牛津七年级版(初一 )Unit 3 Let’s celebrate 英语能力训练题(二) 英语能力训练题(
I. 明天就是中国的中秋节了。Lin Li 正在邀请 Millie 到他家去庆祝中秋节。听听他们是怎么 安排的:
  1. What is the Mid-Autumn Festival?
  2. Where is Lin Li's home and how can Millie get there?
  3. What time will they meet?
  4. Could you guess what Millie will take to Lin Li's home tomorrow? II. 你能根据句意及常识为下列各题选一个节日填空吗?Have a try!(10 分) A. Christmas B. the Lantern Festival C. the Mid-Autumn Festival D. Thanksgiving Day E. the Dragon Boat Festival F. National Day G. Spring Festival H. Halloween I. April Fool's Day J. Teachers' Day
  1. At, we play a game called "trick or treat".
  2. My favourite festival isbecause I like to eat mooncakes.
  3. People will play with different kinds of lanterns of different shapes and eat "Yuanxiao" at.
  4. is the fourth Thursday of November. It started in 1621 in the USA.
  5. is the most important festival in western countries. It falls on December 25th.
  6. is on October 1st in China. Now every year on this day we have seven days off.
  7. On, some people play tricks on each other.
  8. September 10th is. On that day teachers can get many best wishes from their students.
  9. -What do you eat at? -We can eat rice dumplings.
  10. is the most important traditional festival in China. It usually comes in February. III. 下面的对话被粗心的小熊给涂掉了部分词语。你能根据语境从方框里选择适当的词(有 多余的选项)把对话补全吗?可要注意用正确的形式呀:(10 分) much, party, turkey, glad, at, so, meal, family, eat, celebrate, each, ask, on, people
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Lily: Good afternoon, Han De. I'm (
  1) you could come to our Thanks-giving dinner. Han De: Thanks for (
  2)me. Why do you call it dinner when we are eating (
  3)noon? Lily: Because it's a big (
  4). We call it dinner when we have a lot to (
  5). Han De: Is that a chicken? It's (
  6) big! Lily: No, it's a (
  7). Han De: Why do America and Canada (
  8) Thanksgiving Day? Lily: It's like your Mid-Autumn Festival. In China, (
  9)get together and celebrate the bright, round moon. In America and Canada, families get together to celebrate the harvest (丰收). Han De: So we (
  10)have an autumn festival. Lily: Yes, and we each celebrate with our families. IV. 阅读理解:(6 分) Halloween falls on October 31st. It is one of the most favourite holidays for children in the USA. People dress up in costumes like a witch, a ghost or a skeleton (骷髅). The children go to houses to say "Trick or treat!" Long ago, if a child was not good, he or she would get a trick like having a stone in his or her bag instead of some candy. Nowadays(如今), no one gets tricks. All the children receive lots of candy. Parties are also popular in the evening. People go to parties in costumes and play different games. People also like listening to ghost stories and watching scary movies. 根据短文内容完成下列句子。
  1. Halloween usually happens on.
  2. It is one of the most favourite holidays for children in the.
  3. The children go to houses to say to get some candy.
  4. Nowadays, all the children lots of candy.
  5. The best title of this passage is . V. 请根据图片和文字提示,写三四句话描述每个节日:(20 分)

  1. the Dragon Boat Festival

  2. the Mid-Autumn Festival
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  3. Thanksgiving Day

  4. Christmas Day
第 3 单元英语能力训练题(二)参考答案 I. 听力部分录音原文及参考答案 Lin Li: Hi, Millie, are you free tomorrow? Millie: Yes, I am. Why? Lin Li: Tomorrow is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Millie: What's that? Lin Li: On Mid-Autumn Day, family members usually get together and eat a big dinner and mooncakes. Would you like to come to my home to celebrate the festival with us? Millie: Yes, that would be great. What is your address? Lin Li: Oh, my house is on Zhongshan Road, No.
  12. It is not far from here. Millie: How far is it from our school? Lin Li: It is about 2 kilometres. Millie: How can I get there? Lin Li: You can take the No. 32 bus. It will take you all the way there, or you can ride a bike. Millie: When should I get there? Lin Li: You can come any time you like tomorrow afternoon. I will be at home all afternoon. Millie: How about 5 o'clock tomorrow evening then? Lin Li: That's good. See you tomorrow.
  1. On the Mid-Autumn Day family members usually get together and eat a big dinner and mooncakes.
  2. It is on Zhongshan Road. No.
  12. She can take the No.32 bus or ride a bike there.
  3. They will meet at 5 o'clock tomorrow evening.
  4. Maybe some mooncakes. (答案不唯一) II. 1-5 HCBDA 6-10 FIJEG III.
  1. glad
  2. asking
  3. at
  4. meal
  5. eat
  6. so
  7. turkey
  8. celebrate
  9. families
  10. each IV.
  1. October 31st
  2. USA
  3. "Trick or treat!"
  4. receive
  5. Halloween
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V. One possible version:
  1. a. The Dragon Boat Festival is one of the traditional holidays in China. b. It is a time to when people like to play games. c. One of the most exciting games is the Dragon Boat competition. d. Many families make rice dumplings to eat.
  2. a. The Mid-Autumn Festival usually comes in September or October. b. On that day every family has some mooncakes. c. At night, we have supper in the open air under the big tree. d. There we enjoy the bright round moon and delicious mooncakes.
  3. a. Thanksgiving Day is on the fourth Thursday of November. b. On this day, in America and Canada, families get together to celebrate the harvest. c. They usually have a turkey for dinner. d. This holiday is just like our Mid-Autumn Festival.
  4. a. Christmas is the most important festival in western countries. b. It falls on December 25th. Before Christmas, people will do some shopping. They will buy a Christmas tree, and decorate(装饰) it with colorful lights and other things. c. At Christmas, people in the family have a get-together.
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