7A-7B 易错题 选择
  1. big goldfish they are! A. What B. How C. What a D. How a
  2. My father is busy his project, so he has no time to care about my study. A. to do B. did C. doing D. do
  3. I want to hear you the song again. A. singing B. sing C. to sing D. sang
  4. Don’t be about the next door. A. worry; noise B. worried; noisy C. worried; noise D. worry; noisy
  5. Let’s go, ? A. will you B. shall we C. won’t you D. don’t you
  6. He until 12 o’clock in the night, so he must be very tired. A. stopped to work B. stopped working C. didn’t stop working D. didn’t stop to work
  7. Haikou is beautiful city. It’s capital of Hainan and city is by the sea. A. a; the; a B. the; the; a C. a; the; the D. the; a; the
  8. The River Seine flows Paris, the capital of France. A. over B. through C. cross D. across
  9. There is a vase the corner of the room. A. at B. in C. on D. of
  10. His mum always asks him to his socks after they are washed. A. put away B. put off C. put down D. take off
  11. It’s such news report that I’m it. A. a surprised; surprising at B. a surprising; surprised at B. surprising; surprising at D. surprising; surprised at
  12. Tom is leaving for an outing. Really? Where he ? A. has; gone B. will; go C. did; go D. does; go
  13. The cinema is very the shopping mall, but now it . A. closed to; closed B. close to; closed C. close to; is closed D. close; is closed
  14. Is it far from here? No, it’s only three miles . A. away B. far away C. far D. away from
  15. The bread is too small. Please give him a bigger. A. one B. piece C. bread D. it 单词拼写
  1. The cat likes sleeping on my (膝盖).
  2. A lot of (金鱼) are swimming in the pool.
  3. Dogs often (追赶) cats.
  4. I can’t open one of the (抽屉). Can you help me?
  5. We should be (礼貌的) to our teachers.
  6. Many birds are covered with beautiful (羽毛).
  7. When he heard the amazing news, Millie opened her mouth (大大地)
  8. I know Nanjing very well so I don’t have any (麻烦) travelling around city by myself.

  9. Would you please give me another can of Coke? This one is (空的).
  10. She decided to look after the old man until the (最后).
  11. Don’t (吓唬) that little child any more.
  12. How (粗心) you are when you are taking exams!
  13. We’re very (感激) for his help.
  14. The telephone is (响). Go and answer it.
  15. Neil will arrive in London on May the (二十日).
  16. We feel (奇怪) that no one passed the exam.
  17. It is so (多云) today. I feel a little cold.
  18. The (十二) month is the most beauiful.
  19. He bought some key rings as (纪念品)of London.
  20. We must send the (生病的) boy to hospital at once.
  21. I think parents should set good (榜样) to their children.
  22. You can enjoy a lot of wonderful Chinese (绘画) in the museum.
  23. Is there much water (污染) in your home town?
  24. What’s the (材料) of your new skirt?
  25. Does Simon have good (成绩) in English and Maths? 翻译句子
  1. Daniel 对于 Amy 在作业方面给他的帮助十分感激。
  2. 医生叫他再住院一个礼拜。
  3. 张华用湿毯子将火扑灭了。
  4. 你冲进燃烧的房子前采取措施来保护你自己了吗?
  5. 他们花了一个半小时吧老年公寓打扫干净。
  6. 谢谢你邀请我参加欢送会。
  7. 他将带领我们参观他的学校,是吗?
  8. 他们班没有一个学生乘地铁上学。
  9. 这双足球鞋多少钱?
  10. 如果你想要保持健康,你就必须有健康的饮食和生活方式。



   7A 单词默写 Unit1 电子狗 主人 年;岁 年级;等级 阅读 兴趣小组;俱乐部 每个人 出生;出世 在……之后 苗条的 长的 音乐 努力地;困难的 短的 游泳 穿;戴 眼镜(复数) 喜欢 有礼貌的;客气的 乐于助人的;有帮助的 业余爱好 羽毛球 排球;排球运动 球场 足球场 游泳池 游泳 吃 鱼;鱼肉 数学 散步;步行;带……散步 飞;放飞 午餐时间 每一;每个的 一天;一日 散步;步行 绘画 总是 周末 通常;经常 跑;跑步;奔跑 小时 然后;那么 有时 经常 正餐;宴会 祖父(母) ...


   7A 听力训练四 一 、听对话,选择与对话内容相符的图画。 (听两遍) ( )1. ( )2. ( )3. ( )4. ( )5. 二、听句子,选择相应的答语。 (听两遍) ( )1. How long is the mall open? A. 10.5 hours. B. 12.5 hours. C. 11.5 hours. ( )2. How much does the woman need to pay? A. Seven yuan. B. Twenty-three yuan. C. ...


   7A 听力训练一 一。听句子选择正确的图片 一、听句子选择正确的答语: ( )1.A.Yes, please B. Tea, please C. Yes, I’d like to ( )2.A. No, it isn’t B. Thank you C. Yes, they do ( )3.A. They are doing their homework B. They play computer games C. At home ( )4.A. Tomorrow B. Every Sunda ...


