Fun with English 6A
Unit 7 At Christmas
comb watch wallet
tea hair
board dryer
skate pot
It’s his card. s It’s It’s It’s . . .
It’s her card. s s It’s their classroom.
s They’re our books. They’re .
They’re your desks. s They’re .
It’s my card. It’s mine .
形容词性物主代词 形容词性物主代词
名词性物主代词 名词性物主代词
My comb is yellow.
Mine is small.
Your watch is big.
Yours is new.
His wallet is old.
His is over there.
Her teapot is here.
Hers is blue.
Let’s read:
My comb is yellow. Hers is blue. Your watch is big. Mine is small. His wallet is old. Yours is new. Her teapot is here. His is over there.
形容词性物主代词 形容词性物主代词
名词性物主代词 名词性物主代词
our your
Your desks are big.
ours yours
Yours are nice,too.
Our books are green.Ours are small.
Their presents are nice. Theirs are red.
Let’s read:
Our books are green. Theirs are red. Your desks are big. Ours are small. Their presents are nice. Yours are nice, too.
1 2 4 3 5
1 2 4 3 5
This is my watch. ( B.mine)
1 2 4 3 5
Is this comb yours ? (A.your B.yours)
1 2 4 3 5
The skateboards are theirs . (A.their B.theirs)
1 2 4 3 5
My hairdryer is red. Hers is yellow. (A.Her B.Hers)
1 2 4 3 5
They are our books. Yours are over there. (A. our B. ours)
A: Whose… is it/are they? B:It’s/They’re××× ×××’s.It’s/They’re ×××
形容词性物主代词 名词性物主代词 主格 形容词性物主代词 名词性物主代词 I
you he she we you they
my your his her our your their
mine yours his hers ours yours theirs
Fill in the blanks
A: Is this (you) comb? B: No, it’s not (I ) comb . ( I )is at home. A: Whose comb is it? B: Perhaps it’s Helen’s. It’s (she) . A: Helen, is this comb (you)? C: Yes, it’s (I) comb. Thank you. A: Not at all.
Fill in the blanks
A: Are they (you) skateboards ? B: No, they’re not (I). A: Whose skateboards are they? B:They’re (they) , I think. A:Are these skateboards (you)? C: Yes, they’re (we). Thank you . A: You’re welcome.

  1.Copy the new words: comb,wallet,teapot, skateboard,hairdryer,mine
  2.Make a dialogue according to the exercise


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