Unit 2 Grammar Ⅱ
am Kitty. This is Amy. is my I She classmate. We are good friends. We like playing volleyball. __ is very interesting. It Peter and Simon are my classmates, too. They like football very much. you Are you a student? What do like? you Can tell me?
I am a teacher. My students like . me
You are students. I
you teach English.
She is a girl. We call Shirley. her
He is a boy. All the boys like him because he is good at football.
They are partners. Our English teacher likes to ask to read the them dialogues.
We are friends. Our classmates call us sisters. __
This is our classroom. It is big and nice. We like __ very it much.


第三人称 单数 复数
第一人称 单数 复数 单数 复数 me us you 你
you him her it them 你们 他 她 它 他们
我 我们
Explanation 一、人称代词宾格的用法
人称代词用来代替表示人或事物 的名词,以便不再重复使用名词。 的名词,以便不再重复使用名词。 人称代词宾格用来代替作动词或 介词宾语的名词 介词宾语的名词。 宾语的名词。

  1. All my friends are really great! I love them very much.
them作love这个动词的宾语,代替 作 这个动词的宾语, 这个动词的宾语 all my friends这个名词短语 这个名词短语

  2. My school is very big. I like it very much.
it作动词 作动词like的宾语,代替 的宾语, 作动词 的宾语 代替my school
Daniel is talking to his grandfather on the phone. Complete their conversation with the correct personal pronouns.
them us
him it
her you
am I
your teacher. are my students. I You
She teach you English. is a girl. We call Millie. He is a boy. He is beside . her me him All the boys like .
主 格 I 宾 格 me 词 我 义
you he she it we you they you him her it us you them
你 他 她 它 我们 你们 他们
根据汉语意思填入相应的单词: 根据汉语意思填入相应的单词:
  1. can’t carry the box. Can you help I ?(我 me 我)
  2. Mike has a sister. (她)often She looks after .(他) him (
  3. We are partners. The teacher often asks to read dialogues. us ( 我们) 我们)
  4. Do often watch TV? No. Mum asks not to watch TV them too much. (他们) 他们) 他们
  5. Jack likes reading books. is a He member of the Reading Club. Do you know ? (他) him 他
This is a picture of our singing club. There are six students in our club.They are from Grade 7 , and all ofthem are boys. Mrs Zhang is their music her She teacher. Can you see in the picture? is her in the middle. The boy beside is Wang Wei. He is very tall. I like him He is my best friend. I . am between Wang Wei and the boy with a football. Can you find me all like Mrs Zhang and she ? We us like , too.
课后巩固:用适当的人称代词填空 课后巩固:用适当的人称代词填空.

  1.Mother is doing some cleaning in the room. Let’s go and help . her
  2.I borrow books from the library and read on Sundays. it
  3.Daniel likes playing computer games. Sandy him often gives new computer games.
  4.Mr Li is our teacher. He teaches maths. me
  5.I want to play football. Please go with .
重点词组及句型: 重点词组及句型:

  1.teach us English
  2. every day
  3. talk about
  4. after school
  5.say hello to sb.
  6. I can’t hear you well.
  7. Can you say it again?
  8.Do you want to know him?
巩固练习:翻译 巩固练习:

  1.你妈妈在家吗?我想向她问好。 你妈妈在家吗?我想向她问好。 你妈妈在家吗 Is your mother at home? I want to say hello to her.
  2.吴老师教我们英语。 吴老师教我们英语。 吴老师教我们英语 Mr. Wu teaches us English.
  3.我想认识你的新朋友 。 我想认识你的新朋友 I want to know your new friends.
  4.Millie 有只狗,她每天都带它去散步。 有只狗,她每天都带它去散步。 Millie has a dog, she walks it every day.
  5.我们经常放学后讨论足球。 我们经常放学后讨论足球。 我们经常放学后讨论足球 We often talk about football after school
? 单词:错一个写一遍,所有单词,写一 单词:错一个写一遍,所有单词, 遍英语写一遍中文 ? 学习评价手册写到 页 学习评价手册写到29页 ? 导学案



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