   七一中学初一牛津英语 7A 月考试题(Unit 1) (总分:100 分) 班级 学号 姓名得分 一. 听力(总分 20) : (一) 听单词。 (把你听到的单词番号写在提前括号里.听两遍) 分) (5 ( ( ( ( ( ) 1.A.dog ) 2.A.head B.e-dog C.a dog B.bread C.hard C.player C.sport ) 3.A.every B.very ) 4.A.short B.start ) 5.A.swim B.swimmer C.swimm ...


   牛津英语 7B 期中质量检测题 III.选择填空(15 分) .选择填空( 从每小题的四个选项中选出最佳选项,并在答题卡上将相应的字母编号涂黑。(共 15 小题, 每小题 1 分) 31. --What do you know about China? --It is famous A. as B. of its long history and wonderful culture. C. for films? D. to 32. Do you enjoy Yes, I do. A. see ...


   7B unit5-6 练习 选择 1. big goldfish they are! A. What B. How C. What a D. How a 2. My father is busy his project, so he has no time to care about my study. A. to do B. did C. doing D. do 3. I want to hear you the song again. A. singing B. sing C. to s ...


   牛津英语 7B 练习 Exercises for M1U1 answer(选择最恰当的答案, 表示,填入括号内) Ⅰ.Choose the best answer(选择最恰当的答案,用 A,B,C 或 D 表示,填入括号内) : ( ) 1. What is Peter? A. He is a man. ( ( ( ( ( ( ( B. He is a new student of a middle school. D. He likes English. C. does; have D. ...


   质量调研七年级英语试卷(牛津 7B 第一单元至第二单元) 班级: 班级: 姓名 : 得分: 得分: 一.Tom 在做选择题,他需要你的帮助,你能帮他吗?(满分 15 分) 1. is the capital of England. A. London B. Paris C. Moscow D. Beijing 2. Nancy's sister doesn'tbedroom. A. has her own B. have her own C. have her own's D. has he ...


   牛津英语 7B U1 词组 1.dream homes 梦想的家 2. live in a palace / next to a restaurant 住在宫殿里/餐馆隔壁 3. learn about the homes in different countries 了解不同国家的家 4. countries and capitals 国家和首都 5. the capital of … ……的首都 6.homes around the world 世界各地的家 7. the home pa ...


   牛津英语 7B 教材分析 教材内容 《牛津初中英语》7B 教材与 7A 教材相比,进一步加大了语言的信息量,教学内容、信息 贴近学生生活实际。同时,课本中出现的语言也更加地道,符合英美英语表达习惯,使课本 整体上更加贴近学生生活,也更加具有实用性。 7B 教材有两个模块六个单元,每个模块三个单元。各单元话题大多联系学生的现实生活, 同时向学生周围的世界逐步扩展, 既引起学生学习英语的兴趣, 又引导学生探索身边的世界。 具体内容如下: Module 1 Home and neighbourho ...



   At present ,it is generally believed that tobacco first originated in America. Archaeological discoveries, when humans still in primitive society, tobacco has entered in to the lives of America. Tobacco smoke contains at least three chemical substa ...


   商务英语写作:几种证明书 证明书种类很多,有工作经历证明、工作经验证明、病情证明、留学生经济担保书、学业成绩证明书等等,是用来证明一个人的身份、学历、婚姻状况、身体情况等或某一件事情的真实情况。证明信的写法通常也采用一般信件格式,但多省掉收信人的姓名、地址和结束用语。称呼多用“To Whom It May Concern”意即“有关负责人”,但此项也可省略。写证明书要求言简意赅。      医生证明书   Doctor‘s Certificate   June. 18, 2000      ...


   英语考试题 一.听力测试.( 分) 听力测试.(15 .( A) 听录音,从 ABC 三个选项中选出你所听到的选项.听一遍.( 分) 听录音, 三个选项中选出你所听到的选项.听一遍.( .(5 1. A. brother 2. A. need 3. A. family 4. A. pencil case 5. A. on the table B. father B. card B. friend B. pencil sharpener B. in the drawer C. mother C ...

英语论文 The significance of the Renaissance

   The significance of the Renaissance The Renaissance was a cultural movement that followed the Middle Ages and preceded the Reformation, spanning roughly the 14th through the 16th century. As a cultural movement, it encompassed a revival of learning ...


   高考英语专题复习 02《英语“读写任务”解题指导》 高考英语读写任务 任务 考查能力 1. 概 括 短 文 阅读概括能力 的内容要点 语言组织能力 语言表达能力 篇章组织能力 2.发表看法 内容组织能力 发表看法/ 发表看法 分析问题、 叙 述 相 关 的 分析问题、解 经历 决问题的能力 任务一: 任务一:概括短文要点 常见错误 1. 无 法 抓 住 短文要点 2. 无法摆脱 原文句子 应对策略 a.仔细阅读全文; a.仔细阅读全文; 仔细阅读全文 b.找出关键词 找出关键词( b.找出关 ...