新沂河实验学校五年级英语双周练( 新沂河实验学校五年级英语双周练(五) 五年级英语双周练
寄语:No pains.,no gains.一份耕耘,一份收获。 一份耕耘, 一份耕耘 一份收获。
  1. 中国邮票
  2. 拍照
  4. 重感冒
  3. 做飞机模型
  5. 服药
  6. 多休息
  7. 待在家里
  8. 在网上浏览
  10. 在树下
  9. 在周六
  12. 飞快地跑
  13. after school
  14. in this week __
  16. cook nice food
  15. a new term 二、按要求写出下列单词。
  1.can not ( 缩写形式)
  2. study (第三人称单数)
  3. write (现在分词)
  4、beautiful (副词)
  5. hobby (复数)
  6. my (宾格)
  7. do (第三人称单数)
  8. busy 反义词) ( 三.选择 ( )
  1. How many do you have?. A. lesson B. lessons C. a lesson ( )
  2. We have four English lessonsa week. A.in B. on C. / ( )
  3.? It’s Sunday. A. How about you B. What day is it today C. What’s week ( )
  4. Are you take medicine? A.some B.any C. many ( )
  5. It’s four fifteen. Classes over. A. am B.is C. are ( )
  6. May I speak to Jane? Yes, A. I’m Jane. B. This is Jane. C.this is Jane speaking. ( )
  7. Ben and Tom the same age? A. Do B. Have C. Are ( )
  8.My hobby is basketball. A.play B. plays C. playing
姓名 学号

  9.Uncle Wang usually to work on foot. A. go B. goes C.is going ( )
  10. We do not go to school Saturday Sunday. A. on ,and B. on , to C. from , to ( )
  11. The boy draws . A. careful B. carefully C. be careful ( )
  12. He showing his stamps his friends. A. to B. for C. of ( )
  13. Liu Tao has got bad headache. A. the B. an C. a ( )
  14. A: What’s with you? B: I have got a cold. A. matter B. trouble C. wrong ( )
  15. My friend Zhang Ling Maths an Science. A. like B. is liking C. likes ( )
  16. don’t you play football with your classmates? A. What B. Why C. Where ( )
  17. Many students in our class like very much. A. take photos B. taking photos C. taking photos ( )
  18. I have four lessons Saturday morning and three lessons the afternoon. A. on, in B. in, in C. on, on ( )
  19. What Helen’s family usually do? A. are B. is C. do ( )
  20. There some patients in the hospital. A. are B. have C. is 五、用括号内单词的适当形式填空。
  1.Mr Green likes (collect) stamps.
  2.Miss Li likes taking (photo).
  3.Does John like (keep) goldfish?
  4.The boy runs (fast).
  5.Helen likes play (piano).
  6. (do) they (take) any medicine?
  7. Nancy dances (beautiful)
  8.. Ben’s hobby is (grow )flowers .
  9. He (study ) English Science Art and PE.
  10. What subjects he at school? (study)
  11. The little girl likes (make) clothes .
  12. This is Tom . ( speak)

  13. She can (make)pretty dresses for my sister
  14. I’ve a fever. (get ) 六. 从右边栏里选出左边栏的答语。 ( ) Hello,may I speak to Helen?
  1. A: Good idea ( )
  2.How old are they? B: Shanghai. ( )
  3.How many pencils do you have?C: Me,too. ( )
  4.How are you? D: We are dancing. ( )
  5.Where are you? E: I want to swim. ( )
  6.What are you doing there? F: Fine , thank you. ( )
  7.Let’s sing a song. G:. I’m in the garden. ( )
  8.Where do you live in? H: They’re one. ( )
  9.I like art very much. I: Only five. ( ) What do you want to do?
  10. J: Sorry , wrong number. I II ( )
  1. What’s wrong with you? A. I like Science. ( )
  2. Here’s a flower for you . B. I feel cold. ( )
  3. What day is it today? C. Yes , I do. ( )
  4. Do you have Science on Monday? D. He usually plays basketball. ( )
  5. What does he usually do on Monday? E. I’ve got a fever. ( )
  6. How do you feel now? F. It’s Monday. ( )
  7. I’ve got a fever. G. Thank you.
( )
  8. I like Chinese. How about you?H.
Let’s go to see a doctor.
  1. Can you see this pen? (改为复数)
  2. Helen can play the violin. (改成否定句)
  3. He usually cooks nice food in the evening. (对划线部分提问)
  5. Li Ming is buying food in the supermarket. (改否定句) __
  8. I have seven lessons every day. (改成第三人称)
  9. We have eight subjects this term. (对划线部分提问)

  10. Helen and her parents live in England. (改成否定句)
  11. My brother likes making model ships.(变为否定句) My brother making model ships
  12. Tom usually does his homework in the evening . (对划线部分提问) Tom usually in the evening ?
  13. I can make clothes .(变为一般疑问句) make clothes?
  14、we have four lessons in the morning .(划线部分提问) lessons do you have in the evening ? 八、阅读理解。根据短文内容判断正误。用 T / F 表示 Jim and his sister Jan are new students in our school. They’re from Australia, so they speak English. Jim is eleven. And Jan is eleven, too. Jim is beside me. We’re in Row
  4. Jim’s sister is in the same row. But she sits beside Liu Ying. Today is my birthday. The all came and said “Happy birthday to you, Yang Ling.” How happy I am! ( )
  1. Jim and Jan are from China. ( )
  2. Jim and Jan are twins. ( )
  3. Jan sits beside Yang Ling. ( )
  4. Jan, Jim and Liu Ying are in the same row. ( )
  5. Today, Jim and Jan are at Yang Ling’s home. Today is Father’s Day . Mike wants to buy something for his father . What does he buy?He doesn’t buy a card and a cake as usual (通常的) and he doesn’t buy a tie because his mother usually buys it on Father’s Day . Look! He buys a VCD . He says it can help his father learnEnglish. 根据短文内容,判断下列句子的正误,正确的用“T“表示, 错误的用“F”表示 ( )
  1. Mike wants to go shopping with his father on Father’s Day. ( )
  2. He buys a tie for his father.. ( )
  3. His mother usually buys a cake for his father. ( )
  4. A VCD can help his father learn English.



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