Part A
Can you pick them up for me? it
Yes, I can. Sure.
running race cake plate rice
The running race is exciting
(令人激动的,兴奋的) 令人激动的,兴奋的 令人激动的
All the Chinese people are very excited !
(激动的,兴奋的) 激动的,兴奋的 激动的
用excited ,exciting填空 填空
excited a. I have a new computer. I’m . exciting The computer games are very. b. All the students are very at excited running race.It is the exciting running race .
规律: 规律: excited
形容人 形容事
Sports Day 体育运动日
看动画,回答问题。 看动画,回答问题。

  1. What does Su Hai want to do? Su Hai wants to .
  2.What is Su Hai looking for?
Sui Hai is looking for her

  1. What does Su Hai want to do?
  2. What is Su Hai looking for?
看动画,回答问题。 看动画,回答问题。

  1. What does Su Hai want to do? take some photos Su Hai wants to .
  2.What is Su Hai looking for?
camera Su Hai is looking for her
What are Su Hai and Su Yang doing? watching the running race They are watch the running race 看赛跑
Summary 1
Sports Day It is .All the students are very .Su Hai and Su excited Yang arewatching the running. race take Su Hai wants to some photos .She is looking her for helping her camera. Su Yang is .
Read and fill the form 分角色朗读第22页的对话 并填写表格) 页的对话, (分角色朗读第 页的对话,并填写表格)
Where was the camera a moment ago? Where is the camera now?
what time where in Su Hai’s bag time where
a moment camera ago
in Su now Yang’s bag
Summary 2
The boys are running .It’s very exciting . Su Hai wants to take some photos. Now Su Hai is looking for the carema Su Hai’s camera was . Su Hai’s a moment ago. bag in It is Su Yang’s bag now. in
Let’s watch cartoons What else is Su Hai looking for?
Let’s watch cartoons What else is Su Hai looking for? Su Hai is looking for her films
Where were the films just now? Where are they now?
what films time where
Read and fill the form 朗读第23页的对话 并填写表格) 页的对话, (朗读第 页的对话,并填写表格)
where on the ground
just now
in Su Yang’s now bag
Summary 3 Now Su Hai is looking for the films . They were in bag Su Yang’s a moment ago, but they aren’t there on the now. They are __ them . Su Yang can pick ground up for Su Hai. They are happy.
Let’s chant: Camera, camera Where’s the camera? Bag, bag It’s in Su Yang’s bag. Films, films Where’re the films? Ground, ground They’re on the ground.
Read and judge
want 过去式
We should look after our things carefully! 照看
careless 粗心
Homework :

  1.Copy the new words, phrases and sentences, then dictate them.
  2. Read after the tape(5 times) and recite the dialogue.


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