2010-2011 学年初一第二学期月考试卷 学年初一 初一第 学期月考试卷
姓名: 授课教师: 测试时间: 上课时间: 一、用所给词的适当形式填空:(
  1. The students took their
  2. Miss Li will teach
  3. One of the
  4. September is the
  5. I’d like five (walkman) with them when they went to the park. (we) English next term. (waiter) is his son. (nine) month of a year. (loaf) of bread. (sun) day. flowers in the vase. They are beautiful. (real) (easy).

  6. The sea looks beautiful in a
  7. There are some

  8. If you are polite and helpful, you can make a lot of good friends
  9. Walk ( ( ( (cross) the road and go on, you will find the hotel. 三、选择填空:10% )
  1. He thinks that a dictionary is A. a B. an C. the D. / )
  2. Look! They A. are geting on )
  3. When he heard the A. surprising C. surprised ( ( ( ( ( )
  4. What A. else surprised surprised useful friend.
their car. B. are getting on C. are geting into . D. are getting into
news, he was very B. surprised D. surprising surprising surprising
subjects do you like? B. other C. others our city at C. in on D. another April 20th. D. at on

  5.They will arrive A. in in B. at )
  6.China is a country A. in B. on C. at )
  7.Millie lives on A. five B. fifth )
  8.She often goes to work A. by a underground C. by the underground
a long history. D. with
floor in a tall building. C. the fifth . B. by underground D. take the underground . C. beautiful D. pretty D. the five
( (

  9. The food smells A. well B. good )
  10. It takes him an hour A. go to B. going
there on foot. C. go D. to go
  1. What about
  2. There (go) on an outing? (be) an exhibition of art in the museum tomorrow.

  3. Everyone in our class
  4. It’s so cloudy. I think it
  5. We are look forward to
  6. She needs
(enjoy) music very much. (rain). (go) sightseeing.
(have) a good rest. (get) some presents this morning.

  7. Today is Sunday’s birthday. She She couldn’t wait
  8. Is it difficult 五、改错:5% ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Does she spend A B
(open) them just now. (finish) (write) the article in one day?
two hours watch TV every week? C D his shop now.

  2. The shopkeeper has none eggs in A )
  3. Do be not afraid A B C D
of me. I’m really kind. B with C C D in the sitting room? D

  4. Would you like chatting A )
  5. It’s getting A B
your friend
dark . Please open the light . B C D
  1. They walked to the Summer Palace yesterday.(同义句) They to the Summer Palace yesterday.

  2. I think he will come back soon.(否定句) I he come back soon.

  3. The classroom is opposite the library.(划线提问) is the classroom?
  4. I have three kilos of ham. (划线提问) of ham do you have?
  5. I went to the fashion show last Friday. (划线提问) you go to the fashion show? 七、完成句子:14%
  1. 我的奶奶会唱京剧。 My grandmother can
  2.当老师走进教室时,同学们都停止谈话看着他。 When the teacher and him.
  3. 希望我们能玩得愉快。 I hope we can
  4. A:打扰了,你能告诉我去图书馆的路吗? . Can you tell me the library? . the classroom, the students all .



   2010-2011 学年初一第二学期月考试卷 学年初一 初一第 学期月考试卷 姓名: 授课教师: 测试时间: 上课时间: 一、用所给词的适当形式填空:(10) 1. The students took their 2. Miss Li will teach 3. One of the 4. September is the 5. I’d like five (walkman) with them when they went to the park. (we) English next te ...


   1 Module 1 v. 买 v. 打电话 v. 开车 v. 享受 v.躺下 v.逛商店;购物 v.获得;拿;抓 拍照 v.讲;告诉 v.等 prep. 为;为了 等待;等候 n. 明信片 长城 Adv.(表语气)真的吗 美好时光 非常 Adv. 无论,如何,反正 n. 小汽车 穿上 n. 事情;东西 v. 离开 n. & v. 工作 在家 n. 酒馆 n. 餐馆;饭店 n. 歌剧 n. 芭蕾舞 v. &n. 睡觉 v. 洗;洗涤 v. 穿衣服 n. 开始 n. 正午 热狗 ...


   初一下册重点语法 一. 词汇 ⑴ 单词 1. 介词:in, on, under, behind, near, at, of 1). in 表示"在……中", "在……内"。例如: in our class 在我们班上 in my bag 在我的书包里 in the desk 在桌子里 in the classroom 在教室里 2). on 表示"在……上"。例如: on the wall 在墙上 on the desk 在桌子上 ...


