Main Queue up Stage aWard routine live outstangding apropriate amuse somehow anyhow anyway somewhat
vital tough rough worthwhile master grap sskilled experienced adj. 老练的,熟练的; 富有经验的 阅历丰富|经历 Skill Cross Annoyed
Wander wander about: 闲 : 漫游; 逛;漫游;漫步 crowded raise [reiz] n. 高地;上升;加薪 高地;上升; vt. 提高;筹集;养育; 提高;筹集;养育; 升起 vi. 上升 rise n. 上升;高地; 上升;高地; 增加; 增加;出现
vt. 使…飞起;使…浮 飞起; 上水面 vi. 上升;增强;起立; 上升;增强;起立; 高耸 arise 出现,发生,起 出现,发生, 立 dash glare tear injure hurt ache wound cut
struggle+against /for junior event energetic 收养, apart adopt 收养,采 取 devote severe cheer hopeless
overcome accomplish adapt inspire obey arrange allecate adequate confused quit rush
independent innocent income adolescence vivid communicate guarantee assist instant company mature
secure motivation difference native topic tradition celebration embarrassing clarify participate alcohol
drum adust royal analyse habit summary custom expectation wage overseas approval
ambition incident feast proper procedure pocket request remark religion certain concern
greeting slight equally minority majority 多 数,成年 account spirit wolf(ves) belief(s) govern meet with
steam belong to plain flat power peace retell roast refer to ambassador operate
honour honuored honourable take on charter purpose co-operate touch conflict labour voluntary press
awareness draw sum fund urgent lack set out on behalf of typhoon civilian remote
accessible frustrated if only conscience face expense source fuel pump fetch basic
roof occupation force 武 力 , 魄 力 energy 活 力 , 精 神 power 势 力 , 能 力 strength 力气,长处 力气, malnutrition means commitment flee bullet
outbreak 疾病,战争 疾病, colleague vacant clinic medication minor heal bacteria 细菌 meanwhile shelter staff
barrier 障碍 comfot primate 首 要 的 primitive 原始的
Make fun of In response to Make jokes about Move on 往前走,离开 In pairs For a while Queue up Hold out Burst in Ahead of Be tired of
At that point In good spirit Cheer up Apart from Devote oneself to Role model Believe in Log off Some day 来日 One day 某一天 (将来, 过去)
The other day 几天以前 Take up 占据 Take in 接受,理解,欺 骗 Take over 接受,接管 Take on 接受 雇佣 担 当(角色)呈现 Hold up 举起,阻挡, 拦截 Hold out Hold back 隐瞒,退缩,
阻止 Shake hands Meetwith In celebration of Refer to Apart from Set out 提出, 出发, 开 始 Under the umbrella of Break down 失败,分 解,毁掉
Break off 折断,暂停 Break in 打断,闯入, 训练 Break up 打碎,解散, 衰落 Break out 爆发 Die from 因…事而死 Die of 因…病而死 Die out 灭绝,消失 Die away 减弱,消失,
枯萎 From place to place Get hold of Remind of



   登陆下载更多资料 量子场女生英语 U1 短语 M4 U1 1. be used to doing 习惯做某事 2. share sth with sb. 与某人分享某物 sth.劝说某人做某事 3. persuade sb to do sth.劝说某人做某事 persuade sb into doing sth. one’ 4. at one’s service 听某人的吩咐 of service 有用的 (favor)帮某人忙 do sb a service ( ...


   M6 期末复习练习 词汇练习 to be a musician, but he became a lawyer. 1. He was A. thought B. said C. considered D. supposed 2. Hearing his father was seriously ill, . A. he burst into tears B. his eyes were filled with tears C. his face lost its colour D. tear ...

牛津英语模块6 Unit 1 学案完整篇

   淮安市光明高中 高二英语 Module6 学案 课题: Welcome 序号: 1 序号: 主备人: 课题:Unit 1 主备人:Ms Yip 课前预习: 预习 Unit 1 单词 笑声单口喜剧 幽默备受喜爱的 喜剧喜剧演员回应 反应 主要的观察评论的道具形体动作的 印象模仿的 幽默的 排队 视觉的 网球舞台 演员 表演学院奖品 常规 现场直播的鲜为人知的 牙刷镜子 杰出的 即兴表演 麦克风嘴唇适当的寂静的 嚎叫使愉快大脑格言 剧本不知何故至关重要的娱乐 单元文化背景 Poster 1: 1 ...

