Unit Five
A: Words:
  1.weather 天气
  4.spring 春季
  7.autumn 秋季
  10.sunny 晴朗的
  2.season 季;季节
  5.warm 温暖的
  8.cool 凉的;凉快的
The seasons

  3.best 最好的(good well 的最高级)
  6.summer 夏季
  9.winter 冬季
  12.rainy 下雨的;多雨的
  15.rain 雨;下雨

  11.windy 有风的;多风的

  13.cloudy 多云的;阴天的
  16.wind 风
  17.cloud 云

  14.snowy 下雪的;多雪的
  18.snow 雪
  20.snowball 雪球
  23.because 因为

  22.countryside 农村地区 B: Phrases:
  1.go to New York 去纽约

  21. hexagon 六边形
  24.divide 分开

  2.next week 下一周

  3.work there for one year 在那里工作一年
  4.go to farms 去农场
  5.want to know about 想知道有关
  7.ask questions about 问有关…的问题
  9.the weather in New York 纽约的天气
  11.Sounds great ! 听起来太棒了!
  13.make snowmen 堆雪人
  6.the best season 最好的季节
  8.in the countryside 在乡下
  10.in your hometown 在你的家乡
  12.most of the time 大部分时间
  14.have snowball fights 打雪仗

  15.some warmer clothes 一些较保暖的衣服
  16.turn green (指植物)变绿
  17.go rowing 去划船
  19.get longer 变得更长
  21. different kinds of 不同的种类
  23.kick a ball 踢球
  25. land on the desk 落在桌上 C: Useful Sentences:
  1. What’s the weather like? It’s warm/cloudy/windy. 天气怎么样?天气暖和/多云/有风。
  2. Which season do you like best? I like winter best. 你最喜欢什么季节?我最喜欢冬天。 Why? Because it’s snowy, I can make snowmen.

  18. go walking 去散步
  20.get shorter 变得更短
  22.divide…into 把…划分

  24.wait for 等待
  26. cut out 裁剪
  3. It’s rainy than America in spring. 在春天,天气比美国更多雨。
  4.It often rains.它经常下雨。
  5.It is warm in spring.春天天气比较暖和。
  6. The days get shorter and the nights get longer in autumn/winter. 在秋天/冬天,白天变的更短,黑夜变的更长。
  7. The days get longer and the nights get shorter in spring/summer. 在春天/夏天,白天变的更长,黑夜变的更短。 Unit 5 练习 一、选出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词。 选出划线部分读音与其余三个不同的单词。 ( )
  1. A. father B. there C. with ( )
  2. A. where B. pear C. hear ( )
  3. A. wanted B. climbed C. lived B. ready C. speak ( )
  4. A. weather ( )
  5. A. outing B. house C. young 二、按要求改写单词。 按要求改写单词。 ( 一)
  1. stole(原形)
  3. father(同音词)
  5. heavy (比较级)
  7. thief(复数)
  2. tell (过去式)
  4. fat (比较级)
  6. sun (形容词)
  8.get on(反义词组) D. thank D. there D. closed D. bread D. shout
(二)写出下列各词的反义词。 写出下列各词的反义词。 1 right 4 warm 7 fat 10 high 三、英汉词组互译 英汉词组互译
  1. 聊天
  3. 善于踢足球
  5. 住在苏州
  7. 最好的季节
  9. 参加
  2. as tall as
  4. animal show
  6. in the bookshop
  8. make snowmen
  10.want to be his penfriend 2 fast 5 cold 8 big 3 sunny 6 new 9 early

  17.go fishing
  19.visit the History Museum
  21.every five minutes 四、选择合适的词组完成句子。 选择合适的词组完成句子。


  16.most of the time
  18.stop the thief
  20. a kilometre away
  22.steal my purse
(一) A.collecting stamps , B.talking about , C. get to , D.ran out of ,E. watered flowers

  1. He stole my purse and the shop yesterday.
  2. Nancy and I are our hobbies.
  3. They don’t like.
  4. Can you tell me how to __the shopping centre?
  5. Wang Bing _ _and trees in the garden last night. (二)
Swimming summer autumn warm spring winter snowman fly farms windy cold
1 It’s usually very hot in
.Children like to go .Sometimes it’s
in the river. .People like to go to in the
2 It’s cool and usually sunny in countryside. 3 It’s 4 It’s very in in .We can
kites in the countryside.
. Children can go skating and make
根据首字母提示完成句子。 五. 根据首字母提示完成句子。
  1. Where were your father last weekend? He w in Beijing.
  2. ? What’s the weather like today? ? It’s s.

