4A 巩固练习题 03
一、用 have , has 填空:

  16. Eddie two brothers. Her brother, Tom got a dog. Three short mothers a small tree. I got many books. I am a pig. I a big nose. I two small eyes. The boy a big umbrella. You a big umbrella, too. The butterfly a head and a body. How many legs the bee got? It got six legs. The hens many insects. David a pet. It’s a duck. Peter and Alice a big family. It many people. How many Cokes they got? They got three Cokes. you a pizza? I’m hungry. The farm a farmer. He some animals. The animals a big slide. I a circle biscuit. What shape Ann got? Ann got a triangle one. My mother a brother. He’s my uncle. you an uncle? the mouse got two big ears? No, this mouse got one ear. Ben a teacher. The teacher a son. This is me. Sam a bone. He’s hungry. We meat. We are hungry, too. I a bicycle. I’m sad. But Kitty a new bicycle. She’s happy. 二、有关 like 的填空:

  7. Danny blue. And his mother blue, too. But his sisters blue. They pink. 三、句型改变:
  1、I like the dog.(否定句)
  2. We like blue.(否定句)
  3. Sam likes meat.(否定句)
  4. Ben and Alice like oranges.(否定句)
  5. Danny likes apples.(一般疑问句,肯定回答)
  6. I like to eat fish. (一般疑问句,否定回答)

  8. Kitty likes her skateboard.( 一般疑问句,否定回答) ?????????????????? ???????????

  9. Sam likes the yellow ball.(划线提问)
  10. Kally likes blue.(划线部分提问)
  11. They like to eat oranges.(划线部分提问)
  12. I like the little dog. (用 she 替换)
  13. We like this fat monkey.(用 Ben 替换) 四、be 动词, have has 填空:
  1、Here a postman. He tall and fat.
  2. Here many policemen. They super.
  3. Here an ambulance man. He a big ball. It red.

  1. I my cat. It is lovely. But Ben my cat. He his dog.
  2. We have many chicks. We them.
  3. you English? No, we . We Maths.
  4. Ben’s father dogs? Yes, he . Look, he has a little dog.
  5. Kitty and Mary are friends. They to sing and dance.
  6. your teachers to eat cakes? Yes, they .

  4. Here the firemen. They strong. They an engine. 五、填空
  1、This is .(ambulance man) That is (postman). are very tall.
  2. Look, it’s the (fireman). Please (telephone) one one nine.
  3. These (waitress) are very nice. They are thin.
  4. What’s Ben’s mother’s name? (she) name is Green.
  5. That is (we) dog. Look, (it) eyes are big.
  6. Who is (super)? (supergirl) is . 六、. Read and write. (按要求写单词)
  1. she(宾格)
  2. triangle(同类词)
  3. feet(单数)
  4. postman(复数)
  5. flower(同音词)
  6. they(所有格) 七、 Fill in the blanks. (按要求填空) A. 用 am, is, are, has, have 填空
  1. Danny and I friends. Our classroom clean.
  2. What your mother? She a nurse.
  3. What your father got? He got a new car.
  4. I a cat. Her name Ginger.
  5. My mother’s eyes big. Her mouth small.
  6. Look! Here the engine. Here the firemen. B. 用 in, on, under, at, of, to, at, for 填空
  1. Look the ladybird. It’s Ben’s bed.
  2. There’re some cows the farm. They’re the trees.
  3. I’ve got a packet crisps. Here’s a cake you.
  4. Some frogs are the log. Some frogs are jump the pond. 八、 Choose the right answer. (选出正确的答案) ( )
  1. What your mother do? She’s cook. a. is…a b. does … a c. does…can ( )
  2. What’s he got? He’s got exercise book. a. an b. a c. some ( )
  3. Where are the girls? are in the playground.
a. They b. Their c. There )
  4. Whose doll is this? It’s doll. a. She’s b. Kitty c. her ( )
  5. He’s got some . She’s got some . a. bread…sandwich b. breads…sandwiches c. bread…sandwiches ( )
  6. is the camera? Ninety yuan. a. How much b. How old c. How many ( )
  7. What do like? They like . a. sheeps…hay b. sheep…grass c. sheep…corn ( )
  8. Ben like cats. He dogs. a. don’t…like b. doesn’t…like c. doesn’t…likes 九、 Read and choose. (阅读短文,选择正确的答案) My name is Shirley. I’m eleven years old. Look, this is my room. It is not big. But it is clean. There is a desk in the room. There are six story-books and seven picture-books on the desk. I can read. I can write. But I can’t dance. There’s a bed in my room, too. I’ve got a little cat. Her name’s Lily. Now she is under my bed. She’s two years old. She is my good friend. I like my room. ( )
  1. Shirley’s room is not . (a. small b. clean c. big) ( )
  2. Shirley is years old. (a. eleven b. six c. thirteen) ( )
  3. There are books on the desk. (a. eleven b. seven c. thirteen) ( )
  4. Lily is the bed. (a. in b. under c. on) ( )
  5. Lily is Shirley’s . (a. sister b. classmate c. cat) 十、 Read and answer. (阅读短文,回答问题) Today is Sunday. The students are in City Park. They are having picnic under the big tree. Ben is thirsty. He has got a bottle of Coke. Kitty is hungry. She has got some jam and some bread. Danny is tired. He is playing football with Eddie. Alice and Kelly are singing and dancing. They are happy.
  1. Where are the boys and girls?
  2. Are they under the fountain?
  3. Who has got a bottle of Cole?
  4. What can Eddie do?
  5. How many students? (



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