牛津小学英语 6BUnit1-3 练习 一、翻译下列词组 10’ 姓名

  6.stop thief7 .at the third crossing
  8. a kilometre away
  9.every five minutes 10 get to the shopping centre __ 二.根据句意填入单词的正确形式:
  1. My brother is two years (old)than me.
  3. Mary’s hair is as (long) as Lucy’s.
  2. Who is (thin),you or Helen?Helen is.
  5. Look,they are (have) a chat.

  4. Nancy often (go)to bed at nine twenty in the evening.
  7、 Nancy sing
  9. It is
  11. I want (jump) high) than some of the boys in his class. (well) than Helen? Yes.
  8、My eyes are (big) than (twin). (he)? (she).
(hot) today than yesterday.

  10. Lucy and Lily are
(meet) my uncle one day.

  12. Whose ruler is longer, mine or

  13. I jump very (high), but Mike jumps (high) than me.
  14. Nancy sing (well) than Helen?
  16. He often
  15. How many (child) are there in the picture? (be) late. (good).
(come) to school early, but yesterday he

  17. Su Yang (write)as
( slow)as me, but I write

  18. He often (get up) at six o’clock, but now he (sleep).
  19.Paul is a football
  20.I would like .He is good at football.(play)
(go)and play with (they).
三 根据中文和句意填入正确单词:
  1、他和他的朋友 Jim 一样年轻。He as as Jim.
  2、她和她的双胞胎哥哥一样胖吗?不,她比他瘦。 as as twin ?No, than him.
  3、Tom 比你跑得快吗?是的。不过他比 Janny 跑得慢。 Tom faster than you? Yes, he . But he than Janny.

  4.谁的眼睛比你的更大?我弟弟的。 eyes than ? My brother’s .
  5.谁起床早,杰姆还是本?是杰姆。 up , Jim or Ben ? Jim .
  6.那些男孩比女孩溜冰溜得好吗? 不,他们溜得一样好。 the boys skate than the girls ? No, the boys skate the girls. 四.选择题. ( ( ( ( )
  2.Nancyfor a walk in the park Saturday morning. )
  4.Su Hai's father is than his uncle. A. went ,On B. went ,on C. goes ,at
A. older and strong B. older and stronger C. old and stronger A. running B. run C. runing
  5.I saw lots of horses in the sports field. )
  7.Mike is 2older than.
A. year ,me B. years, my C. years ,me
( )
  9.Su Hai's kite fly higher than ? ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  12.The girl green is Su Hai's sister. )
  13.Jim is not well in PE. )
A. Is ,Su Yang B. Does, Su Yang C. Does ,Su Yang's
A. in B. with C. on
A. does B. good C. doing A. Whose B. Who’s C. Who is D. Who are A. 15 minute B. 15 minutes C. 15 years
ruler is longer, Mike’s or Jack’s?
  4. Liu Tao is
younger than his twin brother Liu Xiang. brothers sisters?
  5. Does Jim have )
  6. Jack
A. some; and B. any; and C. some; or D. any; or A. want to B. wants to C. want D. wants
meet his sister tomorrow.
  1、She’s good at basketball. )
  4、Tom is talking his parents
A. play B. played C. playing D. to play his lessons. my class. A. about; to B. to; about C. to; with D. with; to A. of; of B. in; in C. of; in D. in; of
  6、I run faster than some the girls )
  7、Jim wants to
stronger but does not
know how to it.A. get; do B. gets; does C. getting; doing D. got; did . A. they B. them C. their D. theirs
  8、Helen reads the new words better than all of )
  9、You have ten minutes )
  10、Which skirt do you like With listen to the music.
A. to B. for C. of D. in A. well B. good C. better D. best
, the red one or the blue one? before on to at

  1. You have 5 minutes remember it.
  3. We often play ball games Sunday morning.
  5. Yang Ling is good Music. 六、选词填空 10’
  1. I met Mr Smith(in/ at) Shanghai street.

  2. I'll do some exercise I go to school.
  4. I can help you your Maths.

  2. I want to get off at the (nine/ninth) stop.

  3. He is asking Yang Ling how there. (getting/to get)
  4. They (stoped/stopped) the thief.
  6. How many(buses/bus)are there?
  8.Then turn left (at, in) the fourth crossing.
  5. This is a book(to/about) animals.
  7.The ( thiefs, thieves) ran out of the shop?
  9. Can you tell ( me, I) the way to the post office?

  10.It’s about 2 (kilometre, kilometres) away 六、按要求改写句子。10’
  1. He wanted to watch TV.(改为一般疑问句) he to watch TV?

  2. He goes to school earlier than me.(改为否定句) He to school earlier than me.
  3. I did my homework last Sunday.(对画线部分提问) you do last Sunday?
  4. I run faster than my sister.(改为一般疑问句) you run faster than sister?
  5. Excuse me. Where is the Chuxiu Park? (同义句) Excuse me. Can you tell the the Chuxiu Park?



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