unit7 Christmas
Look and guess
What is it?
You can stand on it. You can you with cards It can help put some your Maths. It can like playing with The boysdry your hair.tea. it. and money in it. People use it to drink
It’s small. It can tell us time.
Whose watch is it? It’s my watch. It’s mine. It’s your watch. It’s yours.
Whose chocolates are they? They’re our chocolates. They’re ours .
Whose … is it/are they? It’s/They’re …
her comb
his teapot
her mirrors
their skateboards
Let’s read.
____. mirror, mirror, it’s ____. my mirror It’s mine. comb , comb, it’ s our comb. It’s___ ___. It’s___. ours _______. wallet, wallet, it’s _______. your wallet It’s yours. hairdryers, hairdryers, they’re her hairdryers. ___. They’re ___. theirs ______. skateboards, skateboards, they’re ______. his skateboards They’re his . calculators, calculators, they’re their calculators. theirs ___. They’re ___.
用适当的物主代词填空 my
  1.This is (my)book. Yours (your)is in the bag.
  2.The classroom is ours (our).
  3. Are these watches (her)? hers No. (her)watches are at home. Her
  4. They aren’t (his)teapots. his theirs They are (their).
  5. The big mirror is his (his).
  6.That is not (my) comb.It’s (her). my hers
  7.Is this calculator (your)? yours mine
  8.This hairdryer isn’t my sister’s.It’s (my).
Who is it from? It’s from…
Who are they from? They’re from…
Let’s listen to the tape.
  1. Where was Jim? Jim was in his grandparents’ house.
  2. What holiday was it? It was Christmas .
  3. What did they do? They opened the presents under the Christmas tree.
Read and write
Whose … is it/are they? It’s/They’re … Who is it/are they from? It’s/They’re from …
Whose … is Grandpa’s Grandma’s it/are they? Who is it/are they from?
Grandma Grandpa
Dad and Mum
Grandpa and Grandma
Fill in blanks:
On Day, Jim’s family in his grandparents’ house. After lunch, they the presents the Christmas . The beautiful was for grandpa. It was from. Grandma likes . So she got a and some from Grandpa. Jim got a and a from his .Jim’s father got a ,and Jim’s mother got a .They’re from Jim’s .Everybody was very .

  1.Christmas is coming soon, make a Christmas card for your friend. Then send it to your friend.
  2.Read and act the dialogue with your friend.
  3.Jim会送爸爸、妈妈什么礼物?爸爸、妈妈 会送爸爸、妈妈什么礼物?爸爸、 会送爸爸 又会送爷爷奶奶什么礼物呢?请你想一想,然 又会送爷爷奶奶什么礼物呢?请你想一想 然 后编写一段对话。下节课交流。 后编写一段对话。下节课交流。


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