牛津英语 7B 期末复习测试卷(附参考答案) 一,根据句意,和所给中文写出句中所缺单词.
  1. When she saw the dog, she was
  2. Tom likes football and he
  3. The football match is really w
  4. Listen to the teachers c
  5. The students were too
  6. Kitty
  7. Fire is too d
  8. Open your eyes w
  9. Everything can't live w
  10. It's h . (粗心). (下坏了). (练习) it every day. .
(计划) his work very well every day. ! Can you see it? water. to answer your question.
二,选用所给词或词组的正确形式填空. because, belongs to, sounds, are different from, work hard, put out
  1. He says he'll
  2. He didn't come to school
  3. The school bag
  4. These pencils
  5. The music great. this term to catch up with others. he was ill. his sister. those pencils.
  1. She
  2. The tortoise is walking (is) able to swim next year. (slow).

  3. Did he
  4. Amy goes to swim
  5. March 8 is
  6. We are looking forward to
  7. Can you
  8. It's great
  9. Dogs are very
  10. We'll be able 四,选择填空 ( )
  1. Who taught him A. learn (
(weight) 50 kilograms? (two) a week. (woman) Day. (hear) from you.
(ride) a bike? (funny) to play football. (friend). (work) out this problem.
English? B. learning C. to learn D. can learn
  2. Can you see the students A. is watering
trees on the hill now? B. watering C. waters D. to water
bad weather it is today! A. What B. What a in today's newspaper. B. anything important D. important something tiger was very strong. C. a, The D. an, The C. How D. How a
  4. There isn't
A. something important C. important anything ( )
  5. We saw A. a, A ( )
  6. Look! They A. put out tiger in the zoo. B. the, a the fire. B. putting out
C. are putting out D. putted out
  7. Can you play football? A. Yes, you can C. No, I can
. B. All right D. No, I can't . B. sings C. sing her way. B. lost C. lose D. was lose D. to sings
  8. Let me teach you how A. to sing
  9. What happened to her? She A. loses
  10. ??Sorry, I can't do it. ?? A. You are right C. Never mind . B. That's Ok D. Thank you . She was tired. B. walks on the table. B. any food girl. B. nine year old D. nine years old . B. helping mi C. help me D. helpping me C. a bread D. any eggs C. walking D. to walk
  11. The old woman stopped A. walk
  12. There isn't A. some bread
  13. She's a A. nine-years-old C. nine-year-old
  14. Thank you for A. helps me
  15. There A. will have
a sports meeting next week. B. was C. is going to be D. is going to have
  1. He must stay at home. (改为一般疑问句) ?
  2. You ought to give food to the birds. (改为否定句) ?
  3. They play football twice a week. (对划线部分提问) ?
  4. The red pen belongs to Lucy. (对划线部分的提问) ?
  5. You should take care of your pet. (改为同义句) You should
  6. TO clean the rabbit's hutch every day is necessary. (改为同义句) the rabbit's hutch every day.
  7. It's highly possible that David will go fishing tomorrow. (改为同义句) David go fishing tomorrow. .

  8. You mustn't talk in class. (改为同义句) in class. 六,改错. (下列各句均有一处错误,找出并改正) ( )
  1. Are you interested to seeing a film'? A ( B C D
)2, You can do it easy. A BC D
( A (
  3. The news made us happily B C D
  4. I don't afraid of animals any more. A B C D
  5. Let's take turns sing these songs. A B C D
  1. You 你明天一定要把书还给我. the bike tomorrow.

  2. 她喜欢音乐,所以她每天花 1 小时听音乐. She , so she an hour to music every day.

  3. 你确信房间里有没有人吗 ? Are you there in the room?

  4.我们不能同时看电视和做作业. We
  5. and do our homework.
她是个很善良的女孩.她从不惹麻烦. She is a girl. She never .
八,完形填空 On weekdays Peter gets up at 6 ~
  20. He has school. He 2 there by bus. They 4 3 1 at 6 ' 40 and then goes to classes at 7 ' 00 a. m. 5 the middle of the day he has
Peter has four lunch 6
in the morning.
school. He gets home at 4 ~ 00 in the
After supper, he often goes to ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 10 at 9 '
his homework, but
he watches TV. He
  1. A. breakfast )
  2. A. goes to )
  3. A. open )
  4. A. class )
  5. A. In )
  6. A. to )
  7. A. morning )
  8. A. does )
  9. A. today )
  10. A. school
B. lunch B. to B. begin B. lesson B. At B. with B. afternoon B. has B. often B. factory
C. supper C. go to C. has C. classes C. On C. at C. evening C. makes C. sometimes C. home
D. bread D. goes D. closes D, boxes D. For D. about D. week D. gets D. tomorrow D. bed
九,阅读理解 There are many kinds of ants in America. One kind is very strong. People are afraid of it, and animals are afraid of it, too. These ants move in big groups. They eat all the animals on their way. They can kill and eat elephants, and they can eat wood houses. Sometimes they can even kill people. When the ants eome, people leave their homes. But people are sometimes glad after the ants pass through, because they can see no insects(昆虫) or snakes. ( )
  1. Some ants in America can be very A. heavy ( B. strong . C. large . D. thin
)2, People and animals are afraid of
A. one kind of ants C. small ants ( )
  3. People have to get away from the ants because A. they can eat and kill elephants C. they go in large groups (
B. all kinds of ants D. large ants .
B. they can also eat wood houses D. they can even kill people
  4. Where are the insects or the snakes after the ants pass through? A. They hide(~!~) them selves under the ground. B. The ants eat them. C. They move to other places before the ants come. D. People kill them.
十,写作. 写一篇你所喜爱的宠物短文.写出它的外貌,个性及如何照顾它.不少于 60 字.
参考答案 一.
  1. frightened
  2. practises
  3. wonderful
  4. carefully
  5. careless
  6. plans
  7. dangerous
  8. wide
  9. without
  10. hard 二.
  1. work hard
  2. because
  3. belongs to
  4. are different from
  5. sounds
  4. twice
  5. Women's
  6. hearing
  7. ride
  8. fun
  1. will be
  2. slowly
  3. weigh
  9. friendly
  10. to work 四.
  1. C
  2. B
  3. A
  4. B
  5. C

  6. C
  7. D
  8. A
  9. B
  10. C
  11. C
  12. B
  14. B
  15. C 五.
  1. Must he stay at home? do lhey play football?
  6. It's necessary to clean
  2. You ought not to give food to the birds.
  4. Who does the red pen belong to?
  7. may
  8. Don't talk to sing
  3. How often

  5. look after your pet
  1. C in
  2. I) easily
  3. D happy
  4. A am not
  5. C 七.
  1. must return, to me
  2. likes music, spends, listening
  3. sure, is no one
  4. can't watch TV, at the same time
  5. kind, makes trouble. 八.
  1. A
  2. I)
  3. B
  4. C
  5. A
  6. C
  7. B
  8. A
  9. C

  10. D
  1. B
  2. A
  3. I)
  4. B


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