Unit One The world of our senses ( 1 )
Important words: sense smell taste affect hold fail raise observe glarce stare nowhere deserted brush beat still adj. rest firmly except plot contact likely freeze panic whisper rare Important phrases the sense of sight the sense of hearing the sense of taste the sense of smell the sense of touch affect one another make sense by touching … raised dots called Braille using sign language even if (though) know of be already covered in step out into the fog once out in the street run that far a fog this bad a man in a dark coat glance at (stare; glare; look;) in sight set off towards… wish for hold someone still reach out rest on live at 86 King Street watch out for hit the step get across an issue to be solved a woman lost in the fog in common identify the elements contact sb. through the paper catch (lose) sight of for fear of pay back be related to make the most of by the time Important patterns:
  1. Some people have made great achievements even if they have lost one of their senses.
  2. Some people cannot remember something until they have seen it.
  3. She sensed that she was being watched.
  4. She could feel her heart beating with fear.
  5. Polly found herself staring up at a man standing with his hand resting on her arm.
  6. Polly was beginning to feel frightened again. confuse fear while
  1. As soon as I entered the room, I that I was not welcome. A. sensed B. seemed C. smelt D. touched
  2. No matter how I tried to read it, the sentence didn.t to me. A. understand B. make out C. turn out D. make sense
  3. He decided not to attend her birthday party, he had been invited to. A. even if B. because C. so if D. as though
  4. The speaker from his seat and his voice, looking excited. A. raised; raised B. rose; raised C. rose; rose D. raised; rose
  5. He to get some train tickets, but he failed. A. advised B. tried C. managed D. succeeded
  6. The secrecary worked late into the night, a long speech for the president. A. to prepare B. preparing C. prepared D. was preparing
  7. She set out soon after dark home an hour later. A. arriving B. to arrive C. having arrived D. and arrived
  8. Not until all the fish died in the river how serious the pollution was. A. did the villagers realize B. the villagers realize C. the villagers did realize D. didn’t realize
  9. It was back home after the experiment. A. not until midnight did he go B. until midnight that he didn’t go C. not until midnight that he went D. until midnight when he didn’t go
  10. While driving, we must the speed limit. A. observe B. see C.look D. watch
  11. He is not easy to get along with, but the friendship of his,, will last forever. A. once gained B. to be gained C. after gained D. while gained
  12.?Your dog is having a bath again! Well, we don’t care if our dog smells, but we really don’t want him to smell. A. bad; bad B. badly, bad C. bad, badly D. badly, badly
  13. , I watched an horse race yesterday. That’s why I was absent from work. A. Telling you the truth, excited B. Telling you the truth, exciting C. To tell you the truth, excited D. To tell you the truth, exciting
  14. I tried all I could do the topic at the meeting, but failed. A. avoid mentioning B. to avoid mentioning C. avoiding to mention D. avoiding mentioning

