Unit 1 Class Name 词汇: 一、词汇:
  1. Jim is 12 (年) old. He is a (风趣的) boy. We all love (he).
  2. Millie has a (表弟). He comes from (English).
  3. Lin Tao (be) (出生) in Shanghai.
  4. My friend is (有礼貌的)and (help).
  5. Yao Ming and Yi Jianlian are my favourite basketball p.
  6. There is a river (在……之间)the two hills.
  7. Sometimes they have lunch in a .(餐厅)

  8、-Can I
  9、The music
  10、How many
  11、I can’t
  12、I like all my
  13、Our school basketball team wins
二、选择: 选择:
(借) your pen?
-Yes, you can.
(听起来) nice. (年级) are there in your school? (理解) what the teacher says. (功课) . (再,又) .

  14、On Sunday we often go to our (祖父母)home for dinner. ( ( ( ( )
  2. Please my grandmother. She is ill today. A. look after B. look at C. look for D. look like )
  4. -Do you like playing volleyball? -Yes. I also like playing piano. A. / , / B. the, / C. / , the D. the, the )
  5. do you live? - I live with my parents in Shanghai. A. What B. When C. Who D. Where )
  6. If Millie enjoys many kinds of stories and comic books, She should go to . A. the Reading Club B. the Dancing Club C. the Art Club D. the Swimming Club )
  7. Simon is a good student at school, he is not good at sport. A. so B. because C. but D. or )
  8. There is “s” and “u” in the word “sun”. A. a , an B. an, a C. a, a D. an, an )
  9. - What are your parents? - They teachers. A. are both B. both are C. are all D. all are )
  10. -Can you Japanese? -Yes, I can. - Can you it in Japanese? -Sure. A. say, speak B. say, say C. speak, say D. speak, speak )
  11. he get up at 7:00 a.m.? . He gets up at 8:00 every morning. A. Is , Yes, he is. B. Is, No, he isn’t C. Does, Yes, he does. D. Does, No, he doesn’t. )
  15. -Can I borrow your bike? You can ask Simon, he has one. A. Yes, you can. B. I’m sorry. I don’t have one. C. Yes, I do. D. No, you don’t. )
  1. He has two rulers. )
  2. I like chatting is short, my friend is long. the phone. A. One; another B. One; the other ( C. One; the others D. One; one
( ( ( (
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A. with; on ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  3. The story books are A. hers; him )
  4. It A. rains )
  5. The shoes are for A. you and me A. of )
  10. I think I can do A. good )
  11. My mother A. enjoys go shopping C. enjoys to go shopping ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( A. minute’s A. An hour A. old )
  15. Lucy is )
  16. The students A. all are )
  17. He )
  18. It’s time A. getting up A. That’s right. )
  20. ?: A. When me .
B. with; with B. yours; ours B. will raining . B. me and he B. for B. better at weekends. C. to than you.
C. to; with . C. our; yours C. is raining C. I and you the question? D. with C. best
D. to; on D. his; my D. raining D. me and you
. The textbooks are
hard outside, let’s not go shopping.
  9. Do you know the answer
D. well
B. enjoy going shopping D. enjoys going shopping walk. D. minute . D. A week . D. useful B. minutes B. Twice a week B. helpful and Tony is at school today. C. minutes’ ? C. For a week C. polite . C. America; Chinese D. American; China D. not all
  12.?How far is your school from here? ?Not very far. It’s about twenty )
  13. ?How often do you go to the Reading Club? )
  14. My grandfather like to help others. He’s kind and
A. Chinese; American B. American; Japan B. are all
C. all not this maths problem.
A. helps; work out B. help; works out C. helps; to works out D. help; to work out B. get up . C. You are wrong C. Why D. You can’t say so D. How ? By plane. B. Thank you B. what C. for get up D. to get up
  19. ?Your skirt is very beautiful.?
does he often go to Hangzhou?
  21.Are there glasses of juice in the box? A.much B.any C. some D.more ( )
  22.?Where he ? --Xinghua. A. do,from B.does,from C. is,from. D. do, come from ( )
  23. ?What does Daniel like and what is he like? -- A. He is tall and slim. He likes listening to CDs. B. He is short. He likes swimming B. He likes swimming. He has short hair. D. He likes his father. He likes playing football. 四、句型转换:
  1、 is very good at playing football.(改写同义句)He is a very He
  2、What’s that in English? (改写同义句) in English? .
