7B Unit 3 复习要点

  11. 认识去……的路 know the way to… 确信去做…… be sure to do sth.; be sure (+) that 句子 下去 go down 害怕…… be afraid of sb./ (doing)sth.; 害怕去做…… be afraid to do sth. 跟我来 come with me/ follow me 不得不再上去 have to go up again 出去远足 go on/ have an outing 去旅行 have/ go on a trip 计划春游 plan a spring outing 找到他们计划去参观的地方 find the places they plan to visit 这个动物园在北京阳光中学的东面/南面/西面/北面. The zoo is east/south/west/north of Beijing Sunshine Secondary School. 这个动物园在北京的东面/南面/西面/北面 The zoo is in the east/south/west/north of Beijing. 台湾在中国的东部. Taiwan is in the east of China. 日本在中国的东面. Japan is to the east of China. 到达这些地方的路 the ways to get to the places 到达北京 get to Beijing/ arrive in Beijing/ reach Beijing 到达这里 get here/ arrive here/ reach here (here, there, home) 火车昨天晚上 10 点到的 The train arrived at ten yesterday evening. 我们乘公共汽车去动物园,好吗?Let's go to the zoo by bus, shall we? 为什么不乘公共汽车去动物园呢?Why not go to the zoo on a bus? 乘公共汽车去动物园怎么样? How/ What about taking a bus to the zoo? 幸运 luck (名词); lucky (形容词); luckily (副词) 不幸的 unlucky (形容词); unluckily (副词) 好运/倒霉. Good/ Bad luck. 幸运儿 a lucky dog 她是幸运的,最后她找到了她的钱包. She was lucky. She found her purse at last. 幸运地是,最后她找到了她的钱包. Luckily, she found her purse at last 倒霉的是,她考试不及格. Unluckily, she failed in the exam. 穿警服的三个男子 three men in police uniform 住在附近 live nearby 朝某人大声叫喊 shout at/ to sb. 一些强盗 some robbers 开车去…… drive to …/ go to …by car/ go to … in one's car 从他们的汽车/这里钻出来 get out of their car/ here 立刻 at once/right now 从……跑出去 run out of… 把某人推进绿色货车的后面 put sb. into the back of a green van
7B Unit 3 复习要点- 1 -







开走 drive away 尽量想打开门 try to open the door; 尽力做某事 try to do sth. 考试不及格 fail (in ) the exam/ not pass the exam 它不起作用 It doesn't work. 跑向第四街的警察局 run to the police station on Fourth Street 沿着第四街跑向警察局 run along Fourth Street to the police station 我们走不同的路线好吗? Shall we take different routes? 沿着……走 go along…/ walk along… 左转弯进入公园路直到银行 turn left into Park Road to the bank 走另一条路线 take another route 停在红绿灯处 stop at the traffic lights 从货车跳出 jump out of the van 很快逃跑 run away quickly 在警察局碰头 meet at/in the police station 向警察作汇报 report to a policeman 从 Hill Building 逃跑 run away from Hill Building 开着绿色货车跑了 drive away in a green van 突然,Paul 停止讲话了. Suddenly, Paul stops talking. 停下来去做…… stop to do sth.; 停止做……stop doing sth.; 阻止某热做某事 stop sb./ sth. (from) doing sth.; 拦住某人 stop sb./ sth. 惊讶地做…… be surprised to do sth. 惊讶地说…… say…in surprise 使某人感到惊讶的是 to one's surprise 记笔记 take / make notes 他们的货车后门开着. The back door of their van was open. 问某人有关某事 ask sb. about sth. 开心地笑 laugh happily 务必做某事 make sure (to do sth.) 使某物向前移动 make something move forward;使某人做某事 make sb. do sth 使某人…… make sb. (+) 形容词; make me happy 一套给警察穿的服装 a set of clothes for the police 离……远 be far away from… 从一个地方到另一个地方 from one place to another 这是一个关于双胞胎兄弟故事的戏剧.This is a play about a story of twin brothers 给他们打电话求助 call them for help 用……做…… use …to do sth./ do sth. with… 在地图上 on a map 要到达博物馆,当你来到路拐角处的时候要右转弯. To get to the museum, turn right when you come to the corner of the road. 在路的拐角处 at the corner of the road; 在房间的角落里 in the corner of the room
7B Unit 3 复习要点- 2 -

