7B U2 单元测试题
第一卷 (55 分)
班级 姓名 一、听力 (共 10 题。每小题 1 分,满分 10 分)
A. 听对话,选择合适的图画或答案。每段对话读两遍。 ( )
  1. How far is it from Darenfa Shopping Mall to your school? A. Five minutes by taxi. ( B. Ten minutes on foot. C. Fifteen minutes’ by bus.
  2. Which floor does Wendy live on? A. On the seventh floor. B. On the twelfth floor. C. On the seventeenth floor.
  3. What food do Simon’s parents like to try in Beijing? A. Meat and vegetables. B. Beijing Duck. C. Western food.
  4. How many kilos of beef does the man buy ? A. Five. B. Three. C. Eight.
  5.Whose book is under the chair? A. Sandy’s. B. Daniel’s. C. Amy’s.
B. 根据所听到的对话或短文,选择正确答案,每段材料读两遍。 听下面一段对话,回答
  6、7 两题。 ( )
  6. What day is it tomorrow? A. Friday. ( B. Saturday. C. Sunday.
  7. What do they want to do after school? They want to . A. go home B. do their homework C. go to the cinema
  8~10 题。 ( )
  8. Who asks Madee to go to the party on the phone? A. Stephen. ( )
  9. Where will the party be? A. At Madee’s home. ( B. At Stephen’s home. C. At Tom’s home. B. Tom. C. Neil.
  10. When will they meet on Sunday? A. At 2:00 p.m. B. At 3:20 p.m. C. At 2:30 p.m.
二、单项选择 (共 20 题。每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) ( )
  11. This question is too difficult, so of us can do it right. A. many ( B. each C. all D. None
  12. More and more birds come to live in my hometown because there is now. A. less pollution B. fewer pollution C. more pollution D. many pollutions )
  13. Many people want to visit Beijing after the 29th Olympic Games. There are lots of places
there. A. to seeing ( B. to see C. seeing D. of seeing
  14. You’d better not walk to the theatre. It’s from here. A. 2 kilometers far C. 2 kilometers away B. 20 minutes walk D. 20 minutes’ by bike
  15. My cousin has lots of homework to do every day. He doesn’t go to bed 11 p.m. A. after B. when C. at D. until
  16. How long does it take you your bedroom? Five minutes. A. cleaning B. to clean C. to cleaning D. clean
  17. Mr Smith usually goes to work his car. But sometimes he takes a bus. A. in B. by C. takes D. on
  18. pocket money do you get every month, Mingming ? Thirty yuan. A. How many B. How much C. What D. How about
  19. What else do we need for Eric’s birthday party? Some eggs and . A. three carton of milk C. three milks B. three cartons milk D. three cartons of milk
  20. This kind of souvenir is free. That is, you don’t need to for it. A. spend B. cost C. pay D.buy
  21. Underdog is interesting film but price for the ticket is too high. A. an ; the B. a ; a C. the ; the D.an ; a
  22. middle school students don’t have enough sleep. They shouldn’t do too much school work. A. most B. most of C. A lot D. Many of
  23. Please don’t chat with each other after 9:10 p.m. It’s time for bed. OK, . A. I don’t B. I will C. I won’t D. I never
  24. Are those comic books Kitty’s? A. our’s B. her
No, they’re . C. our D. his
  25. Sunshine Park is a nice place. Why go there for a visit? OK. A. not we B. don’t we C. don’t D. can’t
  26. Which floor do you live and which flat do you live ? A. on; on B. in; in C. in; on D. on; in
  27. It’s time watch TV. Let’s turn .
A. to; it off (
B. to; it on
C. to; it off --.
D. for; it on
  28. ?I’m going to Dalian for my summer holiday. A. Congratulations B. Yes, of course
C. Have a good time
D. Best wishes to you.
  29. ?The girl under the tree be Lucy. --No, it be her. She flew to Paris yesterday afternoon. A. may; can’t B. can; can’t C. must; can’t D. must; mustn’t
  30. The man a book in his hand is our Maths teacher. A. holds B. with C. has D. brings
三、完形填空。(共 10 题。每小题 1 分,满分 10 分) Every evening at six o’clock, an old man goes to a restaurant near his house. He eats dinner, drinks coffee and talks to the people at the 31 . The old man’s name is Bill. Bill eats at the 32
restaurant every evening because he is lonely(孤独的). His wife is dead, and he has children. Every evening the years old. Cara is polite to Bill. She knows he is dinner, she calls him, 35 36 34 33
waitress brings Bill his dinner. Her name is Cara. She is 17
, so she often talks to him. If Bill is late for
him. “Are you OK?” One evening, Bill doesn’t come to the restaurant. Cara he doesn’t answer the phone. Cara calls 37 , “Please go to Bill’s house.”
Later the police call Cara at the restaurant. “Bill died in his sleep.” And the police tell her Bill is 82 years old. A week later, 38 comes to the restaurant. “I have something for Cara,” says the man. 39 40 D. house D. one D. bad D. interesting D. asks D. then D. the restaurant D. a man D. from D. careful Bill. “Is the money for to him.”
The man gives Cara a check(支票) for $ 500,0
  00. The money is me?” Cara asks the man. “Yes,” says the man. “Because you were so ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  31. A. home )
  32. A. any )
  33. A. tall )
  34. A. young )
  35. A. calls )
  36. A. but )
  37. A. Bill )
  38. A. a woman )
  39.A. to )
  40. A. beautiful B. restaurant B. second B. different B. lonely B. sees B. so B. the police B. a policeman B. through B. bad C. party C. no C. same C. kind C. looks for C. and C. her father C. Bill C. for C. good
