(牛津初中英语总复习) 8A Unit 5 一、【精选词汇】 精选词汇】 重点短语
  1. go birdwatching at the market 在市场观鸟;去市场观鸟 (p
  2. roast chicken 烧鸡,roast duck 烤鸭,Beijing duck 北京烤鸭
  3. fly to northern countries 飞往北方的国家 (p
  75) 〈知识链接〉north→northern, south→southern(注意发音有变化), east →eastern, west →western 知识链接〉 注意“东北 的中英文写法不同。 东北”的中英文写法不同
  4. in north-east China 在中国东北 注意 东北 的中英文写法不同。 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉in south-west China 在中国西南,in South China 在华南,in the south of China 在 中国南部,in North China 在华北,in the north of China 在中国北部,in East China 在华东,in the east of China 在中国东部,in the west of China 在中国西部
  5. one of the world’s most important wetlands 最重要的湿地之一 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉one of the/物主代词+最高级+名词复数,作主语时谓语动词用单数形式。
  6.provide food and shelter for wildlife 为野生动物提供食物和栖息处 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉provide sth for sb=provide sb with sth 为某人提供某物 We provided the poor children with some stationery. =We provided some stationery for the poor children. 注意: 这两种形式。 注意:没有 provide sb sth 和 provide sth to sb 这两种形式。
  7. an ideal home for different kinds of plants, fish and birds 不同种类的植物、鱼类和鸟类的理想 家园 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉fish 表示“鱼”的含义时,是可数名词,单复数同形。类似的有 deer 鹿,sheep 绵 羊。fish 表示“鱼肉”时,是不可数名词,如:Help yourself to some fish.随便吃些鱼。
  8. live comfortably 舒适地生活,comfortable 舒适的→comfortably 舒适地
  9. all year round 全年;常年→all day 整天,all night 整夜,day and night 日日夜夜
  10. stay there for a short time=go there for a short stay 在那里短暂停留
  11. easily catch them for food 很容易地捕捉它们(鱼类)为食
  12. an important living area for the rare red-crowned cranes 稀有丹顶鹤的一个重要生活区 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉living 常作前置定语,修饰人或物。 ①Richard Claderman is the finest living pianist. 理查德?克莱德曼是在世的最杰出的钢琴家。 ②Living fish are more expensive than dead ones.活鱼比死鱼贵。 用法拓展〉 〈用法拓展〉⑴live 活的;有生命的,实况转播的 They watched the live NBA matches last night. ⑵alive 活着的,作后置定语、表语或宾语补足语 When they got to the spot, they found him alive.
  13. study the different kinds of birds in Zhalong and the changes in their numbers (p
  77) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴study 学习;研究→study n.书房→studies(常用复数) n.学习 ① The scientists study the universe 研究. ② He is always in his study.书房 ③How are you getting on/along with your studies?你的学习如何? ⑵learn 学习(由练习或受教而记忆)→learn to do sth 学做某事 ①We study at No. 1 Secondary School. (不能用 learn) ②You should learn from each other.(不能用 study) ③At the age of eight, he learnt to skate.(不能用 study)
  14. do a bird count 清点鸟类;进行鸟类的清点
〈知识链接〉⑴count vt.数,e.g. count the money 数钱 ⑵count vt.计算在内, There were 50 知识链接〉 people on the bus, counting the children.连儿童在内,车上共有 50 人。⑶count vi.数(数目) The child is clever enough to count from one to one hundred. 用法拓展〉 〈用法拓展〉⑴countable 可数的 ⑵uncountable, countless 不可数的
  15. understand the importance of the wetlands 懂得湿地的重要性 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉important adj.重要的→importance n.重要性,部分以 t 结尾的形容词变为名词时, 将 t 改为 ce。 类似的有: different 不同的→difference 差异, silent 寂静的→silence 寂静, confident 自信的→confidence 自信,elegant 文雅的→elegance 文雅,excellent 优秀的→excellence 优秀, absent 缺席的→absence 缺席
  16. make them actively take action to protect wildlife 让他们积极采取行动保护野生生物 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉active 积极的→actively 积极地,take an active part in…积极参加…
  17. show good manners to sb 对某人有礼貌→show bad manners to sb 对某人没有礼貌