高二英语牛津英语模块6 Unit1 Project 1 09 Project

   Project 1 Putting on a play 南京九中 林欣 更多资源 更多资源 Lead-in: Have you ever seen dramas either on TV or in a theatre? Do you enjoy seeing dramas? Have you imagined acting in dramas? Today, you will have a chance to experience dramas! We ...


   牛津英语模块一短语汇总 2010-8-6 牛津英语模块一短语汇总 Unit One 1. a time of hard work 2. low-rise buildings 3. (be) at ease with … 4. dream school life 5. have no experience in doing … 6. be happy with … 7. attend assembly / a meeting 8. the best way to do … 9. earn re ...


   Speak for that is to say have positive effects on our lives in need of current affairs weather forecast academic research turn to with the touch of a button acquire knowledge from all sorts of topics search for advance knowledge about gather inform ...


   Warming Up 1. Painting styles Chinese paintings Western paintings Chinese paintings landscape birds and flowers figures Western Paintings Modern art Middle ages art The Middle Ages(5th-15th century AD) religious themes love for God religious symbol ...

高一牛津英语模块三unit2 Word power

   牛津高中英语 高一下学期) (模块三 ?高一下学期) 高一下学期 Unit 2 word power ① An informal letter: Dear Mr. Lee, I am so sorry that I can not come to the dinner you and Mrs. Lee are giving next Saturday for your brother because of a previous engagement that evening. I do ap ...

高中牛津英语模块五unit2 project 教案

   课堂教学教案 章节名称 学科 英语 牛津英语模块五 Unit 2 Project 授课班级 高二(5)班 教学目标 知识目标: 1. 学生了解长江概况及其环境问题。. 2. 学生了解篇章结构及文章大意。 能力目标: 1. 学生通过快速查找长江基本信息练习略读技巧。 2. 学生通过讨论解决京杭运河污染问题练习口语。 3. 学生通过课后撰写报告练习写作能力。 情感目标: 1. 学生对长江感到骄傲自豪。 2. 学生担忧地球上的环境问题。 3. 学生能积极主动并自信地学习英语。 教学重点和难点 Un ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 收集整理 欢迎使用 江苏省沭阳高级中学 2011 届高三第一轮复习英语学案 Unit 1 Tales of the unexplained (Module 2) 【考点释析】 1. I heard him put on his favorite CD. (P2) I pulled back the curtains and saw a large spaceship flying outside. (P3) ① to do 和 V-ing ...



   单项选择,选择恰当的答案,并将其字母标号写在题前的括号中。 一、 单项选择,选择恰当的答案,并将其字母标号写在题前的括号中。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. ?Good morning. ? A. Good-bye. B. Good afternoon. C. Good morning. )2. ?What’s name? ? name is Li Lei. A. your, I B. you, My C. your, My )3. His name Bo ...


   大学英语四级考试 心得交流 The Experience Exchange Of CET4 讨论: 1.为什么中国学生必须要学习英 语?为什么外国人不学习汉语? 2.为什么大学要考四级,六级? 3.考四级,六级真的有实际意义 吗? I can't stand I can't stand my poor English, I can't stand my ten years of wasting the time, I can't stand being looked down upon. I ...


   Chapter One 文章开头句型 1-1 对立法 : 先引出其他人的不同看法,然后提出自己的看法或者偏向于某一 看法, 适用于有争议性的主题. 例如(e.g) [1]. When asked about....., the vast/overwhelming majority of people say that ....... But I think/view a bit differently. [2]. When it comes to .... , some people bie ...


   小学五年级上册英语说课稿 Unit 2 Lesson 10 大钟镇北王中心小学 李朝环 我说课的内容是小学五年级英语上册第二单元 Lesson10。本节课是以句型训练为主的语言实践 课。介绍了询问他人来自某地的两种不同的表达方 法。 以培养学生综合语言运用能力为基点,将本课教学 目标设计如下: 一:语言知识目标: 1:四会句型Where are you from ? I’m from China. Where do you come from ? I come from Newzealand ...


   童梦无忧网 试管婴儿论坛 本文由中南小学体育科贡献 doc 文档可能在 WAP 端浏览体验不佳。建议您优先选择 TXT,或下载源文件到本机查看。 北 1 师 大 一 年 级 教 案 Unit 1 Hello! (The first period) 一、教学目的与要求 1、 能听懂并会说 Hi/Hello, I’ m×××. Hi/Hello,×××. 2、并掌握单词: Uncle Booky, Ken, Ann, Mocky. 3、用刚学过的句子学会自我介绍,要求模 ...