牛津英语 9A 课本句子翻译练习 Unit 1
  1. 今天我有很多吃的和喝地。I will have lots to eat and drink
  2. 那么你就不会为不吃早饭而担心了。
Well, you shouldn’t worry about not having breakfast then
  3. Millie 已经对的 12 生肖很熟悉了。
Millie is already familiar with the 12 animal signs of the Chinese horoscope.
  4. 他刚刚获知,西方的人也有 12 星座。
She has just discovered that people in the West have 12 star signs.
  5. 他想弄清更多的情况,因为他想更多的了解西方的文化。
She wants to find out more about them because she wants to learn more about Western culture.
  6. 一年被分为 12 个不同的星座。 year is divided into 12 star A
  7. 你出生的时间决定了你的星座。The time of your birthday
decides your star sign.
  8. 一些人认为,出生与同一星座的人拥有相似的性格。Some
people believe that people born under the same star signshare similar characteristics.
Szdarcy 1 2006-11

一些人认为你有的时候很自私。Some people think that you
are selfish at times.
  10. 你很有耐心,不容易放弃。You are a patient and do not give up easily.
  11. 你喜欢朋友买一些漂亮的礼物。You like to buy your friends nice gifts.
  12. 你不停地过多的担忧。You worry too much at times.
  13. 你训练有素,总是过多的关注细节。 You are practical and you always pay attention to details.
  14. 你很优雅,喜欢一些漂亮的事物。You are elegant and love beautiful things.
  15. 你不能原谅别人的错误是愚蠢的。It is silly of you not to forgive others for their faults.
  16. 你热爱生活, 有很好的幽默感。 enjoy life and have a good You sense of humour.
  17. 你效率很高,经常获得成功。You are businesslike and are often successful.
  18. 你有足够的耐心来等待,却不会生气。 You are patient enough to wait without getting angry.
  19. 然而,一些人认为,你很奇怪,因为你不喜欢和别人一样。 However, some people think that your are strange as you
Szdarcy 2 2006-11
hate to be like anyone else an
  20. 你总是尝试着与众不同。You try everything just to be different.
  21. 你喜欢对所有的事情充满着幻想。You like to dream about everything.
  22. 你认为 Peter 会成为一个好的主席么? Do you think Peter would be a good chairperson?
  23. 我认为,他将不能很好的组织事情。I don’t think he’d be able to organize things well.
  24. 但是,他有足够的创新,而能产生一些新注意。 But he’s imaginative enough to come up with new ideas.
  25. 其他还有谁将会合适呢?Who else would be suitable?
  26. 我很乐意推荐 David 做学生会的新主席。 I’d like to recommend David as the new chairperson of the Students’ Union.
  27. 这就意味着,他极有可能即活泼又聪明。This means he is probably lively and clever.
  28. 我认为 David 应当做新主席,因为他象我的叔叔一样聪明。 I think David would be a great chairperson.
  29. 这个非常重要因为他将不得不在整个学校的前面发言。 This is very important because he will have to speak in front of the whole school.
Szdarcy 3 2006-11

  30. 由于他非常的努力,他不会介意为学生会做一些额外的工作。 Since he is so hard-working, he would not mind doing extra work for the Students’ Union.
  31. 我们认为 David 拥有所有成为一名好主席的素质。 We think that David has all the qualities to be a good chairperson.
  32. 你应当有足够的信心来接受这项工作。 You should be confident enough to take this job.
Unit 2

