Grammar A. Past continuous tense B. Past continuous tense with ‘while’ and ‘when’ C. Using ‘so … that’
A. Past continuous tense
What is the girl doing now ? She is running now .
What is the boy doing now ? He is jumping now .
What is the bear doing now ? He is skiing now .
Present continuous tense be (am/is/are) + verb-ing
What was the girl doing just now ? She was running just now .
What was the boy doing just now ? He was jumping just now .
What was the bear doing just now ? He was skiing just now .
Past continuous tense be (was/were) + verb-ing

  1. 过去进行时主要表示: 过去进行时主要表示: ? 在过去某一时刻正在进行的动作
(a)They were eating breakfast at 7:00 am yesterday . ) (b)I was writing a letter at this time yesterday . ) c) (c)Five minutes ago , Danny was looking out of the window and Suzy was reading a book . ? 在过去某一阶段一直在进行的动作
(a)From 1983 to 1998 , he was teaching at Yale . ) (b)They were building a dam last winter . )

  2. 过去进行时的句式 基本结构: (
  1)基本结构:was/were + verb-ing (
  2)否定式:was/were not + verb-ing 否定式: was not = wasn’t were not = weren’t 疑问句: (
  3)疑问句:将 was/were 调到主语前 (
  4)I/he/she/it was + verb-ing you/we/they were + verb-ing
Complete the conversation with the correct forms of the verbs in brackets . Daniel : I tried to call you last night but your phone line was busy . What were you doing (do) ? Amy : When did you phone (pnone) me ?
Daniel : It was about seven . I was doing (do) my homework at that time .
Amy :
Oh , I was talking (talk) to Millie on the phone . I was telling (tell) her about my trip to Shenzhen . She was planning (plan) to go there with her family during May Day holidays . Oh , by the way , why did you call (call) me ?
Daniel : I was doing (do) my Maths homework and I didn’t understand (not understand) one question . But never mind , I have asked (ask) Simon already .
Complete the questions and answers , using the past continuous tense .
  1. Q : Was Miss Lu making (make) test papers at 1:30 pm ? A : Yes , she was .
  2. Q : Was the Principal writing(write) a speech in the library at noon ? A : No , he wasn’t. He was writing a speech in his office .

  3. Q : Was the librarian writing (write) a speech two hours ago ? A : No , she wasn’t . She was making (make) a notice in the library .
  4. Q : Were Mr Hu’s assistants doing (do) an experiment at lunchtime ? A : Yes , they were.

  5. Q : Were class 1 , Grade 8 students waiting (wait) for Tommy at lunchtime ? A : No , they weren’t . They are visiting (visit) the library at lunchtime .
  6. Q : Was David waiting (wait) for Tommy after school ? A : Yes , he was .
B. Past continuous tense with ‘while’ and ‘when’
What was the rabbit doing just now ? He was jumping just now . What was the pig doing just now ? He was dancing just now . The rabbit was jumping while the pig was dancing .
The worm was eating while the dog was reading . Two long actions went on at the same time . We were clapping our hands while the performers were marching across the park .
The rabbit was jumping while the pig was dancing . While the pig was dancing , the rabbit was jumping .
The worm was eating while the dog was reading . While the dog was reading , the worm was eating .
连词 while 与过去进行时 当两个延续性动词同时进行时, ? 当两个延续性动词同时进行时,我们可以 在两个句子中都用过去进行时, 在两个句子中都用过去进行时,并用 while 连接。 连接。 用在句首时, ? 当 while 用在句首时,两个句子应用逗号隔 开。


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