英 语 考 试
在做家庭作业,但她遇到了一些麻烦 请帮助她完成此项作业.(15 分) 但她遇到了一些麻烦,请帮助她完成此项作业 Ⅰ.Millie 在做家庭作业 但她遇到了一些麻烦 请帮助她完成此项作业 A: 请根据句子意思及首字母完成单词.
  1. I forget(忘记) my pen, so I have to b one from Simon.
  2. I don't know the way to Sandy's home. Let's go there t.
  3. No one knows what will h in 20
  4. We can get books from the school l.
  5. My father and my mother are b doctors. B: 用所给单词的适当形式填空.
  6. Susan swims very well. She is a good .(swim)
  7. Lily always helps her mother clean the house. She is very(help).
  8. My brother often (play) basketball on Wednesday afternoon.
  9. Thank you very much for (write) to me.
  10. Every day Millie spends half an hour (read) English. C: 用适当的介词填空.
  11. It's very cold winter in Nanjing.
  12. The Chinese New Year usually comes February.
  13. The first class begins eight o'clock in our school.
  14.We often go to Hongshan Zoo Saturday.
  15. We celebrate National Day October 1st. 对以下几个词组有些混淆,帮帮她选用其正确形式填空吧 帮帮她选用其正确形式填空吧.(5 Ⅱ.Kitty 对以下几个词组有些混淆 帮帮她选用其正确形式填空吧 分) (turn on, come from, dress up, knock on, each other, grow up, be born)
  1. Daniel wants to be a tennis player when he.
  2. We often talk to or play games after class.
  3. I like to as a tiger at Halloween.
  4. Li Lei's parents Shanghai, but now they live in Beijing.
  5. May I the light Yes, you may. 常常为选择题所困惑,看 她又犯难了 请给她一些帮助吧!(15 分) 她又犯难了,请给她一些帮助吧 Ⅲ.Daniel 常常为选择题所困惑 看,她又犯难了 请给她一些帮助吧 ( )
  1. How is the red coat A. much B. many C. many money D. money ( )
  2. the shoes under the bed A. Who's B. Who're C. Whose is D. Whose are ( )
  3. I think the shirt the sofa is . A. on her B. in theirs C. on yours D. at mine ( )
  4. The students are English. A. good in B. good for C. good to D. good at ( )
  5. Can I have cakes, please Sorry, I don't have cakes. A. some, any B. some, some C. any, any D. any, some ( )
  6. My brother and I have to do every evening. A. a lot of homeworks B. lot of homework
C. lots of homeworks D. a lot of homework ( )
  7. one is yours, this one or that one A. Which B. What C. Where D. Who ( )
  8. Jason and I enjoy music very much. A. hear B. listen to C. hearing D. listening to ( )
  9. The teacher says we read comic books. A. mustn't, much too B. can't, much too C. may not, too many D. shouldn't, too many ( )
  10. There are a lot of things at school. A. to do B. doing C. do D. does ( )
  11. does your cousin do He is a worker. A. Where B. What C. How D. Which ( )
  12. I'm going to Nanjing Monday morning. A. at B. in C. on D. of ( )
  13. Can you come here half past two tomorrow afternoon A. on B. in C. at D. of ( )
  14. Thank you me. A. for help B. for helping C. at helping D. to help ( )
  15. If you want some one to lend you his bike. What would you say to him A. Do you have a bike B. Where is your bike C. May I borrow your bike D. You can lend me your bike. 不知道下列句子该怎样变化,让我们来帮她一下吧 让我们来帮她一下吧!(10 分) Ⅳ. Millie 不知道下列句子该怎样变化 让我们来帮她一下吧
  1. My father watches TV on Saturday evening. (改为一般疑问句,并否定回答) your father TV on Saturday evening No, .
  2. Simon does his homework in his bedroom every night.(改为否定句) Simon his homework in his bedroom every night.
  3. It takes Millie about an hour to play badminton every day.(写出同义句) Millie about an hour badminton every day.
  4. He's very good at Maths.(写出同义句) HeMaths.
  5. They practice swimming after class every Tuesday.(对划线线部分提问) they after class every Tuesday 从现在做起吧! 要坚持不懈噢!(10 分) Ⅴ. 长大想做翻译员吗 从现在做起吧 要坚持不懈噢
  1. 放学后你走回家吗 不,我坐公共汽车. after school ?No, I .
  2. 我们学校有 1500 多名学生. There in our school.
  3. 我可以开窗吗 好的. the window Yes, you.
  4. 刘梅不知道怎么庆祝万圣节. Liu Mei Halloween.