  1. 我宁愿穿兰色的而不愿意穿分粉红色的。I’d rather wear blue than pink.
  2. 粉红色没有什么错。There is nothing wrong with pink.
  3. 但是兰色在你身上看上去很好。But blue looks good on you
  4. 没有颜色, 世界会变成一个单调的地方。 world would be a dull The place without colors..
  5. 你是否知道一些关于颜色的有趣的事情。Do you know anything interesting about colours.
  6. 这份报告解释颜色能做些什么以及他所代表的特征。This report explains what colours can do and the characteristics they
Szdarcy 4 2006-11
  7. 一些颜色使我们感觉安静、平和。Some colours make us feel calm and peaceful.
  8. 穿着兰色的衣服或者睡在兰色的房间对大脑和身体有好处,因为 这种颜色能产生和谐的感觉。Wearing blue clothes or sleeping in a blue room is good for the mind and body because this colour creates the feeling of harmony.
  9. 另外一种能使你感觉安静、平和的颜色是白色。Another colour that makes you feel calm and peaceful is white.
  10. 如果你感到压力,你应当穿白色。You should wear white if
you are feeling stressed.
  11. 居住在寒冷气候的人们宁愿使用暖色以给他们的家一个温暖
舒适的感觉。 People who live in cold climates prefer to use warm colours to give their homes a warm and comfortable feel.
  12. 橘红色能给你带来成功,当你感到伤心的时候能使你开心。
Orange can bring you success and cheer you up when you are feeling sad.
  13. 黄色能使你想到温暖并充满阳光的日子。Yellow can remind
you of a warm, sunny day.
  14. 任何感觉疲倦虚弱的人应当穿着那些使你感觉精力充沛的颜
Szdarcy 5 2006-11
Anybodyt who feels tired or weak should wear colours that make you feel energetic.
  15. 如果你是一个需要体力的人,你应当穿着红色的衣服。
If you are somebody who needs physical strength, you shold wear red clothes.
  16. 穿着红色能使你更容易采取行动。Wearing red makes it
easier for you to take action.
  17. 我宁可吃中餐而不愿意吃西餐。I would rather have Chinese
food than Western food.
  18. Danial 情绪很差,整个下午都不想和任何人谈话。Daniel was
in a bad mood and didn’t want to talk to anyone all the afternoon.
  19. 他确保没有人能听到他在说什么。He made sure that nobody
could hear what he was saying.
  20. 每人似乎都有一个秘密,或者就是举止不正常。Everyone
seemed to have a secret or was just not acting normally.
  21. 我想不到任何可以谈话的人。I can’t think of anyone to
talk to.
  23. 你需要一个象我一样的人来使你开心。 我想给你买你最喜欢的卡通书但是店里面什么都没有剩下。I
think you need someone like me to cheer you up.
她只是想使自己看上去更有力。She just wants to make
6 2006-11
herself look more powerful.
  25. 红色与白色是很好的搭配, 因为充满力量的红色可以平衡冷静
的白色。 Red and white is a good match, as the powerful red balances the calm white. Unit 3
  1、我没有足够的睡眠 I don’t have enough sleep.
  2、我没有足够的时间做回家作业 I don’t have enough time to do my homework.
  3、吃得太多使你不健康 Eating too much makes you unhealthy.
  4、跑步和游泳对你有好处 Running and swimming are good for you .
  5、我想知道如何解决它 I want to know how to solve it.
  6、目前画画是我最喜爱的业余爱好 At the moment ,painting is my favourite hobby.
  7、认真学习并按时上交作业社很重要的 It is very important to work hard and hand in my homework on time.
  8、 作业上花费了如此多的时间,以致我找不出时间用于我的
爱好 I spend so much time doing my homework that I cannot find any time for my hobbies.
Szdarcy 7 2006-11

  9、 上
I just cannot decide when to do my homework and when to spend time on my hobbies.
  10、 你能教我如何在这两者之间获得平衡吗? Can you please teach me how to achieve a balance between the two?
  11、 对 热爱现在已经变成了大问题 My love of football has become a big problem now.
  12、 我们喜欢待在外面踢足球到很晚 We like staying out late to play football.
  13、 真不理解他们为何如此严格 I really don’t understand why they are so strict.
  14、 我们在业余爱好上花点时间是重要的 It is important for us to spend some time on our hobbies.
  15、 能帮助我们放松并使我们的生活丰富多彩 This can help us relax and make our lives colourful.
  16、 真不知道怎么办?I really don’t know what to do.
  17、 能给我提点建议吗?Can you offer me some suggestions?
  18、 你没有足够的时间做你的回家作业 You do not have enough time to do your homework。
  19、你似乎有很多业余爱好 You seem to have a lot of hobbies。
Szdarcy 8 2006-11

