Unit 8
Period One
Teaching contents: Let’s act ( Page 37 ) Teaching aims:
  1. 知识目标:Using imperatives to give simple instructions 知识目标:
  2. 能力目标:Locate specific information in response to simple instructions 能力目标:
  3. 情感目标:Use modeled phrases to communicate with others 情感目标: Difficult and key points: To give simple instructions. Teaching aids: tape, slides, pictures Teaching procedure: 教学步骤 Warming-up 方法与手段
  1. Sing a song
  2. Daily talk
  1.Quick responses Put up your hand. Point to your arm. Taste the melon. Eat a cake.
  2. Say the rhyme. Presentation Step one
  1. Revise commands in the previous units. Say the commands. Ask pupils to act.
  2. Say: Open your book. Close your book. Let pupils follow your instructions. Pick up your book and do the action
  3. Say: Pick up your book and do the action.
  4. Say: “Go to the door” and act. (Go to the window.)
  5. Give commands and invite pupils to act.
Step Two
  1. Put up a paper cut-outs of “a slide” and “ a swing” on the board. Point and say: “slide, it is a slide. Swing, it is a swing.”
  2. Put up a paper cut-out of doll and say “Look, it is a doll.” Consolidation
  1.Point to the slide: “What is this?” “It is a slide”. “What is that?” “It is a doll”.
  2. Act out the sentences.
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Unit 8
Period Two
Teaching contents: Let’s talk ( Page 38 ) Teaching aims:
  4. 知识目标:Using formulaic expressions to indicate possession 知识目标:
  5. 能力目标:Using pronouns to identify people 能力目标:
  6. 情感目标: 情感目标: Difficult and key points: Understand general ideas of utterance Teaching aids: tape , slides, pictures, recorder Teaching procedure: 教学步骤 Warming-up 方法与手段
  3. Sing a song
  4. Daily talk Read the words: book pen six rubber pencil rubber taro bean leaf moon mooncake one two brother father sister mother Presentation me Step one
  1. Hold up the cards for “slide” “swing” and “doll”. Ask: What is this? It is a slide.
  2. Hold up a picture of a playground. Step two
  1. Put up the wallchart on the board. Discuss with pupils what things can be found in the playground.
  2. Have a boy and a girl stand in the front. Give the boy a toy bicycle. Point to him and say: He has got a bicycle. Give the girl a balloon. Point to her and say: She has got a balloon. Listen to the tape and repeat.
Use other objects and get pupil to come up in turns so that can say: He/she has got a… 成功与经验
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Unit 8
Period three
Teaching contents: Let’s learn ( Page 39 ) Teaching aims:
  7. 知识目标:Using nouns to identify things related to playground 知识目标:
  8. 能力目标:Identify key words in utterance by recognizing stress 能力目标:
  9. 情感目标: 情感目标: Difficult and key points: Using nouns to identify things related to playground. Teaching aids: tape, slide, recorder Teaching procedure: 教学步骤 Warming-up 方法与手段
  5. Sing a song
  6. Daily talk
  1. Say the rhyme. Act out the sentences. Step one
  1. Blow up a balloon and ask “What is this?” Hold up a toy bicycle and ask. Put a bicycle into palm and pretend hand is a swing. Ask the pupils to say the words: bicycle, balloon, slide, swing.
  2. Point to the picture of each vocabulary item and say the words with the pupils.
  3. Put up picture cards for “doll” and “ball” onto the wallchart. Say the words slowly and repeat with pupils.
  4. Ask pupils whether their parents take them to playgrounds. Step two
  1. Draw pictures and put up the word card below each picture. Read the
Revision Presentation
words with the pupils.
  2. Ask pupils to come up and choose the correct word card for each picture.
  3. Listen and ask the pupils to point to each picture as it is being read out.
  4. Ask pupils to come up and give each of them a toy bicycle, a balloon, a doll, a ball and picture cards of “slide, swing”. Let them point and say “This is a…”
  5. Ask them to find the students with the corresponding things or pictures. Consolidation Give a balloon. Ask them to tell what it is called in English. 成功与经验
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Unit 8
Period Four
Teaching contents: Let’s play( Page 40 ) Teaching aims:
  10. 知识目标:Using formulaic expressions to indicate possession 知识目标:
  11. 能力目标:Asking Wh-questions to find out particular information 能力目标:
  12. 情感目标: 情感目标: Difficult and key points: Use modeled phrases to communicate with other Teaching aids: tape, recorder, slide, picture Teaching procedure: 教学步骤 Warming-up 方法与手段
  7. Sing a song
  8. Daily talk
  1.Read the word balloon bicycle doll swing
  2.Read the sentences He has got a bicycle. She has got a balloon. Presentation Step one
  1. Ask pupils to come up and give them fruit. Point to each pupil and say :He/She has got a …What has he/she got? Repeat: He/She has got a…
  2. Point to a pupil and ask: What Has he/she got? Let pupils answer the question.
  3. Ask: What have you got? Say: I have got a…? Step two
  1. Give a pupil a real fruit which is wrapped and ask: What have you got?
1037 ss: Have you got a…? Say: I have got a…
  2. Let pupils try and play game.
  3. Invite pairs of pupils come up. Ask one pupil to hold on object at his/her back. Ask a pupil: What has he/she got?
  4. Repeat with more students. Listen and say the expressions properly. Use the tape to revise pronunciation. Consolidation Divide the class into groups of three. Play the guessing game.
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Unit 8
Period Five
Teaching contents: Let’s enjoy ( Page 41 ) Teaching aims:
  13. 知识目标:Using nouns to identify people and things 知识目标:
  14. 能力目标:Using definite article to indicate things 能力目标:
  15. 情感目标: 情感目标: Difficult and key points: Identify key words in an utterance. Teaching aids: tape, slides, pictures, recorder Teaching procedure: 教学步骤 Warming-up 方法与手段
  9. Sing a song
  10. Daily talk
  1. Quick response A rhyme. Step One
  1. Flash picture cards and word cards of this unit. Let students say or read the words. Make it into a race.
  2. show picture of a boy and say “boy, the little boy” Explain the meaning and ask students to repeat.
  3. Repeat: Doll, the little doll Ball, the little ball Step two
  1. explain the meaning of the words “little” show …to…by miming
  2. Say: boy, ball, doll
  3. Listen to the tape. Encourage pupils to follow. Continue until they are familiar.
  4. Invite girls say the first line. Say the tongue twister together while doing the actions
Revision Presentation
Select pairs to act to the calss
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