  5. 孩子们正盼望着春节的来临. The children are the Spring Festival. 发现下面句子都有一个错误,你能看出来吗 你能看出来吗!(10 分) Ⅵ. Sandy 发现下面句子都有一个错误 你能看出来吗
  1. Don't (A) forget ask(B) your classmate for(C) help. (D) ( )
  2. When(A) do (B) your sister get up(C) in the morning (D) ( )
  3. Do(A) you like(B) playing computer games(C) Yes, I am(D). ( )
  4. I want(A) drink(B) a bottle of(C) orange (D) now. ( )
  5. What(A) do (B) you put (C) your bike every night(D) ( ) Ⅶ.请帮 Sandy 补全下面这则对话.(5 分) A. What are you doing B: . A. What are you writing B: . A: B: It's September 10th, next Monday. A. I want to make one, too. B. OK. Let me. A: . A. "Happy Teachers' Day" B. Not at all C. "Merry Christmas" D. I'm making a card. E. study it. F. Thank you very much. G. teach you H. When is the Teachers' Day 不小心把牛奶泼在了书上,一些词看不清了 一些词看不清了,请从文后选择最佳单词帮她补全短 Ⅷ. Millie 不小心把牛奶泼在了书上 一些词看不清了 请从文后选择最佳单词帮她补全短 文.(10 分) I am a secondary school student. I 1__ in 2 . There are 3 students in my class. 4 monitor (班长 ) is a very lovely 5 . He is often very_ 6 . This is a picture 7 him. He is short and thin. He 8 two small eyes and a big mouth. He 9 like a little teacher. He is the head of us. And he 10 very hard. He is 12 years old. We all love him very much. ( )
  1. A. is B. study C. studies D. are ( )
  2. A. class 3, grade 1 B. grade l, class 3 C. Class 3, Grade 1 D. Grade 1, Class 3 ( )
  3. A. fifty-seven B. fivety-seven C. fifty seven D. fivety seven ( )
  4. A. our B. Our C. the D. my ( )
  5. A. girl B. boy C. teacher D; children ( )
  6. A. sad B. tall C. fat D. happy ( )
  7. A. on B. for C. of D. to ( )
  8. A. have B. has C. is D. are ( )
  9. A. looks B. looking C. is look D. is looks ( )
  10. A. is study B. study C. is studies D. studies 的交友信,你可以试试噢 你可以试试噢!(10 分) Ⅸ.你想要交一个英国的笔友吗 下面是英国女孩 Becky 的交友信 你可以试试噢 你想要交一个英国的笔友吗 23 Old Road, Chesterfield Hello ! My name is Becky Sharp. I'm eleven years old. I have one brother. His name's Jason and he's fourteen. I haven't any sisters.
We live with grandma in a small house in Chesterfield, in the north(北部) of England. My friends and I often go to the cinema on Saturdays. Do you like games I like football. My favourite team is Manchester United(曼联队). I sometimes play football with my brother. I'm excellent(棒极了) but he isn't very good. I have seven pets -- two birds and five goldfishes. I want a dog and a cat, but my mother doesn't like them. Please write to me soon. Becky ( )
  1. The girl wants to find a A. sister B. brother C. girlfriend D. penfriend ( )
  2. The girl's mother doesn't like A. birds or goldfishes B. birds or dogs C. dogs or cats D. goldfishes or cats ( )
  3. There are __ people in Becky's family. A. three B. four C. five D. six ( )
  4. The girl's family live in __ A. a big house B. a cinema C. the west(西部) of England D. a small house ( )
  5. What does "pet" mean(意思) in Chinese A.朋友 B. 宠物 C. 玩具 D.同样 吴老师让同学们制作一张海报介绍自己的三个同学,下面是 的写作提纲,请根据 Ⅹ. 吴老师让同学们制作一张海报介绍自己的三个同学 下面是 Daniel 的写作提纲 请根据 提纲帮他完成海报.(10 分) 提纲帮他完成海报 My Three Classmates
  1. Chen Bing, a boy with few words(沉默寡言), behind me
  2. Luo Wen, friendly, like playing football, help each other
  3. Huang Ling, next to me, like talking to himself(自言自语), be good at Maths


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   重点词组 牛津 7B Unit 1 重点词组 1.dream homes 梦想的家 班级 姓名 2. live in a palace / next to a restaurant 住在宫殿里/餐馆隔壁 3. learn about the homes in different countries 了解不同国家的家 4. countries and capitals 国家和首都 5. the capital of … ……的首都 6.homes around the world 世界各地的家 ...