  20、你似乎在篮球方面花很多时间 It seems that you spend a lot of time playing football。
  21、放学后(连续)数小时踢足球或待在外面很晚是不明智的 It is not wise to spend hours playing football after school or stay out late。
  22、 早点回家比较好 It is better for you to go home earlier。
  23.我们总是从老师那里得到很多作业 I usually get a lot of homework from teachers.
  24.我没有很多时间为考试复习 I don’t have much time to revise for tests.
  25.有太多的作业要做 There is too much homework to do.
  26. 虽然我知道作业是重要的,我(还是会)生气 Although I know homework is important ,I get angry.
  27.路上交通总是很拥挤 There is always a lot of traffic on the road.
  28.许多学生不能决定何时工作何时玩 Many students can’t decide when to work and when to play.
  30.我真不知道先做哪一个 I really don’t know which to first.
  31.我有时感到有压力 I feel stressed from time to time.
  32.你能告诉我和谁去谈、去哪里求助吗? Can you tell us who to talk to and where to get help?
Szdarcy 9 2006-11
33 我们相信每周给学生测试是没有必要的. We believe it unnecessary to give students tests every week.
  34.这些学生认为顾老师是最好的老师 The students consider Mrs Gu the best teacher.
  35.我们已经证明他是错的 We have proved him wrong.
  36.苏似乎高兴得多了 Sue seems much happier.
  37.我也告诉她别去理睬那些嘲笑她们的人 I also told her to .pay no attention to the students who laugh at her.
  38.虽然她考试成绩好,但是她(也)有问题 Although she does well in the exams, she has problems .
  39.我告诉她在体育课上怎么办 I told her what to do in PE lessons.
  40.听到此事我感到遗憾 I’m sorry to hear that.
  41.他们应该考虑他们擅长的事情 They should think about the things they are good at.
  42.谢谢你聆听我的问题并给我提出建议 Thanks for listening to my problem and giving me your advice. 4
  31.有几种解决压力的简单办法 There are some simple ways to deal with stress.
  44.我们不知道何时工作、何时玩 We do not know when to work and
Szdarcy 10 2006-11
when to play.
  45. 事 实 上 和 我 同 龄 的 很 多 学 生 都 感 到 有 压 力 In fact many students of my age feel stressed.
  46.他们中的一部分人不能肯定如何处理这个问题 Some of them are not sure how to deal with this problem.
  47.父母可能认为看电视没有用 Parents may not think watching TV very useful.
  48.如果你不知道和谁谈,你始终可以给我写信 If you don’t know who to talk to ,you can always write to me.
  49.把你的担心留给自己只能使它们变得更糟 Keeping your worries to yourself can make them worse. Unit 4
  1. I am far too busy to go shopping. 我太忙了不能去购物.
  2. You have nothing to do. 你没事可做.
  3. Send out programmes on radio or TV. 在收音机里或电视机里送出节目.
  4. A room where TV programmes are made. 一个制作电视节目的房间.
  5. A person who performs in TV programmes.
Szdarcy 11 2006-11
  6. Something that controls a machine from a distance. 从远处控制机器的东西.
  7. A weekly round-up of what is happening in sport. 一周体坛概要.
  8. The programme covers different sports, such as basketball, swimming,badminton and football. 这个节目报道不同的体育赛事. 比如 篮球, 游泳, 羽毛球, 足球.
  9. You might find this week’s programme a bit boring. 你可能发现本周的节目有点无聊.
  10. There are also a number of interviews with the famous
football players. 也有许多采访一些著名的足球运动员.
  11. This year’s Beijing Music Awards will be covered live.
  12. The presentation will be held in Beijing this coming
Saturday. 颁奖仪式将在即将到来的星期六在北京举行.
  13. Two thousand fans have voted online for their favourite
songs, singers and music videos. 二千歌迷在线为他们最喜欢的歌, 歌手,和音乐唱片投了票.
The results will be announced during the programme
12 2006-11
  15. Murder in a Country House is a horror film directed by
Cindy Clark, 乡村小屋的谋杀案是由 Cindy Clark 导演的一部恐怖片.
  16. A doctor is found dead in his house.
  17. Was he killed or did he kill himself?
  18. You won’t find out the answer until the end of the film. won’



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