You like making model planes. Right? A: Yes. Do you have any hobbies? B: Yes, I do. I like keeping goldfish.
  1. CD
  2. B
  3. BC
  4. CD
  5. CD 二、Listen and complete the sentences 听录音,完成下列句子 1 This is my aunt. She likes going shopping.
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2 3 4
This is my sister, Lucy. She likes collecting stamps. Look at the old woman over there. She’s my grandmother. She can make pretty dresses for me. The man in the jacket is my uncle. He likes playing table tennis.
5 Look, the boy is playing football. He’s my brother. 6 That is my grandfather. He likes keeping goldfish. 三、Read and find out whether the sound of underlined parts are same or not, write an S if they are same, write a D if they are different 判断下列每组单词中划线部分的发音是 否相同,相同的写“S” ,不相同的写“D” (SDS SDD) 四、Find out the answers in column B to the questions in column A 在 B 栏中找出 A 栏 的答句
  1. D
  2. F
  3. A
  4. B
  5. G
  6. H
  7. E
  8. C 五、Read and judge whether the sentences according with the passage, write a T if it does, write an F if it doesn’t 阅读短文,判断下列句子与所听内容是 否相符,用“T”或“F”表
  1. T
  2. F
  4.T Intellectual work 智力题 一、Multiple choice 单项选择
  5. F
(BBC ADD) 二、Answer the questions 回答问题
  1. The number
  2. Husband and wife.
  4. A barber.
  5. AA 制
  7. 别泄露秘密
  8. 试一下

In the dictionary. 不告而别
Unit 4
一、Choose the word which contains the given sound you hear 选出与所听单词含有相同 元音的单词
  1. not
  2. site
  3. get
  4. home
  5. morning (
  1. B
  2. A
  3. C
  4. A
  5. D) 二、Listen and judge whether the pictures accords with what you hear, write “√” if it does, write “×” if it doesn’t 判断下列句子与所听内容是否相符,用“√” √ 或“×”表示 ×
  1. -What does Ben usually do on Sundays?
  2. -Does Mike jump high?
  3. -Does Nancy run fast?
  4. -What does Su Yang usually do? (×√××)
-He usually grows flowers. -Yes, he does. -Yes, she does. -She often makes clothes.
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三、Form complete sentences with the words
  1. Gao Shan studies English ct school.
  2. What does your mother do in the evening?
  3. Children are rowing in the lake.

  4. Does Kate dance beautifully?
  5. There two books for Mrs Green.
  6. Where does Wang Bing live? 四、Read the table and complete the sentences 读表格并将句子补充完整
  1. goes, Monday, Friday
  2. does homework
  3. plays, Saturday, does homework
  4. usually read English
  5. usually goes to, Sunday evenings
  6. listen to, usually watches, Saturday evenings, listens to, Sunday evenings 五、Look at the picture and write a short passage 看图,根据所给情景编写短文(不少 于八句) (略) 能力提升试题 一、Translate the phrases 英汉互译
  1. study hard
  2. walk slowly
  3. listen carefully
  4. jump high loudly
  7. sleep early
  8. laugh happily
  9. turn around

