中学牛津 中学牛津 7B 初一英语期中试题
school 一、翻译词组:5%
  1. 订购一个比萨饼
  2. 在二十世纪六十年代
  3. 带个口信
  4. 在英语考试中
  5. 带领……参观 二、用所给词的适当形式填空:5%
  1. The students took their
  2. Miss Li will teach
  3. One of the
  4. September is the
  5. I’d like five (walkman) with them when they went to the park. (we) English next term. (waiter) is his son. (nine) month of a year. (loaf) of bread. (sun) day. flowers in the vase. They are beautiful. (real) (easy).
  6. sound great
  7. a set of clothes
  8. at the other side of the park
  9. win the game
  10. a piece of leather class Name Mark

  6. The sea looks beautiful in a
  7. There are some

  8. If you are polite and helpful, you can make a lot of good friends
  9. Walk ( ( ( (cross) the road and go on, you will find the hotel. 三、选择填空:10% )
  1. He thinks that a dictionary is A. a B. an C. the D. / )
  2. Look! They A. are geting on )
  3. When he heard the A. surprising C. surprised ( ( ( ( ( )
  4. What A. else surprised surprised useful friend.
their car. B. are getting on C. are geting into . D. are getting into
news, he was very B. surprised D. surprising surprising surprising
subjects do you like? B. other C. others our city at C. in on D. another April 20th. D. at on

  5.They will arrive A. in in B. at )
  6.China is a country A. in B. on C. at )
  7.Millie lives on A. five B. fifth )
  8.She often goes to work A. by a underground C. by the underground
a long history. D. with
floor in a tall building. C. the fifth . B. by underground D. take the underground D. the five
( (

  9. The food smells A. well B. good )
  10. It takes him an hour A. go to B. going
. C. beautiful D. pretty
there on foot. C. go D. to go
  1. What about
  2. There (go) on an outing? (be) an exhibition of art in the museum tomorrow. (enjoy) music very much. (rain). (go) sightseeing.

  3. Everyone in our class
  4. It’s so cloudy. I think it
  5. We are look forward to
  6. She needs
(have) a good rest. (get) some presents this morning.

  7. Today is Sunday’s birthday. She She couldn’t wait
  8. Is it difficult 五、改错:5% ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Does she spend A B
(open) them just now. (finish) (write) the article in one day?
two hours watch TV every week? C D his shop now.

  2. The shopkeeper has none eggs in A )
  3. Do be not afraid A B C D
of me. I’m really kind. B with C C D in the sitting room? D

  4. Would you like chatting A )
  5. It’s getting A B
your friend
dark . Please open the light . B C D
  1. They walked to the Summer Palace yesterday.(同义句) They to the Summer Palace yesterday.

  2. I think he will come back soon.(否定句) I he come back soon.

  3. The classroom is opposite the library.(划线提问) is the classroom?
  4. I have three kilos of ham. (划线提问) of ham do you have?
  5. I went to the fashion show last Friday. (划线提问) you go to the fashion show? 七、完成句子:14%
  1. 我的奶奶会唱京剧。 My grandmother can .

  2.当老师走进教室时,同学们都停止谈话看着他。 When the teacher and him.
  3. 希望我们能玩得愉快。 I hope we can
  4. A:打扰了,你能告诉我去图书馆的路吗? . Can you tell me the library? . the classroom, the students all
B:一直走,在第二个十字路口向右拐,过桥,你就会发现图书馆在你的左边。 and bridge, You’ll find the library 八、完形填空:10% A Telephone Call from Sue’s Father The telephone rang and Sue answered it. “ 1 “I’m 2 I speak to Mrs Potts, please?” a man asked. right . the second , the
you’ve got the wrong number,” Sue said.
“I’m sorry,” the man said. A few minutes passed 3 the telephone rang again. Sue 5 4 it. It was the same man. 6
He had made a mistake again. Three minutes
the telephone rang once more, but she 7
answer it this time, It rang and rang. Her mother heard the noise. “Why phone, 8 ?” she called.
you answer the
“Oh, all right,” Sue said. “I’m sure it’s that man again.” But she was and he was very ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( 10 . Sue had kept him waiting. B. Do B. surprised B. so B. made B. before C. Must C. afraid C. then C. answered C. later )
  1. A. Shall )
  2. A. worried )
  3. A. and )
  4. A. got )
  5. A. ago )
  6. A. went to )
  7. A. do )
  8. A. my boy )
  9. A. right )
  10. A. happy
. It was her father
D. May D. glad D. or D. gave D. past D. didn’t D. can’t D. either D. foolish D. tired
B. decided to C. couldn’t B. don’t B. please B. correct B. hungry C. can C. Sue C. wrong C. angry
九、阅读理解:5% (A) During the day we work and play; at night we sleep. Our bodies rest while we sleep. In the morning we are ready to work and play again. While we are asleep our bodies grow most. Children who are tired usually need more sleep. We can get our lessons better and we feel better too, when we have had plenty of rest. Boys and girls who are eight or nine years old need ten hours of sleep every night. Our bodies need plenty of air when we sleep. If we do not get enough
fresh (新鲜的) we’ll feel tired when we wake up. While in bed we must not cover our heads. If air we do, our lungs(肺)will not get enough fresh air. If we open our windows at night we can have plenty of fresh air. Cool air is better then warm air. Boys and girls who want to grow and be strong must get plenty of sleep.
  1. Our bodies grow most while we are A. eating B. playing . C. sleeping D. waking

  2. Which is the best air for us? A. Hot air B. Cool air . C. tired D. grow C. Warm air D. Dry air

  3. Too little sleep makes us A. nappy B. hungry

  4. How much sleep should boys and girls of nine ears have every night? A. Eight hours B. Nine hours C. Ten hours D. Eeven hours

  5. What do the lungs need most? A. Fresh air B. Food C. Rest (B) Mary always wanted to be a singer. Music was the most important thing in her life, but to tell you the truth, she had a terrible voice. She took lessons for many years, but her voice didn’t become better. In fact, it just got louder. Her teacher finally gave up and stopped the lesson. But Mary refused to stop. One day she decided to give a concert and invited her teacher to attend. The teacher was very worried about what to say after the concert. She knew it was a bad one. At last she got an idea. After the concert, she went to see her pupil. “What do you think of my concert?” asked Mary. “My dear,” said the teacher, “You’ll never be better than you were tonight.” 根据短文内容判断下列句子(T)误(F): ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. Mary spend much time on music. )
  2. Mary attended a concert with her teacher. )
  3. Mary sang better that night. )
  4. Mary could become a singer. )
  5. Perhaps the teacher would go on with her lessons. My school 字数 60 字左右 要求:
  1. 介绍学校的环境;
  2. 介绍学校的人(教师、学生);
  3. 你对学校的感受。 D. Exercise



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