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   Michella 教案 7B unit4 Welcome to the unit ?come on 指责对方所说的话不对,意思是“得了吧;算了吧” Eg. Come on, don’t sit there dreaming. 得了,别坐在那空想了。 --It will take at least an hour to do this. 做这件事至少得花一个小时。 --Oh, come on! I could do it in 20 minutes. 哦,算了吧,我只要 20 分钟就能做完。 ...

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   Michella 教案 7B Unit5 Welcome to the unit ?be careful 当心,小心,用于提醒别人= look out, take care Be careful, Eddie! 是祈使句,目的是为了唤起某人对某事的注意。 E.g. Be careful! There is a bus coming! 当心!汽车过来了。 Be careful with your spelling. 注意你的拼写。 Be careful not to pour the soup ...


   OXFORD ENGISH 牛津英语 四年级第一学期 4A 教学评价 (Module1 Module2) Zhuyuan Primary School 上海市浦东新区竹园小学 Hu Wenjie 胡文洁 评价:(evaluation) 评价 系统地收集信息, 系统地收集信息,根据教学目 标对教学活动所引起的学生的 变化进行价值判断,为教育决 变化进行价值判断 为教育决 策提供依据的过程. 策提供依据的过程 通常我们通过具体做题目(考试 等方 通常我们通过具体做题目 考试)等方 考试 来确定学 ...


   一,牛津英语 3A 语法 ( 一 )人称代词及数词 1.英语中表示人称的词叫人称代词.人称代词有主格,宾格和所属格形式,人称代词 有单数和复数,人称代词主格(作主语用)形式如下: I (我)you(你)he,she,it(他,她,它)we(我们)you(你们)they(他们,她们, 它们).注意:英语中你和你们一样都是 YOU 人称代词用在及物动词或介词后面时要用宾格形式.宾格形式"我"是"me";(男)"他" 是"him ...


   一、指导思想 随着全球经济、信息技术、知识技能一体化,社会对人才要求:年青化、知识化、技能化、专业化。尤中国加入WTO后,English get more and more important in moderm society。所以我们的英语教学必须响应国家基础教育课程的改革政策,与时俱进,开拓创新、以人为本、终身学习的思想观念,提高教育教学效益为中心,培养学生的创新精神和实践能力为重点,全面推进素质教育。 结合小学英语教学的特点,主要激发学生学习英语的兴趣,培养良好的语言学习习惯,着重培养 ...



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   2007 年 3 月笔试真题 第一部分 听力 1~20 略 第二部分 英语知识运用 第一节 单项填空 从 A、B、C 和 D 四个选项中,选出可以填入空白处的最佳选项,并在答题卡上将该项 涂黑。 21. ?? Where is John? ?? He has been busy his homework. A. to do B. doing C. do D. done 22. ?? I’m afraid I’ve broken the window. ?? . I can easily ge ...


   世纪金榜 圆您梦想 www.jb1000.com 2009 年普通高等学校招生全国统一考试 英 性,突出了考试大纲对语言基本功的测试。 第一卷(选择题) 第一卷 第一部分 英语知识运用(共三节,满分 50 分) 英语知识运用(共三节, 第一节 语音知识(共 5 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 5 分) 语 【总卷评析】从测试反馈和卷面总体分析的情况来看,体现了语言能力的考查和高考试题体现的选拔 评析】 【总体评析】 观察试题单词,可看出均侧重基础和高频词汇的考查。所以,总体而言,语音知识这 总体 ...

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   Open Day Unit 8 classroom What's in the classroom ? a blackboard blackboards [dz] a chair hair chairs [z] pictures [z] a bookcase pencil case bookcases [iz] chairs [z] [z] pictures bookcases [i z] blackboards [dz] A Game What's missing ? King Sun W ...


     2 Day 1 每日一读 Much to Live For 热爱生活,让生命的体验成为一段美丽的乐符。翻开书页,睁开双眼,用心体会这优美 的语言,聆听这智慧的声音。 There is so much I have not been, so much I have not seen. I have not thought and have not done or felt enough?the early sun, rain and the seasonal delight of flock ...