   初一下册英语单词表 *buy v. 买 (JH7B M1 P2) call v. 打电话 (JH7B M1 P2) drive v. 开车 (JH7B M1 P2) enjoy v. 享受 (JH7B M1 P2) lie v. 躺下 (JH7B M1 P2) *shop v. 逛商店;购物 (JH7B M1 P2) *take v. 获得;拿;抓 (JH7B M1 P2) take photos 拍照 (JH7B M1 P2) *tell v. 讲;告诉 (JH7B M1 P2) *wai ...

英语外研版初一下册 单词表

   Module 1 *buy v.买 call v.打电话 drive v. 开车 enjoy v. 享受 lie v. 躺下 *shop v. 逛商店;购物 *take v. 获得;拿;抓 take photos 拍照 *tell v. 讲;告诉 *wait v. 等 *for prep. 为;为了 *wait for 等待;等候 *postcard n. 明信片 the Great Wall 长城 *really adv. (表语气)真的吗 a good time 美好时光 a lot 非 ...


   EEC 英语五年级下册月考试卷 默认分类 2011-01-11 22:21:06 阅读 36 评论 0 一、翻译。( 分) 翻译。(12 。( 1. 向左转 4. 立刻,马上 立刻, 2.在照片里 在照片里 5.呆在家里 呆在家里 二、选择。( 分) 选择。(15 。( ( )1. A.What . ( )2. Look A. at ( season do you like? ? B. How C. Which 3.一滴雨 一滴雨 6.感冒 感冒 字号:大中小 订阅 those clouds ...


   16.A lot of young people went to make their living finding jobs in the south. A. for B. at C. by D. on up B. to give up it C. give it up D.give up it D. speaking ,read 17. Smoking is bad for your health. You’d better. A. to give it 18.The best way ...


   牛津英语2B、3B 教材分析 (06-07学年度第二学期寒假培训) 四方区教体局教研室 校历安排: 校历安排: 学生开学: 月 日 学生开学:3月5日 期中考试: 月 期中考试:5月8~5月11日 月 日 期末考试:7月10日~7月12日 期末考试: 月 日 月 日 教学周数: 教学周数:共19周 周 本学期共有19周 除去五一黄金周和 周复习 周复习, 本学期共有 周,除去五一黄金周和1周复习,实际 教学周为17周 课时) 教学周为 周(51课时)。 课时 二年级主要教学成绩: 二年级主要 ...


   Oxford English Book 1A Unit 1 the first period 一. 教学说明 1. 今天是小朋友进入小学的第一节英语课,所有的学生都表现出对英语 的极大的好奇。作为一名英语教师,要通过充满知识和乐趣的课堂将 孩子们的好奇转换成对英语学习持久的兴趣和热情。 2. 班级中的孩子来自不同的环境,有着完全不同的知识基础和认知能 力。教师应主动地去了解学生,这对今后的教学工作十分重要。 二. 教学内容 1. 认知内容:能听懂会说 Good morning. How do ...


   牛津英语六年级??6B. 牛津英语六年级??6B. Unit 2 Part A ,Listen ,read and say. ?? 一、教学内容: 6B. Unit 2 Part A ,Listen ,read and say. 二、教学目标: 1 、初步掌握理解句型,并能在交际中口头运用副词比较级句型 2、 掌握四会单词 be good at, strong, faster ,higher. 3 、掌握三会单词和词组 jog, do well in , That’s true. 4 、能听 ...



   2008 学年第一学期柯木Xq小学英语科组工作计划 本学期将全面贯彻市、区小英科的工作精神,落实小英科的工作部署,结合我校校情 和学情,脚踏实地地开展教育教学工作,努力营造良好的英语学习氛围,用心培养和提高我 校学生的英语综合素质。本学期,我科组工作计划如下: 一、优化课堂教学,提高课堂有效性。 优化课堂教学,提高课堂有效性。 本学期的工作重点仍是课堂教学,为了提高课堂的有效性,各教师应该理论联系实践, 用心钻研教材,合理处理教材,根据学生实际情况,精心设计各课时,以语言知识和语言技 能为主 ...


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   本文由ecionaeli贡献 doc文档可能在WAP端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 湖南公安高等专科学校四级考试在线辅导 大学英语四级作文新旧对比 要分析新的四级写作考试,笔者的观点是一定要将 2006 年 6 月 17 日的历史上最后一次 旧四级考试与 2006 年 6 月 24 日的第一次新四级考试的作文类型加以对比。 从 体 裁 来 说 ,6 月 17 日 的 旧 四 级 作 文 考 试 属 于 应 用 文 的 写 作 --“An an ...


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