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Unit 3 Let’s celebrate!
Reading Getting ready for Halloween

  1. What is this?
It’s a pumpkin lantern.

  2. How do people make the face?
They cut out the eyes, the nose and teeth with a knife.

  3. How are the teeth?
They are sharp.

  1. What does the boy wear?
every day? No. they don’t .
He wears a special costume.

  2. Do people wear the special costumes

  3. What are the children doing?
They are playing a game called “trick or treat”. They are wearing special costumes and knocking on the door .

  1.What are the children doing in this picture?
They are having a party.

  2.What are they wearing on their faces?
They are wearing masks.
Listen to the tape,answer the question:
When is Halloween? It’s on October 31st.
True or False

  1. People in the USA usually have a party on October 30th to celebrate Halloween. ( F )
  2. Wendy and her friends often play “trick or treat” at Halloween.


  3. Wendy and her friends always paint their faces at Halloween. ( F )
  4. People in the USA make lanterns out of oranges. F ) (
  5.The party usually starts at about 8 a.m. on that day.


  6. People eat special Halloween chocolates and candies


Try to find out the answers to these questions:
  1.When did Wendy write the letter?
On October 15th.

  2.What do the children do for Halloween?
They play a game called “trick or treat”.
  3.What do Wendy and her friends wear at Halloween? They wear special costumes.

  4. What costume will Wendy wear this year?
She will wear a tiger costume.

  5. What do they make for Halloween?
They make special pumpkin lanterns.

  6. How do they make a pumpkin lantern?
  7. What do they do at the party?
They cut out the eyes, the nose and the sharp teeth on the lantern. They eat special chocolates and candies. They also have hot drinks and eat nice, hot food.
Fill in the blanks: Wendy tells me something interesting about Halloween . This festival is party October on 31st.People in the USA always have a on the evening of that day. They often eat a lot of chocolatesand at the party. candies Children like playing a game “trick or treat”. They often on called knock People’s doors and shout ”trick or treat”.People usually give children as play some candies a treat. If they don’t, children can a trick on them. Wendy and her friends always up at Halloween. dress They wear costumes with masks.Sometimes they their paint special faces. At Halloween,Wendy always makes her own lantern. pumpkin
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What do people do at Halloween?
When is Halloween?
Play “trick or treat”
give us a treat or play a trick cut out the eyes,the nose and the sharp teeth
make pumpkin lanterns
have Halloween parties
eat lots of special chocolates and candies
  1. Lantern Festival (元宵节) 元宵节)
  2. Chinese New Year
  3. Qingming Festival(清明节) (清明节)
  4. Dragon Boat Festival (端午节) 端午节)
  5. Double Seventh Festival (七夕节) 七夕节)
  6. Mid-Autumn Festival(中秋节) (中秋节)
  7. Double Ninth Festival(重阳节) (重阳节)
  8. Women’s Day 9
  9. Children’s Day
  10. National Day
  11. Teachers’ Day
  12. May Day
Western Countries
  1.Thanksgiving Day
  4.Mother’s Day
  5.April’s Fool (愚人节) 愚人节)
  6.Easter (复活节) 复活节)
  7.Valentine’s Day
  8. Father’s Day
  1.Which is your favourite festival? What do we do for the festival?
Double Ninth Festival is the traditional( 传 统 的 ) ChongyangFestival, “Chong” in Chinese means”double”.Also, as double ninth was pronounced(发音) the same as the word “forever”,in Chinese “JiuJiu”. People can climb the hills, the mountains and the towers(塔).On this day, people eat Double Ninth Gao. In Chinese, Gao(糕) has the same pronunciation with gao( 高 ). People do this just to hope they can do better in everything. In 1989, the Chinese government(政府) made it Seniors‘ Day(老人节). So today, it’s also a festival for the old .It means we should do something for old people,we should be polite and helpful to the old. Young people can buy presents for old people and love old people.


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