  58. 在你的右边 on your right/ on the right of sb.
  59. 在动物园的入口/出口处 the entrance/ exit to the zoo
  60. 过马路 cross/ go across the road; 游过那池 swim across the pool; 走过田野/公园 walk across the field/ the park
  61. 一直走 go straight on; 沿着这街走 go along the street
  62. 斑马线 zebra crossing
  63. 在十字路口 at the crossroads/ crossing; turning(拐弯处)
  64. 穿过洞/树林/森林/隧道/窗子 go through the hole/ trees/ forest/ tunnel/ window
  65. 绕着桌子走 walk round/around the table
  66. 跳过椅子 jump over the chair
  67. 走下/上楼梯 walk down/ up the stairs
  68. 从沙发走到窗口 walk from the sofa to the window
  69. 走过银行 walk past the bank/ pass
  70. 朝大卖场跑去 run towards the shopping mall
  71. (问路方法)Can you tell me the way to …? How can I get to …? Can you tell me how to get to/ reach/ arrive in(at)…?/ Which is the way to…? Where is…?
  72. 在……的对面 at the other side of…
  73. 从……出来 come out of…
  74. 看到小河上的桥 see a bridge over a small river
  75. 走过桥 walk over/ across the bridge
  76. 制订计划 make a plan
  77. 你发生了什么事? What happened to you? 碰巧碰到你 happen to meet you
  78. 复习一般将来时
  79. 我的一些同学 some of my classmates
  80. 在校门口碰头 meet at the school gate
  81. 乘汽车去颐和园 take the bus to the Summer Palace
  82. 带够去 take her dog with her
  83. 我认为明天不会下雨. I don't think it will rain tomorrow.
  84. 整天带把伞 carry an umbrella all day
  85. 赢比赛 win the game; (赢某人 beat sb.)
  86. 不再…… not…any more; no more
  87. 天多云,我认为要下雨了. It is cloudy. I think it is going to rain.
  88. 告诉某人关于一天野营的计划 tell sb. about the plans for a day camp
  89. 生篝火 start a campfire
  90. 带纸盘子 bring paper plates
  91. 在第二个转弯/拐角处转弯. Turn right at the second crossing/ corner.Take the second turning on the right.
  92. 在同一组 in the same group
  93. 走过木屋 walk past the wooden house
7B Unit 3 复习要点- 3 -
沿着河边的小路走 walk along a small path next to the river 在大树边 at the big tree 一直朝前走 walk straight on 邀请某人做某事 invite sb. to do sth.; 邀请某人去某地 invite sb. to a place
  98. 你要来吗?是的,我很想(来) .Would you like to come? Yes, I'd love to (come).
  99. 做某事很容易. It's easy to do sth. 1
  00. 我住在 603 公寓. I live in Flat 6
  03. 1
  01. 全世界 all over the world/ around the world/ in the world 1
  02. 从网上得到不同种的信息 get different kinds of information from the Internet 1
  03. 成百万 millions of; 两百万 two million 其中两百万人 two million of the people 1
  04. 搜索引擎 search engines 1
  05. 在 20 世纪 60 年代 in the 1960s 1
  06. 足球史 the history of football/ football history 1
  07. 舞蹈展 dancing shows 1
  08. 在艺术中心 in the Arts Centre 1
  09. 举办一个告别会 hold/have a farewell party 1
  10. 我们该吃什么食物? What shall we have for food? 1
  11. 烧烤 have a barbecue 1
  12. 大多数学生 most studentsmost of the students 1
  13. 一半的学生(作主语是复数) half of the students (want) 地球的一半(作主语是单数动词)half of the earth (is) 1
  14. 欢送会的邀请函 an invitation letter for the farewell party 1
  15. 很高兴邀请你参加欢送会 be happy to invite you to a farewell party 1
  16. 指给你看怎样到达… show you how to get to… 1
  17. 盼望着见到你 look forward to seeing you 1
  18. 你的忠实的 yours faithfully 1
  19. ……的路线 the route to… 1
  20. 在 A 出口处出去 get out at Exit A 1
  21. 中国银行大楼 the Bank of China building 1
  22. 阳光公园就在那里. Sunshine Park is right there. 1
  23. 给某人送某物 send sb. sth./ send sth. to sb. 1
  24. 沿着……走直到街的尽头. Go along… until you see the end of the street 1
  25. 告诉他们关于这个戏剧(的情况)tell them about the play 1
  26. 参观你家乡的一年中最好的时节 the best time of year to visit your home town 1
  27. 春天/夏天/秋天/冬天是天气怎么样? What is the weather like in spring/summer/autumn/winter? How is the weather in spring/summer/autumn/winter? 1
  28. 值得参观的最有趣的地方 the most interesting place to visit 1
  29. 到那里的最好的路 the best way to get there
7B Unit 3 复习要点- 4 -


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