(共 15 题。每小题 1 分,满分 15 分)
(A) A School Concert For teachers and students 4:00 p.m.-6:00 p.m. on Friday At the music hall Some students will show their talents(天赋 by singing, dancing and 天赋) 天赋 playing the piano. Sea Life Show For students 9:00 a.m.-4:00 p.m. October 1-3 Student: ¥10 Teacher: Free(免费) Tel: 48432708 Ocean Museum You can see many kinds of sea lives.
A New Film Nanjing For students 2:00 p.m. on Saturday Ticket: ¥30 Helping Cinema This documentary(纪录片 shows the towering crimes 纪录片) 纪录片 (滔天罪行 of Japanese war criminals in Nanjing in 19
  37. 滔天罪行) 滔天罪行 ( )
  41. There will be a concert on Friday. A. on the playground ( B. in the classroom C. at the music hall D. at the cinema
  42. How much will they pay if 65 students with five teachers watch the Sea Show? A. ¥650 B. ¥700 C. ¥1950 D. None
  43. The teachers wants to make their students remember the history of Nanjing, so they go to . A. watch a film named Nanjing C. a school concert B. watch a western film D. read comics.
  44. How many days will the show in Ocean Museum last(持续)? A. 3 days. B. Only one day. C. About 2 days. D. 30 days.
  45. If you are interested in the life of fish, you should go to . A. the School Concert B. Ocean Museum C. Helping Cinema D. the music hall
(B) Tickets for the NBA basketball game are going on sale (出售). Lots of people like to go to watch basketball. Most of them are going to cheer(欢呼) for their teams. However, there are never enough tickets for everyone. So some people come the day before and sleep in front of the ticket office (售票 处). At night, when they are waiting, some people play music, others dance and sing, and still others talk about their favorite players. Sometimes they argue(争论) because they like different teams. After waiting all night to buy tickets, they will be too tired to enjoy the game. ( )
  46.Why do many people like to go to basketball games? A. It’s easy to buy tickets. B. They like to see their favourite teams play. C. They have free tickets. D. They live near the basketball court. ( )
  47.Why is it hard to buy tickets? A. The ticket office is far away. C. There aren’t enough tickets for everyone. ( B. The tickets are very expensive. D. There are too many tickets.
  48.What do some people do to buy them? They . A. go to the ticket office right before the game C. pay by credit card(信用卡) B. ask a basketball player for help D. wait in front of the ticket office
  49.-- What do they do when they are waiting for the ticket office to open? -- They . A. sing, dance, and talk C. cheer for their teams B. play basketball D. go on sale
  50.Which is the best title(题目)? A. Waiting to Buy Tickets C. Tickets Office B. NBA Basketball Game D. Tickets on Sale
(C) The worst(最糟糕的) danger is a house on fire when people are asleep. Always be ready to leave through a window into the garden by making sure you can open it if necessary. If you should be on holiday in a tall building or hotel, make sure you know where the fire escape(逃跑) is. When you can’t find any way out, try to find pieces of cloth and make a rope(绳子) to get out of a window to safety. If you smell burning in your home, get out right away. If you can’t breathe(呼吸) properly because of smoke rises and the air will be cleaner near the floor. Smoke is a killer and people have died from
breathing it in than actually being burnt. Fire in a cinema, hall or public place often means people pushing to reach a door. Keep your head up with arms up in front of your chest(胸). This protects your chest and gives you the best chance to breathe. Above all, don’t be afraid. ( )
  51. When a tall building is on fire, people A. can leave by coming down the fire escape C. had better find a long rope ( B. should first check the room windows. D. must lie down on the floor at once
  52. People can leave a burning house through a window if . A. there is smoke in the room C. they can’t breathe properly B. there is no other way out D. they want to put out the fire
  53. In a room filled with smoke, you’d better crawl(爬) on the floor because. A. you won’t get burnt B. the floor is cleaner D. you won’t breathe in any smoke
C. there is less smoke near the floor (
  54. There are a few things to do to keep one safe. Which of the following is NOT talked about in the passage? A. Leave the house right away when you smell burning B. Get out of the house by crawling on the floor C. Raise your head and keep your chest from being hurt D. Rush out of the house, dressed in wet clothes
  55. Which of the following is NOT true? A. In a fire, more deaths are caused by smoke. B. The most important thing is not to be afraid in a fire. C. When a public place is on fire, people usually push to leave. D. Be ready to leave a burning house through a window if there is a garden down below.
第二卷 (45 分)
五、词汇 (共 20 题。每小题 1 分,满分 20 分) A. 根据中英文提示或句子意思写出正确的单词。
  56. Few fish can live in the river because of the water .
  57. Would you like some more bread? No, thank you. I’m .
  58. Don’t forget to wash the (not clean) clothes.
  59. My parents are doctors. They work in the same . (医院)
  60. The nurses look after the (生病的) people very well.