  18. walk a long way 走远路,leave litter 丢垃圾,drop litter carelessly 随意丢垃圾 (p77-p
  19. have an area of…面积为… (p
  86) (p
  20. a very good place to go birdwatching 一个观鸟的好去处→a good place to do sth 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉Hong Kong is a good place to go shopping.香港是购物天堂。
  21. prevent flood 预防洪水 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉prevent sb (from) doing sth=stop sb (from) doing sth=keep sb from doing sth 阻止 某人做某事,prevent sth (from) happening 防止某事发生
  22. 领取、填写申请表相关词汇:an application form 申请表→get an application form 领取申请 表→fill in the form 填表→return the form 交表
  23. interests and hobbies 兴趣和爱好,activities to protect wildlife 保护野生生物的活动
  24. application to join the Birdwatching Club 加入观鸟俱乐部的申请 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉application to do sth….的申请,e.g. the application to join the charity walk
  25. become a member of …成为…的一员=join…加入… 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉become a member of the club=join the club
  26. be/become interested in sth/doing sth 对(做)某事感兴趣=show/have interest in sth/doing sth 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉As a child, he was/became interested in taking photos.=He has been interested in taking photos since he was a child.(不能说 He’s become interested in taking photos since he was a child.)
  27. call me on 555863
  90=contact me on 55586390 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉call/contact sb on+电话号码,致电…给某人 e.g. ①For further information, please contact/call me on 8699960
  61. ②For more details, please call/contact Mr Black on 862886
  28. e-mail me at amy@sunshinetown.com.cn 发电子邮件到amy@sunshinetown.com.cn给我 〈知识链接〉 知识链接〉 e-mail sb at+电子邮箱, 发电子邮件…给某人, 此处的 e-mail 是动词, 意思是“发 电子邮件”。send an e-mail to sb 给某人发电子邮件
  29. the wetlands photo show 湿地图片展 (p
  30. simply can’t wait for the show next week 简直等不及看下周的展出 词汇解析
  1. danger 危险, dangerous 危险的, endangered 濒于灭绝的 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴danger 名词,危险。常用短语:in danger 处于危险中,out of danger 脱离危险。 ⑵dangerous 形容词,危险的。常用短语:be dangerous。常用句型:It be dangerous for sb to do sth.对某人来说做某事是危险的。 It is dangerous for children to play in the street. ⑶endangered 形容词=in a dangerous state 濒于灭绝的。
We should protect the endangered animals.
  2. 形容词加否定前缀变为反义词,常见的有:ir-, dis-, im-, in-, un-。 ⑴ir-:regular→irregular ⑵dis-:honest→dishonest ⑶im:polite→impolite, patient→impatient, possible→impossible ⑷in-:correct→incorrect, active→inactive ⑸un-:comfortable→uncomfortable, happy→unhappy, necessary→unnecessary 写出下列形容词的反义词:important → , able → , welcome → , friendly → , common → , fair →
  3. including 介词,包括 We’ve got three days’ holiday, including New Year’s Day.
  4.使用常见的英文缩写词和符号,填写下表的空缺部分: 缩写词 完全形式 缩写词 完全形式 符号 完全形式 cm centimetre info & e.g. km = and the rest minute % sec number degree(s) kilogram do not equal ? Mon. Thursday @ September Dec. $ Jun. January ∴ Friday Saturday >
  4. while (连词)①然而 ②当…时;和…同时 →after a while 过一会儿 ①We should respect cleaners, while some people look down on them. (然而) ②While (she was) listening to the radio, she fell asleep. 注意: while 从句的主语若与主句的主语相同, 从句的主语若与主句的主语相同, while 从句的主语和进行时的 be 动词常可以省 注意: 略。
  5. correct 正确的→incorrect 不正确的 →correctly 正确地→incorrectly 不正确地 correct 改正; 修正→correction n.校正,correct 正确的→correctness n.正确 ①He gave a correct answer. ②She is incorrect in saying so. ③My Chinese teacher corrected my composition.
