澎湖?立文光?中九十二?年度第一?期第三次段考二年?英?科?? ??卷 澎湖?立文光?中九十二?年度第一?期第三次段考二年?英?科??卷
二年 班 姓名: ?, 姓名:
??:BOOK III (Lesson 1~Review II: 20?, Lesson 7~Review III: 80?) ?? Made by Sufen Lee, 2004/1/
  8. ?明: 不必交回。 ?明:答案必?填入 答案卷 ?, ??卷 不必交回。 ?考?片中找出?各句情境相符合的?片 於空格中填??片代?。 中找出?各句情境相符合的?片, 填??片代? 壹、Matching: ? ?考?片 中找出?各句情境相符合的?片,於空格中填? ?片代? 。12?

  1. He drinks like a fish.
  2. She was playing the violin.
  3. Superman sometimes flies in the sky.

  4. There are three dogs in the garden.
  5. He made a wish before he blew out the candle.
  6. He blew out the candles before he cut the cake.
每?根?前後字母的提示 填???的字?, 完成句意。 根?前後字母的提示, ?、Vocabulary: 每?根?前後字母的提示,填???的字?,以完成句意。12?
  7. Christmas is a day of peace and f p, but some people just look for fun.
  8. The t e is 40 degrees. What a hot day today!
  9. We are in the same school but in d t classes.
  10. Americans like the c e in Taiwan. They think it is always like spring or fall.
  11. Thanksgiving is a very i t holiday to people in America and Canada.
  12. Superman is strong enough. He is n r afraid of bad people. ?、Holidays: ?出下列各? holiday 的 ??或日期,以完成句子。答案?完整拼出英文?字, ??或 日期,以完成句子。答案?完整拼出英文?字, 完整拼出 英文?字 不能用阿拉伯?字,也不能用??,每格 不限 填一?字,?一?字扣一分。 不限填一?字 不能用阿拉伯?字,也不能用??,每格不限填一?字,?一?字扣一分。 例如: 『3 例如: 月 7 日』可?成 March seventh 或 the seventh day of March。16? 『 。 Every year, Thanksgiving Day is on
  13. of November in America. And Christmas Eve is on
  14. in all countries. Mother’s Day is on
  15. every year, but Father’s Day is on
  16. in Taiwan. In Taiwan, we celebrate our national day on
  17. . However, the national day of the USA is on
  18. . We also celebrate Teacher’s Day on
  20. and Dragon Boat Festival on
  19. of the fifth lunar month.
?考答案中 填入空格中,以完成句意。 肆、Choose & Fill in: ? ?考答案 中,找出一? 介?? 填入空格中,以完成句意。40? 表示不用填) ?考答案 答案: (或打 × 表示不用填) ?考答案:in , on, at, to, with, from, like, of, for, about, ×
  21. Look! There is a man a funny cap.
  22. They had a party Saturday evening.
  23. I ate breakfast 6:50 this morning.
  24. We study English together every Tuesday.
  25. Sunday is the first day the week.
  26. hundreds of Pilgrims moved to the New World in 16
  27. The Pilgrims worked so hard and had a good harvest the next year.
  28. There are four seasons a year.
  29. In Taiwan, we usually have a lot of rain spring.
  30. People get together their family on Christmas Eve.
  31. Last year, I went to Canada my vacation.
  32. Judy studies very hard, so she is sleeping a baby now.
  33. Peter finally passed the English test. His parents are proud him.
  34. I know Tom saw the movie two years ago.
  35. Christmas Day is the birthday Jesus Christ.
  36. Her new cell phone was gone when she was waiting her brother.
  37. I got a lot of Christmas cards my classmates this year.
  38. Ted, are you also thankful someone ?
  39. On Valentine’s Day, I think my last loving girlfriend, Mary. February.
  40. In 2000, Amy went to London 、 根?左? 的?容,??回答下 ?含主? ??…… 主?+ ……, 伍 Reading: 根?左? Thank You Letter 的?容,??回答 下列各??,?含 主?+??……, 日期的答法, 第?大?之?定相同 ?一?字扣一分。 之?定相同, 日期的答法,? 第?大? 之?定相同,?一?字扣一分。 ?各三分, ?二分) (第 41~46 ?各三分,第 47 ?二分)20? Dear Steven, When I came to Taiwan from Canada last year, I couldn’t speak Chinese at all. I didn’t have any Chinese friends here. But I was lucky I met you at Ms. Wang’s birthday party. I am very thankful you helped me a lot at any time and taught me so much Chinese. Now I’m glad I could speak it with my Chinese friends. I am very happy here every day, but I will go back home next Tuesday. So today, let me say “Thank you!” to you. And may you have a wonderful Chinese New Year! See you soon. Yours,
  41. Who wrote this letter?
  42. Where did Tommy come from?
  43. In what year did Tommy come to Taiwan?
  44. Why didn’t Tommy have friends when he came to Taiwan?
  45. Why is Tommy thankful?
  46. On what date will Tommy go back home?
  47. In the picture, what’s the meaning of “Gong Xi Fa Cai” in Chinese?
Gong Xi Fa Cai
Happy Chinese New Year !!!
2004/1/15, Thursday



   澎湖~#立文光W中九十二[x年度第一[x期第三次段考二年}英??科?f?L ?f?L卷 澎湖~#立文光W中九十二[x年度第一[x期第三次段考二年}英??科?f?L卷 二年 班 姓名: ?_, 姓名: {?:BOOK III (Lesson 1~Review II: 20, Lesson 7~Review III: 80) {? Made by Sufen Lee, 2004/1/8. ??鳎 不必交回。 ??鳎捍鸢副?填入 答案卷 Qg, ?f?L卷 不必交回。 S每?片中找出?各句情境相符 ...


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   英语试卷 总分:100 分 时量:90 分钟 Ⅰ听力技能(三部分,共 20 题,计 20 分) 听力技能(三部分, 第一节 根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。听每段材料前,你将有时间阅读各个小题, 根据所听到的内容,选择相应的图画。听每段材料前,你将有时间阅读各个小题,每小题 5 秒钟。听完后你将有 5 秒钟的作答时间(共 5 小题,计 5 分) 秒钟。 秒钟的作答时间( 小题, 。 1. 88855754 88619270 88572963 A 2. B C A 3. B C A 4. B ...


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   2009~2010 学年度第一学期期末高二英语试卷分析 ~ 学年度第一学期期末 期末高二英语试卷分析 阳春市第五中学高二英语备课组 阳春市 一、整体情况分析 本次考试总分为 150 分,考试时间为 120 分钟,考试内容主要以 新课标高中英语必修 5 和选修 6 为主。 试题结构并不是完全与高考题 相同,而是去掉高考题中的“读写任务” ,代之以“完成句子”和“翻 译” ,这种题型更利于夯实学生的英语基础,注重阶段内知识的考查 和消化。试卷选材上注重题材、体裁的多样性,所选文章内容贴近生 活, ...


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   triple a 三部分的 三方的;三倍的 三重的vt 使增至三倍   trivial a 琐碎的 不重要的   tuck vt 把-边塞入下面;把-夹入 把-藏入 away 把-藏起来 in 给-盖好被子;把-塞好   tug v 用力拖n 猛拉 牵引 拖船   tuition n 教学 讲授 指导;学费   tumble vi 跌倒 摔下 滚下;翻滚;不由自主地卷入;暴跌 down 倒塌 over 被绊倒 to 明白领悟turbulent a 动荡的 混乱的;汹涌的   turnover ...

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