复习提纲(短语,语法和句型) 牛津小学英语 6A 复习提纲(短语,语法和句型) 一,词组(本册书出现的四会和三会词组)
  1.a football match 一场足球比赛
  2.between…and 在…之间
  3.in the same team 在同一队
  4.sit next to me 坐在我旁边
  5.in the corner 在角落
  6.in front of 在…的前面
  7.go over the goal 越过球门
  8.time's up 时间到了
  9.go out of the football field 飞出球场
  10. wonderful score 一个漂亮的进球
  11. one all 一比一
  12.No smoking 禁止吸烟
  13. No parking 禁止停车
  14.No littering 禁止乱扔
  15.No swimming 禁止游泳
  16.Keep quiet 保持安静
  17. No cycling 禁止骑车
  18.Keep off the grass 请勿踩草
  19.stay away from 避开
  20. five years old 五岁
  21.make noise 制造噪音
  22.my cousin 我的表兄妹
  23.talk about 谈论
  24.look around 环顾四周
  25.Fine ten yuan 罚款 10 元
  26.No eating and drinking 禁止吃喝
  27.Do not touch 禁止触摸
  28.pick up 拾起
  29. take a walk 散步
  30.the fifth of March 三月五日
  31.the nineteenth week 第 19 周
  32.take off 脱下
  33. blow out 吹灭
  34.a birthday party 一个生日会
  35.a VCD of Chinese cartoons 一盘中国卡通片的 VCD
  36.as a birthday present 作为一份生日礼物
  37.a piece of paper 一张纸
  38.fold it in half 对折
  39.a running race 一场跑步比赛
  40.just now 刚才
  41.a moment ago 刚才
  42.a roll of film 一卷胶卷
  43.a pair of glasses 一副眼镜
  44. in July 在七月
  45. Sports Day 体育活动日
  46. watch the moon 赏月
  47. a pair of earphones 一副耳机
  48. last week 上星期
  49. plant trees 种树
  50. pull up carrots 拔胡萝卜
  51. pick up oranges 摘橘子
  52. on the farm 在农场
  53. an exciting film 一部令人激动的影片
  54. in the mountains 在山里
  55. a science festival 科技节
  56. a food festival 美食节
  57. a kite festival 风筝节
  58. National Day 国庆节
  59. have a chat 聊天
  60. have a good time 过得愉快
  61. at the weekends 在周末

  62. after dinner 晚饭后
  63. a lot of colourful kites 许多色彩艳丽的风筝
  64. Children's Day 儿童节
  65.New Year's Day 新年
  66. their relatives 他们的亲戚
  67. something to drink 一些喝的东西
  68. dress up 装扮
  69. favourite food 最爱的食物
  70. dragon boat race 龙舟赛
  71. last year 去年
  72. Mid-Autumn Festival 中秋节
  73.Dragon Boat Festival 端午节
  74. Spring Festival 春节
  75. eat rice dumplings 吃粽子
  76.make pumpkin lanterns 做南瓜灯
  77.police station 警察局
  78.this morning 今天早晨
  79. get off 下车
  80. point to 指向
  81. at the back of 在后部
  82. the present from his friend 朋友送的礼物 二,语法知识 1,序数词 序数词的构成是在以之相对应的基数词词尾加 th,个别例外: ◆one ? first two?second three?third five?fifth eight?eighth nine?ninth twelve ? twelfth ◆ 以 ty 结尾的,先变 y 为 i,加 th forty?fortieth ◆ 缩写形式 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 22nd 31st 2,规则动词的过去时词尾变化 ◆ 一般情况下加 ed ◆ 以不发音的 e 结尾的加 d ◆ 以辅音字母+y 结尾的变 y 为 i,加 ed. 3, 规则动词过去时的发音规则 ◆ 在浊辅音,元音后读[ d ],如 lived,listened ◆ 在清辅音后读[ t ],如 liked, helped,watched ◆ 在[ t ] [ d ] 音后读[ Id ], 如 planted 三,按要求改写句子:
  1. 一般疑问句 a.be 动词(is, am, are, was, were)提前. I was in England last month. We are having an English lesson. He is eating some nice food.
b.can 提前 Lucy can do some Chinese dances. c.行为动词 一般现在时:把助动词 do,does 置于句首.(动词改为原形) My mother lives in a small town. 一般过去式:把助动词 did 置于句首.(动词改为原形) Liu Tao drank some juice last night.
  2.否定句 a.祈使句,把 don't 放在动词之前. Close the door, please. b.句子中含有 be 动词或 can is?isn't are?aren't am?am not was?wasn't were?weren't can?can't There are some dolls on the bed. She can make a birthday card. c.行为动词 一般现在时:主语后加 don't, doesn't (动词改为原形) He works on Saturday. She has some beautiful flower. 一般过去式:主语后加 didn't (动词改为原形) We did some Chinese dances yesterday.
  3.划线部分提问 用特殊疑问词代替划线部分的内容. 常用的特殊疑问词:who, whose, how, how many, how much, how old, when, which, what, what color, what time, what day, what date, what shape, where.
  1. Miss Zhang is our English teacher.
  2. The blue comb is her mother's.
  3. My mother is ok today.
  4. There are three computer rooms in our school.
  5. The apples are two yuan.
  6. He's twelve years old.
  7. My birthday is on the first of December.
  8. The boy in white is my brother.
  9. I can see a clock and a desk in the picture.
  10. His trousers are black.
  11. It's five o'clock in the afternoon.
  12. It's Tuesday today.

  13. It's the tenth of March.
  14. The sun is a circle.
  15. I was in England last month



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