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  3、She is in the Reading Club. (改写同义句) She is
  4、These women wash clothes every day.(改为单数)
  5、He comes from Guangzhou.(对划线部分提问)
  6、Jim often reads books in the library on Sunday. (对划线部分提问) Jim often
the Reading Club. clothes every day. he ?
books in the library?

  7、Simon and Daniel are in Class One. (对划线部分提问) Simon and Daniel in?
  8、He is tall and strong.(提问) 五、翻译句子:
  3、姚明效力于火箭队。 Yao Ming
  6、你愿意和我玩吗?Would you like
  8、我爸爸每天看半小时电视。 六、阅读短文,选择正确的答案: Football The game is played by two teams. There must be eleven players in each team. The field must be about 100m long and 73m wide. There are two goals (门),
  7.32m long and
  2.44m high. To score(得分) a goal, a player must put the ball into the other team's goal. They may use their feet, heads or other parts of the body, but they must not touch the ball with their hands. One player in each team, the goal- keeper, may use his hands. Volleyball This is played on a court 18m long and 9m wide. The net (网) is
  2.44m high for men and
  2.24m high for women. There are two teams and there are usually six players in each team. The players try to make the ball hit the ground on the other side of the net. They may use their hands, fists or arms, but they must not catch the ball or hold it while playing. Basketball The court must be 26m long and 14m wide. There can be ten players in a team but not more than five players in each team may play at one time. The players must not change until the referee allows them to leave the court. To score a point a player must throw the ball into the other team's basket. Players may throw the ball, but they must not carry it. A player must not touch another player. After 20 minutes’ play there must be a rest period (阶段) for ten minutes. Then there is another period of 20 minutes before the game ends. . ( )
  1. How big is a football field? A.
  7.32m long and
  2.44m high B. 100m long and 73m wide 第 3 页 共 27 页 ? the Rockets. he ?
C. 1
  07.32m long and
  75.44m wide D. 26m long and 14m wide ( )
  2. How many players are there usually in a volleyball match? A.6 B. 10 C.12 D. 22 ( )
  3. Each basketball team can have players at most. A. five B. ten C. twenty D. eleven ( )
  4. What's the Chinese for referee in the passage? . A. 队长 B. 教练 C. 裁判 D. 观众 ( )
  5. Which of the following statements is NOT TRUE? . A. In a football match, only one person can use his hands B. The volleyball net is
  2.44m high for man C. The basketball team will score when they throw the ball into the other team's basket D. In a basketball match, twenty minutes is a period 七、书面表达: 根据表格内容以“My Best Friend”为题写一篇 80 字左右的短文。 Name Birthplace School Tom Beijing No. 1 Middle School Age Living place Appearance 12 Nanjing tall, short black hair, two big eyes Hobby swimming, playing computer games Not at Class Name Revision Unit 3 一、根据所给首字母、单词及中文完成下列各句:
  1. There’re four s in a year.
  2. March comes after F.
  3. June 1st is C Day.
  4. Jis the first month of the year.
  5. Wendy wants to see some Chinese New Year (celebrate) in Chinatown.
  6. The lion has many sharp (tooth).
  7. We celebrate Halloween by (dress) up.
  8. They play a game (call) trick or treat.
  9. People in the (西方)celebrate Christmas every year.
  10. Mum is cooking in the (厨房).
  11. September 10th is Day (教师节).
  12. Today is Sally’s birthday, she is very (兴奋的).
  13.The sun shines brightly (穿过) the windows. st
  14. June 1 is a (特殊的) day for the children. 第 4 页 共 27 页 good Chinese Character friendly Good at running,
二、选择填空: ( )
  1. Hobo wants to dress up a ghost. A: as B: for C: by ( )
  3. I have a party seven o’clock April 1st. A: at, on B: in, on C: at, in ( )
  4. Millie always does her homework the evening but she watches TV __ Saturday evening. A: on, in B: at, in C: in, on ( )
  5. You can make a out of a pumpkin. A: Halloween B: candles C: lantern ( )
  6. Let’s dress up! Do I a tiger? A: look B: look like C: dress ( )
  7. What’s the today? It’s May 10th. A: date B: day C: time ( )
  8. Would you like tea? Yes, I’m very thirsty(口渴). A: any B: a C: some ( )
  9. At Halloween we get some red packets and there always some money in . A: is, it B: is them C: are, them ( )
  1. The girl doesn’t like red blouse. She is a blue one now. A. put on; wear C. putting on; wearing ( B. wear; put D. wearing; putting on
  2. --Look at the shoe over there. Where is ? ?It’s under the chair. , please. A. other one; Put it away C.. the other ones; Put them away B. other one; Put away them D. the other one; Put them away
  3. He saw his son playing in the park the window. A. in B. on C. through D. for )
  4. Let you and friends. A. I am B. I are C. me are D. me be )
  6. Can you see the trees on side of the road.. A. the other ( B. other C. all D. both
( (
  7.There will be a baseball game Saturday afternoon. A. on B. in C. at D. / -- No, we needn’t.
  8.-- Must we paint this wall?
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A. in white (
B. to white
C. white
D. of white
  9. -What can I do for you, sir? A. bowl of rice C. bowls of rice (
-I'd like two.
B. bowls of rices D. bowl of rices
  10. My brother is clever, and he can make lanterns __ an orange. A. from B. out C. for D. out of . D. I and she. -- Sure.
  11. All the students went to the zoo except A. she and I B. me and her C. her and me
  12. ? Excuse me, can you show me ? A. where is the cinema C. the cinema is where
B. where the cinema is D. the cinema where is
  13. Would you like tea? A. some B. any
C. every
D. no
  14.I had some for breakfast. A. moon cake B. breads C. dumpling D. noodles
  15. Our teacher often tells us our homework first. A. do B. to do C. doing D. does
  16. Every day, I spend two hours my homework. A. finishing to do B. finishing doing C. to finish to do D. to finish doing
  17. There New Year parties this afternoon. A. are going to have C. are going to be B. is going to have D. is going to be
  18. Every student except Tom and John for the meeting. A. are late B. were C. always is D. was late
  19. Don’t use time to play computer games. A. too much B. much too C. too many D. many too
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  20. The news is really A. interesting; C ( interesting
and everyone is
in it.
B. interesting ; interested D. interested; interested
interested; interesting
  2. It is very cold. Would you like ? A. any hot drinks B. some hot drinks C. any hot drink D. some hot drink ( )
  3. If they don’t get sweets, they can a trick on the neighbour. A. some, play B. any, play C. any, playing D. some, plays ( )
  4. We should the old. A. be polite to B. polite to C. are polite D. be polite with ( )
  5. I don’t know Japanese. Can you it English? A. talk; on B. say; in C. speak; in D. tell; with ( )
  6. How much time do you spend English every day? A. on reading B. with C. to read D. on ( )
  7.I have information to tell you. A. a B. an C. many D. some ( )
  8. I can’t you . Can you it again? A. listen to; well; say B. hear; well; say C. listen to; good; speak D. hear; good; tell ( )
  10. There a lion dance in Chinatown this afternoon. A. will have B. will has C. will is D. will be 三、句型转换:
  1.I would like to dress up as a ghost. (对划线部分提问) you like to dress up as?
  2.They like giving him candies as a treat.( 同义) They like giving him candies. th
  3. We have a party in the evening on July 5 .(同义) th We have a party the evening July 5 .
  4. When I was 10, I started learning French. (同义) At ten, I started learning French.
  5. Lily usually eats meat. (对划线部分提问) Lily eat meat?
  6. There are 8 bags of rice on the truck. (提问) rice on the truck? 四、翻译:
  1. 哪个季节是你最喜欢的?
  2. 电脑在许多方面对我们很有帮助。
  3. 谢谢你告诉我关于中秋节的情况。
  4. 看到如此多的人,我很兴奋。
  5. 我妈妈每天锻炼 30 分钟。 Revision Unit 2 Class



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