  6. date of birth 出生日期,place of birth 出生地 in speak loudly
  7. ⑴loud 大声的 ⑵loudly=in a loud voice 大声地→反义词: a low voice 低声地, 大声地说 ⑶aloud 出声地,read aloud 朗读 重点句型】 二、【重点句型】
  1. Some people want to change the wetlands to make more space for farms and buildings. (p
  76) 有些人想改变湿地,腾出更多的地方建造农场和楼房 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉to make more space for farms and buildings 动词不定式作状语。
  2. This means there will be less and less space for wildlife.这意味着野生生物的地方越来越少。 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉⑴less and less+不可数名词,fewer and fewer+名词复数,表示“越来越少…”。 more and more+不可数名词或名词复数,表示“越来越多…”。 ⑵space (不可数名词)空间、地方;还表示“太空,宇宙”。
make space for…=make room for…给…腾出地方(room 不可数名词,空间、地方) ①There is no space for another chair in this room. ②If the population continues to grow, there’ll be standing room only on the earth. ③China Space 中国航天
  3. We need more people to help us count and do something to help the birds. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉do something to help the birds=do something for the birds 采取措施帮助鸟类
  4. The sun shone brightly as we got on the school bus.我们上车时,阳光灿烂。 〈知识链接〉⑴shine brightly 阳光灿烂;阳光明媚 知识链接〉 ⑵as 引导时间状语从句,常有以下几种用法: ①一边…一边… e.g. As we walked, we talked. 我们边走边谈。 ②随着…(主句的情景随着 as 从句所表达的时间变化而变化) e.g. As she grew older, she gained in confidence. 随年龄的增长她的信心增强了。 ③两件事同时发生 e.g. As I was going out, the telephone rang. Just as he went to bed, there was a loud knock on the door. ④当…时,as 表示一个较长的时间背景,主句的情景就是在这个时间背景下发生的。Mother was worried because Little Mary was ill, especially as Father was away in the USA. the day went on, the weather got worse.(选词:With, Since, While, As)
  5. We talked loudly until Mr Wu told us to be quiet. 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉含有 until 引导时间状语从句时,当主句是肯定句时,主句的谓语动词必须是延 续性动词;当主句是否定句时,主句的谓语动词必须是非延续性动词。
  6. I think it is important for me to do something to protect birds. (p
  90) 知识链接〉 〈知识链接〉It is/was+形容词或名词+for sb to do sth. =It is/was+形容词或名词+that 从句.这两种句型结构中的名词经常是 duty, job 等。 It’s our duty for us to protect the environment.=It’s our duty that we protect the environment. 中考真题】 三、【中考真题】
  1. Dr Zhang his homeland since he left five years ago. A. returned B. has returned C. returned back D. has returned back
  2. Last night they at the airport in time. (2006 山西) A. reached B. arrived C. got D. got to
  3. The number of the students in our school (be) about 1,6
  4. We talked until Mr Wu told us to be quiet. (2005 福建) A. aloud B. loud C. loudly D. louder
  5. You’d better stay inside, for it’s raining outside. A. hardly B. loudly C. heavily D. quickly
  6. I think necessary for us to learn English well. (2007 江西) A. its B. it’s C. that D. that’s
  7. With the help of the Internet, news can every corner of the world. A. arrive B. reach C. go D. get
  8. The Eiffel Tower is always full of (tour) every year.
  9. It 's our duty to people too many trees. (2007 连云港) A. stop; cutting down B. prevent; to cut down C. keep; cutting down D. make; cut down
  10. 根据对话意思和所给首字母,写出完整正确的单词。 Cindy: Do you know Zhalong? Beibei: Yes, it's a very ⑴i wetland in the world.
Cindy: Where is it? Beibei: It's in Heilongjiang Province in north-east China. Cindy: Why do lots of ⑵ t go there every year? birdwatching. Beibei: Because it’s a nature reserve. They go there ⑶f Cindy: What kind of birds live there? Beibei: There're many different kinds of birds, including some endangered ⑷ o . Cindy: What does the reserve provide for the birds? Is it a great place for them? food and shelter for them. Beibei: Yes, it ⑸p Cindy: Oh, it's interesting. Thanks. Beibei: It's my pleasure. (polite).
  11. Children should speak to old


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