  61. Many countries, for (例子), Japan and Mexico, have a lot of earthquakes.
  62. Look at the (a place where a king with his family lives) in different countries. How wonderful! B. 选择合适的词并用其适当形式填空。 wait west
loaf it

  63. March 8 is Day.
  64. Now the children in Sichuan have own classrooms.
  65. We can find in both restaurants and hotels.
  66. Look! Eddie is enjoying dinner.
  67. Now we can see more and more restaurants in China. So it’s easy to eat some hamburgers here.
  68. How much are the two of bread? Oh, that’ll be $

  69. They walk into the room because they don’t want to wake up the sleeping child C. 选用所给动词的正确形式填空。 not miss prepare belong take order ride

  70. People can their meals by calling the restaurant.
  71. Boys and girls, the talk is wonderful. it.
  72. How does the postman go to work? He a horse.
  73. Who the flat to ? It’s Miss Green’s.

  74. Look! The exchange students for the trip to Water Cube. They are very excited.
  75. Daniel often a bus to school last year. 六、句型转换 (共 5 题。每小题 1 分,满分 5 分)
  76. There is no ham on the plate. (同义句) There ham on the plate.
  77. I get to school at about 6:30 every morning. (同义句) I school at about 6:30 every morning.
  78. There is a loaf of bread in the fridge.(提问) How of bread are there in the fridge?
  79. I often have a carton of milk for breakfast. milk do you often have for breakfast?
  80. The students usually read English for half an hour every day.(提问) usually English for half an hour every day? 七、根据首字母填单词(共 10 格。每一格 1 分,满分 10 分) John likes to w 81 his hair very long. Some of his friends t 82 it looks like a gi


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