  15.In my opinion, what he told us just now about the matter doesn’t make any. A. meaning B. idea C. sense D. point
  16.The boss will right away. Give him the report the moment you see him. A. very likely to come B. much likely to come C. most likely come D. greatly likely coming
  17.She can’t help the house because she’s busy making a cake. A. to clean B. cleaning C. cleaned D. being cleaned
  18.The murderer was brought in, with his hands behind his back. A. be tied B. having tied C. to be tied D. tied
  19. He dived into the river to save the girl and I was moved by his deed. A. deep, deep B. deep, deeply C. deeply, deep D. deeply, deeply
  20. is the distance from there to the beach? Not far, . A. How far; in walking distance B. How far, within walking distance C. What, during walking distance D. What, within walking distance
  21. Nowhere else in the world cheaper tailoring than in Hong Kong. A. a tourist can find B. can a tourist find C. a tourist will find D. a tourist has found
  22. Project Hope aims at helping the poor children in remote areas to education. A. keep B. accept C. help D. receive
  23.A sheep on this kind of special grass usually grows much faster than on ordinary. A. feeding; one B. feeds; the one C. fed; that D. feeding; it
  24. As we have known from the map of the world, this is . A. twice as large an island as that B. twice as larger as that island C. as twice as that one D. twice as a large island as that
  25. If you go for a long ride in a friend’s car, it’s the custom to offer to some of the expenses. A. pay B. pay off C. pay for D. pay back
  26. In hilly, dry or mountainous areas where it is impossible to grow crops, it makes very good to keep sheep or goats. A. sense B senses C reason D reasons
  27. The bus didn’t arrive on time. Timmy waited anxiously and his watch from time to time. A. stared at B glared at C glanced at D. sneered at
  28. To solve the problem of feeding the world, scientists are developing new types of plants which are less likely to be by pests and diseases. A. attracted B attacked C. accepted D. accessed
  29. Chuck to land on a island where there were no people and made friends with a volleyball called Wilson. A. tried; deserting B. managed; deserted C. succeeded; deserted D. managed; desert
  30. For mies around me there was nothing but a desert, without a single plant or tree . A. in sight B. on earth C. at a distance D. in place
  31.He got to the station early, missing his train. A. in search of B. instead of C. for fear of D. in case
  32.I have done much of the work. Could you please finish in two days? A. the rest B. the other C. another D. the others
  33.If you wish peace, be prepared war. A. at; with B. for; at C. for; for D. with ; at
  34. She at the person shyly at him out of the corners of her eyes. A. stared B. glared C. glanced D. watched
  35. I was about to say it you interrupted me. A. as B. while C. until D. when
  36. Your football team ours last Sunday, but we the game yesterday. A. beat; beat B. beat; won C. won; won D. won; beat
  37. He remained in face of danger. A. quiet B. calm C. silent D. still
  38. Stand while I take a photo of you. A. quiet B. calm C. silent D. still
  39. The suit fitted him well the color was a little brighter. A. except for B. except that C. except when D. besides
  40. Smith, John also went to visit Lushan with me. Did you see all the attractions? a few that are too far away. A. Besides; beside B. Except; besides C. Besides; except D. Except; except
  41. What a pity is you didn’t arrive by daylight. A. there; because B. it; that C. he; when D. that; for
  42. We are ready to do the country wants us to do.
A. what B. which C. no matter what D. whatever
  43. is a fact that English is being accepted as an international language. A. There B. This C. That D. It we can’t get seems better than we have.
  44. A. What; what B. What; that C. That; that D. That; what
  45. Can you make sure the gold ring? A. where Alice had put B. where did Alice put C. where Alice has put D. where has Alice put
  46. It’s generally considered unwise to give a child he or she wants. A. however B. whatever C. whichever D. wherever
  47. I drove to Zhuhai for the air show last week. Is that you had a few days off? A. why B. when C. what D. where
  48. Perseverance is a kind of qualityand that’s it takes to do anything well. A. what B. that C. which D. why
  49. Meeting my uncle after all these years was an unforgettable moment, I will always treasure. A. that B. one C. it D. what
  50. There is a new problem involved in the popularity of private cars road conditions need . A. that; to be improved B. which; to be improved C. where; improving D. when; improving 根据首字母填空 When he got there, he n that there was a dark hole. He l into it, but could s nothing. He l with his ears, he could h nothing, either. He w it for a long time. He s something strange. He t the side of the hole. It f hot. Suddenly some noises were h from the hole. It s like someone was cooking inside. 用句中所给的词填空, 用句中所给的词填空,可改变形式
  1. Please be . We have enough seats for everybody to sit on.
  2. Every year we trees on May, 12th. Trees and other plants provide us with fresh air.
  3. Do remember the flowers every day. It will die from lack of water.
  4. Go down this road and you’ll see another straight road across it.
  5. The policemen all the witnesses but none of them could give a definite answer to the question.
  6. The old man the two World Wars. He is a man of lots of experiences.
  7. While I was for my holiday last night, I found a pack of my clothes missing.
  8. Don’t look back when a wolf is already on your .
  9. The head of our school are for Hong Kong on a visit to a school there.
  10. They are close friends. They always stand to each other as if they were tied together. 选择恰当的词组完成下列各句,注意其形式的变化。 选择恰当的词组完成下列各句,注意其形式的变化。每个词组限用一次 glance at, reach out, watch out for, pay back, get…across, in sight, wish for, be frozen with, make sense, make the most of , be related to, can’t help
  1. What problems should I when buying an old house?
  2. He and his hand touched rough-grained wood.
  3. When he saw a big bear coming towards him, he fright.
  4. The boys were so hungry that on arriving home they ate everything .
  5. He is not very good at his ideas .
  6. I couldn’t have been happier: there was nothing else I could .
  7. Fox has written a book about how culture art.
  8. It would for the parents to join in this discussion with their children.
  9. We all each other, saying nothing, and walked after him.
  10. The person told me that he was trying to find every chance to the help that people gave him when in trouble.
  11. Now that we are here, we must this opportunity to learn more.
  12. I wondering what happened to that little girl. 单词拼写 根据首字母或中文提示补全单词。
  1. She g at her watch and left in a hurry.
  2. Chuck survived the cash and landed on a d island.
  3. She spoke quietly for f of waking the baby up.
  4. When electricity was cut off, all the people in the elevator p.
  5. He put forward two suggestions. The l sounds much better.
  6. She leaned over and (低声说)something in his ear.
  7. Many people are against the idea of(实验)on animals.
  8. All letters that he has received will be answered (亲自).
  9. A team of 200 (自愿者)arrived in the disaster-stricken area.

  10. The number of the students in the area has been(减少).
  11. According to the w, it’s going to snow tomorrow.
  12. The lights suddenly went out, leaving us in d.
  13. It is very r for her to miss a day at school. She is a good student.
  14. She spent several weeks (策划)a story.
  15. Charlie thinks money will (解决)all his problems.
  16. We had a (平静的)afternoon without the children.
  17. My cousin is studying physics at Oxford U.
  18. I finally m to push the huge animal away.
  19. They sat at the back of the room, talking in (低语).
  20. After a moment of silence, she (补充说), “I’m a friend of Annie’s.” 完成句子
  1. 到他二十岁的时候,他已创办了自己的公司。 he was twenty, he a company of his own.
  2. 天气预报说今晚一场暴风雨可能会袭击我们的村庄。 The weather report says that a storm our village.
  3. 在老师的帮助下,他的英语取得了很大的进步。 of the teacher, he his English.
  4. 当警察搜他身时,他站在那心跳得很快。 When the police him, he stood there fast.
  5. 听到这个令人兴奋的消息时,他情不自禁地跳了起来。 When he heard the news, he . 完形填空 Throughout history man has accepted the fact that all living things must die,but people now live longer than they used to. Yet,all 1 things still show the effect of aging,which will eventually(最终) 2 death,the body and the 3 they form do not function as well as they 4 in chi


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