  5. speak fast

  6. read

  10. clean tidily
  11. shine brightly
  12. sit quietly 二、Reading comprehension. Judge and answer the questions to the passage 阅读理解, 判断并回答问题
  1. No, it isn’t.
  2. It’s warm and hot.
  3. No, they can’t.
  4. Yes, they do. 三、Complete the word in the sentences according to the context and the given alphabet 根据单词首字母和句子意思,将短文中的单词补充完整 friend, playing, taking, same hobbies, comes, studies, works, both
Unit 5 Review and check
一、Choose the word which contains the given sound you hear 选出与所听单词含有相同 元音的单词(8%)
  1. room
  2. see
  3. cat
  4. yellow
  5. sweater
  7. they
  8. desk (
  2. C
  3. B
  5. C
  6. C
  7. A
  8. D) 二、Listen and judge whether the sentence accords with what you hear, write a T if it does, write an F if it doesn’t 判断下列句子与所听内容是否相符,用“T”或“F”
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表示(10%) I’m a student in Jingling Primary School. I’m eleven. I’m in Class One, Grade Five. We have six lessons everyday, four in the morning and two in the afternoon. I like English very much. My good friend Zhang Lin likes Maths and Chinese. On Sundays I often do some housework at home. Sometimes I play table tennis with my friends. (
  3. F
  4. F
  5.F ) 三、Listen and complete the dialogue 听录音,完成下列对话(12%) A: Hello! B: Hello! It’s 589624
  77. A: May I speak to Wang Bing? B: Yes, it’s Wang Bing speaking. Who’s that? A: That’s Lily. Shall we go climbing this afternoon? B: Sorry, I can’t. A: What’s wrong with you? B: I’m ill. I’ve got a cold . A: I’m sorry to hear that. How do you feel now? B: I still feel ill. A: Classes are over. I can get some fruit for you. B: Thank you. (58962477 it’s That’s wrong with cold feel feel Classes get fruit) 四、Listen and Tick 听录音,完成表格打“√” (听两遍 10%) My name is Jim Smith, I’m an English boy. I’m eleven. Look, here’s a photo of my family. The man with glasses is my father. He is a teacher in China now. He likes taking photos. The woman in a brown dress is my mother. She is an office worker. On Sundays she likes cooking and growing flowers. Who is the pretty girl? Do you know? Yes, she is my sister Lisa. She can make clothes very well. The little boy in the photo is me. I’m four in this photo. I’m very thin in the photo, but I’m very strong now. I like swimming very much. We are very happy in China and we have many Chinese friends.
摄影 Mr Smith Mrs Smith Jim Lisa 做衣服 养花 游泳 烹饪
√ √ √ √ √
五、Read and find out whether the sound of underlined parts are same or not, write an S if they are same, write a D if they are different 判断下列每组单词中划线部分的发音是 否相同,相同的写“S”不相同的写“D”10%
www.2xxyy.com 江苏省中小学英语教学
(DD DS DD SD SD) 六、Complete the sentences according to the Chinese 根据句意填出所缺单词 (13%)
  1. wrong number
  2. What subjects study
  3. speak loudly
  4. collecting car stamps
  5.playing yo-yos classmates
  6. Don’t draw wall
  7. May copybook for
  8. likes keeping goldfish likes growing flowers too 七、Multiple choice 单项选择(10%) (DAADC BDACD) 八、There’s a mistake in each sentence, find it and then correct it in the blank 找出句中 1 2 3 4 5 6 的一处错误并改正(6%) A 将 lesson 改成 lessons D 将 speak 改成 speaking B 将 for 改成 to D 将 hobbys 改成 hobbies B 将 makeing 改成 making A 将 I’d like 改成 I like
九、Complete the word in the passage according to the given alphabet and answer the questions 根据单词首字母和句子意思,将句中的单词补充完整并回答问题(20%) (have, Chinese, Maths, English, Music, does, likes, Art, Many, drawing, PE, play, basketball, do, make, with)
  1. Seven.
  2. She likes Art and Computer Studies.
  3. They like to play football and basketball after school.
  4. She often does housework.
  5. Yes, she does.
  6. She makes model planes and cars with her classmates.
Unit 6 At a PE lesson
一、Listen and number 听录音,标号
  1. The boy is standing on his brother’s shoulders.
  2. The girl is touching the flowers with her mouth.
  3. Wow ! he can put the egg on his finger.
  4. Look, I can put a pineapple on my head.
  5. - Where’s my grape? - Oh it’s on your mouth.
  6. The girl is sitting on her mother’s knee.
  7. The man can put a plate on his finger.
  8. Boys and girls. Lie on your back. Lift your left leg and touch it you’re your right hand.
  9. Touch your toes with your fingers.
  10. Touch your left knee with your left hand. (4 7 3 9 2 5 6 8 10
  1) 二、Listen and choose the word which belongs to the different category with the word
www.2xxyy.com 江苏省中小学英语教学
you hear 听录音,找出与所听单词不同类的词,将序号和单词写在横线上 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 A. stand A. neck A. listen A. duck A. fever A. apple A. hat A. with B. touch B. shoulder B. Music B. left B. headache B. tired B. tooth B. line
  2. C shoes
  8. A with)
  3. A listen C. jump C. shoes C. PE C. chicken C. feel C. grape C. feet C. exercise
  4. B left
  5. C feel D. lesson D. foot D. Art D. pig D. cough D. peach D. glove D. order
  6. B tired
  1. D lesson
  7. C feet
三、Read and find out whether the sound of underlined parts are same or not, write an S if they are same, write a D if they ar


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