Main Queue up Stage aWard routine live outstangding apropriate amuse somehow anyhow anyway somewhat
vital tough rough worthwhile master grap sskilled experienced adj. 老练的,熟练的; 富有经验的 阅历丰富|经历 Skill Cross Annoyed
Wander wander about: 闲 : 漫游; 逛;漫游;漫步 crowded raise [reiz] n. 高地;上升;加薪 高地;上升; vt. 提高;筹集;养育; 提高;筹集;养育; 升起 vi. 上升 rise n. 上升;高地; 上升;高地; 增加; 增加;出现
vt. 使…飞起;使…浮 飞起; 上水面 vi. 上升;增强;起立; 上升;增强;起立; 高耸 arise 出现,发生,起 出现,发生, 立 dash glare tear injure hurt ache wound cut
struggle+against /for junior event energetic 收养, apart adopt 收养,采 取 devote severe cheer hopeless
overcome accomplish adapt inspire obey arrange allecate adequate confused quit rush
independent innocent income adolescence vivid communicate guarantee assist instant company mature
secure motivation difference native topic tradition celebration embarrassing clarify participate alcohol
drum adust royal analyse habit summary custom expectation wage overseas approval
ambition incident feast proper procedure pocket request remark religion certain concern
greeting slight equally minority majority 多 数,成年 account spirit wolf(ves) belief(s) govern meet with
steam belong to plain flat power peace retell roast refer to ambassador operate
honour honuored honourable take on charter purpose co-operate touch conflict labour voluntary press
awareness draw sum fund urgent lack set out on behalf of typhoon civilian remote
accessible frustrated if only conscience face expense source fuel pump fetch basic
roof occupation force 武 力 , 魄 力 energy 活 力 , 精 神 power 势 力 , 能 力 strength 力气,长处 力气, malnutrition means commitment flee bullet
outbreak 疾病,战争 疾病, colleague vacant clinic medication minor heal bacteria 细菌 meanwhile shelter staff
barrier 障碍 comfot primate 首 要 的 primitive 原始的
Make fun of In response to Make jokes about Move on 往前走,离开 In pairs For a while Queue up Hold out Burst in Ahead of Be tired of
At that point In good spirit Cheer up Apart from Devote oneself to Role model Believe in Log off Some day 来日 One day 某一天 (将来, 过去)
The other day 几天以前 Take up 占据 Take in 接受,理解,欺 骗 Take over 接受,接管 Take on 接受 雇佣 担 当(角色)呈现 Hold up 举起,阻挡, 拦截 Hold out Hold back 隐瞒,退缩,
阻止 Shake hands Meetwith In celebration of Refer to Apart from Set out 提出, 出发, 开 始 Under the umbrella of Break down 失败,分 解,毁掉
Break off 折断,暂停 Break in 打断,闯入, 训练 Break up 打碎,解散, 衰落 Break out 爆发 Die from 因…事而死 Die of 因…病而死 Die out 灭绝,消失 Die away 减弱,消失,
枯萎 From place to place Get hold of Remind of



   登陆下载更多资料 量子场女生英语 U1 短语 M4 U1 1. be used to doing 习惯做某事 2. share sth with sb. 与某人分享某物 sth.劝说某人做某事 3. persuade sb to do sth.劝说某人做某事 persuade sb into doing sth. one’ 4. at one’s service 听某人的吩咐 of service 有用的 (favor)帮某人忙 do sb a service ( ...

高二英语牛津英语模块6 unit2单元 unit2 task

   更多资源 更多资源 Task Writing a website article to give advice Skills building 1: identifying negative emotional language Let’s enjoy a funny flash ! What do you think the woman dean(主 任)will feel ...

高二英语牛津英语模块6 Unit1 Reading 2 03 reading

   Reading2 Language Points 南京九中 张茹芳 更多资源 更多资源 1. A stand-up comedian may make fun of an audience member, or he or she might decide to tell different jokes in response to the reactions of an audience. 取笑 People made fun of her becaus ...


   牛津英语模块一短语汇总 2010-8-6 牛津英语模块一短语汇总 Unit One 1. a time of hard work 2. low-rise buildings 3. (be) at ease with … 4. dream school life 5. have no experience in doing … 6. be happy with … 7. attend assembly / a meeting 8. the best way to do … 9. earn re ...


   Speak for that is to say have positive effects on our lives in need of current affairs weather forecast academic research turn to with the touch of a button acquire knowledge from all sorts of topics search for advance knowledge about gather inform ...

