(牛津初中英语总复习) 7B Unit 6 一.【精选词汇】 【精选词汇】 ㈠重点短语
  1. bring me my lunch 把我的午饭拿来→ bring sb sth=bring sth to sb 把某物带给某人 (p
  2. watch it swim around 看它游来游去,hold it in my hand,feed her carrots 喂她胡萝卜 (p
  3. on my lap 在我的膝部→ laptop 便携式电脑, desktop computer 台式机, notebook 笔记本电脑
  4. teach it to speak 教它说话→teach sb (how) to do sth 教某人如何做某事
  5. the cleverest animal of all 所有动物中最聪明的→of all, of the three 是最高级的标志。 (p
  6. do wonderful tricks 玩精彩的把戏 →play tricks on…开…的玩笑
  7. build me camps out of sticks 用树枝给我搭帐篷→build sth out of…用某物搭建…
  8. on top of…=at the top of…在…的顶端,in the middle of…在…的中间,on the edge of…在… 的边缘, in a cardboard box,in the cupboard 在碗厨里,rhyme with…和…押韵
  9. like sitting on the sofa, sleep on my lap, make a lot of noise, ring the doorbell 按门铃
  10. get tired 累了;疲劳,sleep in the armchair 在椅子上睡觉,look so beautiful in the sun
  11. at the bottom of…在…的底部→反义:at the top of…/on top of…在…的顶端 (p1
  12. take sth out of…把…从…中取出 e.g. Don’t take your goldfish out of the water.
  13. listen to a talk on the fantail fish →listen to a talk 听报告,give a talk 作报告 (p1
  03) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉listen to a talk about/on…听有关…的报告,give a talk about/on…作有关…的报告
  14. be/look different from…与…不同,be/look a little different from…看起来与…有点不同 e.g. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴be different from…→反义:be the same as…e.g. The fantail fish looks a little different from other goldfish. ⑵look the same 看起来很像,look like…看起来像…
  15. play with balls and pieces of string 玩球和线团→play with…玩…, Don’t play with fire. (p1
  05) ㈡词汇解析
  1. fight ⑴n.战役;战斗;打架;斗争 e.g. They will win the fight. 注意:打架是 a fight, 吵架是 a quarrel;war 是大规模的战争,battle 是大规模战争(war)中的一个战役,fight 是个人与个人 之间的战斗。⑵vi.战争;打架 fight against/with…与…交战/打架,fight for…为…而战,fight →fought →fought e.g. England fought against/with Germany. ⑶vt.作战 fight a …fight 打了…的 一仗, fight a good fight →dream a…dream 做了一个…的梦, dream a strange dream→ live a…life 过着…的生活, live a happy life.
  2. She always hides herself in the cupboard. →hide oneself+地点,躲藏在某地
  3. He learns to repeat the words I say.他学会重复我说的话。 (p
  97) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴learn to do sth 学会做某事 ⑵(that/which) I say 是定语从句修饰先行词 words。
  4. pull 拉→push 推,Don’t pull the rabbit’s ears.不要拽/拉扯兔子的耳朵。注意 pull 的尾字母 l 与拼音 lā。
  5. brush ⑴vt.刷 brush one’s teeth 刷牙 ⑵n.刷子→复数 brushes, toothbrush 牙刷→toothbrushes
  6. own adj.自己的 vt.拥有→owner 所有者;拥有者;主人
  7. speaker n.扬声器;说话人;操某种语言的人 e.g. We are Chinese speakers.
  8. care vi.介意;在乎,care about…关心, care more about…多关心, care only about…只在乎…
二.【重点句型】 【重点句型】
  1. Pets can be great friends, but they need special care and attention. (p
  2. He doesn’t just chase and catch a ball. 他不仅追赶球而且接球。→chase=run after 追赶 (p
  94) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉该句=He not only chases a ball but also catches a ball.
  3. With eyes open wide, he hunts when I hide. →hunt for…=look for…寻找… 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉He hunts when I hide.=He looks around for me while I hide. →look around for…四 处寻找…
  4. I’ll look after him until the end.=I will always take care of him.
  5. She isn’t any trouble.她不烦人。→be in trouble 处于困难中,get into trouble 陷入困境;惹麻 烦 用法拓展〉 trouble ⑴n.烦恼 e.g. What’s your trouble? ⑵vt.打扰; 麻烦 e.g. I’m sorry to trouble. 〈用法拓展〉
  6. We don’t have to feed her much. →don’t have to…=don’t need to…=needn’t…不必
  7. Dogs like lots of exercise. It is necessary to walk them in the park once a day. If you have a rabbit, it’s a good idea to clean its hutch every day. (p1
  00) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉It be+形容词或名词+to do sth. It 是形式主语,to do sth 是真正主语。
  8. I’m busy at work all day. →be at work=be working 在工作→be busy at work 忙于工作 (p1
  9. You should get a book about the right way to look after birds.→the right way to do sth
  10. Make sure the water is not too cold or too hot. → Make sure+that 从句,确保… (p1
  02) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴not…or…=neither…nor…既不…也不…⑵make sure 务必使…;查明,弄清楚 ①make sure to do sth 一定要… e.g. Make sure to check your homework before handing it in. ②make sure of/about doing sth e.g. Arrive earlier tomorrow to make sure of catching the first bus.