  3. --How many s are there in a year? ?Four.
  4. --Which season do you like b,sping or autumn? --Spring.
  5. They s the thief and took him to the police station.
  6. This is a book a stamps.
  7. Today is Tuesday. Tomorrow is W.

  8. The boys run f than the girls.
  9. Shall we meet in f of the Garden Theatre?
  10. Mr. Zhang is our Maths teacher. He t us Maths. 六、单项选择。 单项选择。 ( )1 A: Which B: I like summer best. A weather ( B season C seasons as in Nanjing. C hotter than in Nanjing. C colder do you like best?
)2 In New York, the weather in summer is as A hot B cold
)3 In Beijing, the weather in winter is A cold B cool
)4 I like A summer
best,because I can make snowmen in the snow. B winter C spring
  5. I like making snowmen my friends in winter. A. to B. and C. with
  6. The days get and the nights get in autumn. A. longer, shorter B. shorter, longer C. short, long
  7. I will get off at the stop. A. nine B.nineth C.ninth
  8. Liu Tao know about the weather in Guangzhou. A. want B. want to C. wants to
  9. -- season do you like best? ?I like best. A. What, warm B. Which, windy C. Which, autumn
  10. a lot of rain in New York. A. There’s B. There are C. There be
  11. -- do you like summer best? --Because it’s hot and I can go swimming. A. What B. Why C. Which
  12. You have ten minutes remember the words. A. to B. for C. of
  13. What subject you good ? A. are; at B. do; in C. do; at
( ( (
  14.She is very glad her friends. )
  15. Is it a picture your school ?
A. to see A. to
B. say C. see B. of C. and
  16.Here are some presents you your classmates. A. for, from B. from, for C. with , to
  17. He runs faster than the other players. A. much B. more C. many
  18. can I get to the cinema? Andway should I go? A. How; which ( B. Where; what C. What; which
  19. Tom’s hair is longer than . A. me B. her C. my D. yours
  20. Look! The dragonfly than the bee. A. fly higher B. is flying higher C. as high as D. flies high
  21. What did you do yesterday? I a kite and it on the playground. A. make; fly ( B. made; fly C. made; flew D. make; flew
  22. it often rain in spring in Nanjing? A. Does B. Is C. Did D. Has
  23. Which season do you like , spring or winter? A. best B. good C. well D. better
根据中文提示, 七.根据中文提示,完成句子翻译。 根据中文提示 完成句子翻译。
  1.他将在那里工作一年。 He is to there one year.
  2.昆明夏天的天气怎么样?很热。但没有南京热。 What’s the weather in Kunming? It’s . But it as as in Nanjing.
  3.春天天气暖和,树变绿。 It is in spring. The trees turn .
do you like best?
it’s cool.
skating in winter.

  7、打扰了,你能告诉我怎么去金陵花园吗? , can you me theto Jinling Garden, please?
  8.沿着这条街往前走,在第二个十字路口向左转。 Gothis street and turn at thecrossing.
  9. 我怎么到达光明小学? I to Guang Ming Primary ? 八.句型转换。 句型转换。
  1. Turn right at the third crossing. (改为否定句) turn right at the third crossing.
  2. I get to the shopping centre by bus. (对画线部分提问) get to the shopping centre?
  3. It always rains in summer there. (改为一般疑问句,作肯定回答) it always in summer there?

  4. They are women doctors. (变为单数) .
  5. I like playing football. (主语改成 Tom) Tom football.
九、用所给词的正确形式填空。 用所给词的正确形式填空。
  1. Jim likes (watch) TV very much.
  2. It’s (sun) and (wind). I want (fly) kites.
  3. It often (snow) in winter.
  4. Helen (visit) her grandparents next Sunday.
  5. My daughter is good at (dance) and she wants to be a (dance).
  6. Last week I (go ) to the countryside.
  7. They come from different (country).
  8. Mr. White and his daughter, Ann (stand) under a big tree now.
  9. Everyone (want) to be the goalkeeper.



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