牛津英语 模块四 第一单元 教学案

   江苏省阜宁中学高一年级英语学科教学 Unit 1 Module 4 Word power 1, The company can then choose the right product to produce, the one which is expected to be most popular with consumer. 然后公司才能选择生产适当的产品, 一种最受消费者欢迎的产品. 句中 to produce 是不定式作定语, 修饰 the right product, one 是 ...


   译林牛津英语模块九第四单元复习学案 一.单词 2. 模糊的 3.松散的 4. 明确的 1.词语,表达 4.强调 5.迅速的敏捷的 6.频繁地 8.口头的 9.交际 10.彻底的,完全的 11.显然的 12.使锋利 13,担负,重负 14.牺牲,献出 15.仁慈的 16.无意中听到 17.整洁的 18.指令,吩咐 19.向西 20.所有物 22.乘,成倍增加 23.延伸,扩展 24.列出 21.新近 二.词组 1.将。。。翻译成。。。 3.设宴庆祝 5.换句话说 7.随着时间的过去 9.纪念。 ...


   Warming Up 1. Painting styles Chinese paintings Western paintings Chinese paintings landscape birds and flowers figures Western Paintings Modern art Middle ages art The Middle Ages(5th-15th century AD) religious themes love for God religious symbol ...

高一牛津英语模块三unit2 Word power

   牛津高中英语 高一下学期) (模块三 ?高一下学期) 高一下学期 Unit 2 word power ① An informal letter: Dear Mr. Lee, I am so sorry that I can not come to the dinner you and Mrs. Lee are giving next Saturday for your brother because of a previous engagement that evening. I do ap ...


   嘉兴英语教学网 收集整理 欢迎使用 江苏省沭阳高级中学 2011 届高三第一轮复习英语学案 Unit 1 Other countries, other cultures (Module 9) 【考点释析】 1. ...and fish are abundant in the seas and rivers. abundant adj. 大量的;丰富的 be abundant in + 地点名词:在…地方有大量的/盛产…; be abundant in + ...



   Ⅵ. Writing What Attitude Should We Take to Sth. 1. 社会上对某事物的错误观念 2. 分析批驳其错误所在 3. 给出如何看待该事物的建议 批驳分析类) (批驳分析类) 写作模式 参考范文 Ⅵ. Writing Back 写作模式(批驳分析类) 写作模式(批驳分析类) 1) With the arrival / birth of …, sth. is becoming more and more … in our life. 2) Hit / A ...


   黄冈市 2011 年初中毕业生升学考试 英 语 模 拟 试 题 (考试时间 120 分钟 满分 120 分) 第一部分选择题(共 80 分) 听力(共二节, 听力(共二节,计 25 分) 第一节( 小题; 第一节(共 9 小题;每小题 1 分,满分 9 分) 听下面 9 段对话。每段对话后面有一个小题,从题后所给的 A、B、C 三个选项中选出最佳 选项。听完每段对话后,你都有 10 秒钟的时间来回答有关小题和阅读下一小题。每段对话 仅读一遍。 ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )1. A.Ma ...


   The World Expo in 2010(世博会)英文作文 The World Expo in 2010(2010年世博会) The World Expo in 2010 Shanghai will host the 2010 World Expo. The World Expo has a long history but it has never been held in Asia. So the 2010 World Expo is an honor for all of the ...


   基于任务型中学英语合作学习的教学实践 东莞中学 李礼 摘要: 基于任务型的合作学习(task-based cooperative learning)被誉 ( 是富有创意和有效的教学理论和策略体系。本文结合教学实际提出 了任务型和小组合作学习相结合的原则和组织策略。 关键词:中学英语,任务型,合作学习 引言 基于任务型的合作学习(task-based cooperative learning)是目前世界上 ( 许多国家都普遍采用的一种富有创意和有效的教学理论和策略体系。 由于它在改善课堂内的社 ...


   2 你的英语有多实用呢?在碰上外国人的时候,能真正地和老外无障碍地沟通吗? 在学校学英语学了好几个年头,由学abc到用英语写文章,经历了不少挑灯夜读为考 试的时光。分数可能是拿到了,可是让我问一下,这些年头来,你学到的有多少真的 能应用在生活中呢? 好吧,就让我在这里先考考你? 1. 你会用英语买单吗? 2. 朋友提议0Go and catch a flick0,是提议什么呢? 3. 伦敦话0Bob’s your uncle0是什么意思呢? 4. 澳洲人说0Struth!’,他的意思到底是什 ...