  11. Goldfish are easy to look after.=It is easy to look after goldfish. (p1
  04) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉Sth be+形容词+to do.=It be+形容词+to do sth. “学英语有用。”有两种翻译:①English is useful to learn. ②It is useful to learn English.
  12. You must keep her on a lead. →keep sth on a lead 给…拴上链子 (p1
  13. ?Look at the sign. What does it say? ?It says, “All dogs must be on leads.” 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉say(书面材料或可见的东西)提供信息;指示 e.g. ①The notice said “Keep out.” ②The clock said three o’clock. ③The instructions say that we should put it in cool places. 三.【语法详解】祈使句、情态动词 should, shouldn’t, must, mustn’t 【语法详解】祈使句、 ㈠祈使句 祈使句是表示请求、命令、建议等的句子,通常也称“无主句”。句子的主语是第二人称 you, you 常被省略。句尾可以用感叹号或句号。祈使句有三种形式:肯定式、否定式、let 引导。 ⒈肯定祈使句:这种祈使句是初级英语中常见的句式之一,有时为了加强语气,在动词原形 肯定祈使句: 肯定祈使句 前加 do 或在句尾加上称呼语。有时为了表达客气的语气,常在句首或句尾加 please;在句尾 加称呼语时,要用逗号将其与句子的前部分隔开。e.g. ①Write the new words in your notebooks. ②Please open the window. ③Do make sure to call me. ⒉否定祈使句:在动词原形之前加 do not, don’t 或 never,就变成了否定的祈使句。e.g. 否定祈使句: 否定祈使句 ①Don’t stop reading. ②Do not leave the stove on. ③Never give up. ⒊let 引导的祈使句:以 let 引导的句子也是祈使句,常用于表示建议或表明说话者的态度。 引导的祈使句: e.g. ①Let’s go out for a walk. ②Let me help you. ③Let us discuss how to do it. ㈡情态动词 should, must 的用法
⒈should 应该;应当,表示劝告、建议、命令,否定式为 shouldn’t。e.g. ①You should learn their advanced experience from them. ②You shouldn’t feed your dog at the table. ⒉should 可能, 表示推测。 ①They should be there by now, I think.我想他们现在可能到那里 e.g. 了。②Daniel is an Aquarius. He should be kind and wise.丹尼尔是水瓶座,他可能善良、聪明。 ⒊must 必须;应该,表示做某事非常有必要或很重要。 ⒋must 表示推测,意为“一定”,仅用于肯定句中。表示对现在的推测用“must+动词原形”, 表示对过去的推测用“must have+过去分词”。e.g. ①You must be tired after a long journey. ②It’s 9:00p.m. She must have come home. ⒌mustn’t 表示“禁止;一定不要;不可以”。e.g. You mustn’t play computer games too much. 比较〉 〈比较〉can’t 表示推测时,意为“不可能”,与 must(一定,表推测)互为反义词。 e.g. That man can’t be Mr Smith. He has gone to the USA on business. He won’t return until the end of this month. 四.【中考真题】 【中考真题】 . (2006 山东)
  1. ?Don’t be late again, Mike! ? A. No, I don’t B. Don’t worry C. Sorry, I won’t D. I don’t know
  2. ?Lily! You are so special that you seem different from other girls. ?Everyone in the world is different. So, just ! It’s the best way of life. A. enjoy yourself B. be yourself C. help yourself D. take care of yourself
  3. ? ! The traffic is moving very fast. ?Don’t worry, I will. A. Hold on B. Go ahead C. Look out D. Help
  4. ?Show your tickets, please. ? . A. Here you are B. Here are they C. Here is the money D. How much
  5. 翻译句子:别老是让你的朋友在外面等着。
  6. ?I like riding fast. It’s exciting. ?Oh, you mustn’t do it like that, it may have an accident. A. and B. or C. so D. but (2006 吉林)
  7. ?How do you like the concert given by the “Foxy Ladies”? ?Exciting, one piece of the music wasn’t played quite well. (2006 安徽) A. so B. though C. because D. and
  8. ?What your English teacher look like? ?She is quite slim. (2007 扬州) A. do B. is C. does D. was 五.【过关测试】 【过关测试】
  1. You mustn’t take photos here. (改为祈使句)
  2. Do it like this. (改为否定句)
  3. You should write more carefully. (改为祈使句)
  4. ? late for the meeting tomorrow. ?No, I won’t. A. Not be B. Won’t be C. Don’t be D. Be not
  5. Do not about your English. I will help you at any time. A. to worry B. be worry C. be worried D. worrying
  5. ?Mum, I’m quite hungry now. ?Oh, dear. go to KFC and have some hamburgers. A. We B. Us C. You and me D. Let’s me the truth, or I will never speak to you.
  6. A. Telling B. To tell C. If you don’t tell D. Tell



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