pep 人教版六年级英语下册复习题各单元 Name: 一、 比较各题的两幅图片和提示,填上合适的单词,使句子完整。
  1) I am than Tom. Tom is than me.
  2) My grandpa is than your brother. Your brother is than my grandpa.
  3) This dog is than that dog. That dog is than this dog.
  4) My dog is than your dog. Your dog is than my dog.
  5) Mike’s bag is than Sarah’s bag. Sarah’s bag is than Mike’s bag. 二、看答句写问句。
Mike’s bag Sarah’s bag 100cm 50cm 50kg 20kg 20 岁 70 岁

  1. A: ? B: I’m 150cm tall.
  2. A:? B: Lucy is 15 years old.
  3. A: ? B: No, my father is 60 kg.
  4. A: ? B: Tom is taller than you .
  5. A: ? B: I wear size
  6. A: ? B: No, my legs are 74cm long.
  7. A: ? B: Amy’s hair is 20cm long.

  8. A: ? B: The tree is 36 meters tall.
  9. A: ? B: He’s swimming now.
  10. A: ? B: I like winter best. 四.根据上下文,补充句子。 A: Hi! ? B: I’m 55kg . ? A: I’m 50kg. ? B: Yes, I’m 5kg heavier than you. ? A : My legs are 70cm long. Your legs are 76cm. B: Yes, . 五.选词补充短文。 (older, younger, are, is, playing, old, going, climbing, reading, listening, one, two, three, longer, shorter) John is
  12. He has three friends. They are Sarah, Amy and Mike. Sarah is 12 years . She has long hair. Sarah likes the piano very much. Amy is
  13. She is year than John. Her hair is not long, it is than Sarah’s hair. Amy likes books. Mike is
  10. He is years than John. Mike and John like mountains. They good friends. 七、小练笔,根据给出的图表,用比较级写几句话,不少于五句话。 Name Chen Jie Sarah Age 11 13 Height 150cm 162cm Weight 42kg 45kg Hobby 游泳 跳水

一、 根据各题的图片,填上合适的单词,使句子完整。
  1) A: the matter with you? B:I a .

  2) A: does Tom feel? B: He is very .
  3) A: How are you, Lucy? You so .
  4) Look, Zhang Peng .
  5) A: What’s the B: She 二、看答句写问句。
  1. A:? B: I feel sick. I’m sad.
  2. A:? B: I’m 14 years old. I’m older than you.
  3. A:? B: Zhang Peng is 160cm.
  4. A:? B: Tom is tired today. He went to bed late yesterday.
  5. A:? B: Miss Li is a music teacher. She’s pretty.
  6. A:? B: John has a toothache.
  7. A:
  8. A: 三、根据上下文,补充句子。 A: Hi, Lily. ? B: It’s sunny today.
a fever. Her leg .
? ?
B: My brother is 62 kg. B: My throat is sore.
A: ? B: I feel well. ? A: I am sad. B: ? A: Because my parents will go to Hong Kong, but I can’t go. B: ? A: They’re going there by plane. B: ? A: They are going to go shopping in Hong Kong. B: I’m sorry to hear that. 四、根据课文内容填空 Some people feel you a sore throat? in winter. Many people your nose hurt? , you might have the flu. sick, the doctor. in bed some a few days. the flu. Do you have a
headache? If you have a Don’t worry. If you medicine and You will feel 么办?(不少于五句话)
hot drinks. soon.
五、看图作文: 请用英语描述一下如果你得了流感有何症状,应该怎
  11. Amy 感觉怎样?她觉得很累。
  1. A: What you do last Saturday? B: I football with Mike.
  2. My family a park yesterday.
  3. A: Sarah wash clothes yesterday? B: No, she . She a book.

  4. A: Did you swimming yesterday afternoon? B: Yes, I . I swimming yesterday.

  5. I often football on the weekend.
  6. I am going to the flowers after school.
  7. A: Your room is clean. B: Thanks. I it this morning.
  8. A: What is your father doing? 二、看答句写问句。
  1. A: ? B: I’m going to climb mountains tomorrow.
  2. A: ? B: I played football yesterday. B: He is an e-mail.

  9. I my grandparents last weekend. We had a good time.

  3. A: ? B: I often go shopping on Sunday.
  4. A: ?
  5. A: ? B: I can cook the meals at home.
  6. A: ? B: I’m reading a book now.
B: Yes, I went fishing last weekend.
  7. A: ? B: Yes, my parents go to work by bus.
  8. A: ? B: No, my mother can’t drive a car.

  9. A: ? B: No, my father is reading newspapers now. 三、根据上下文,补充句子。 A: ? B: We went to Beijing last winter holiday. A: Did you see the snow? B: . And we saw the maple leaves, too. A: ? B: Yes, they’re very beautiful. A: B: Yes, we took many pictures. A: 四、选词填空。 (last, cleaning, watched, played, washed, visited, cleaned , playing, wash, clean, watch, play) On the weekend, I can I’m the room. But TV. I often the room. Now weekend, I my ? B: Yes, we had a good time. ?
grandparents Saturday morning. We TV together. Sunday morning, I clothes and the room. In the afternoon, I football with my friends. I’m going to next weekend. 五、看下面表格所给的内容,根据你自己的需要,选出合适的内容介 绍你自己的情况及你上周末的活动。不少于五句话。 Age Height Weight Hobby 12 164cm 42kg 拉小提琴 Every weekend Last weekend 做作业,看书 看电视,踢足球 basketball

  1. A: I went to Harbin and went there last winter. B: How did you ? A: I felt .

  2. A: did they to Beijing last week? B: They plane. They presents.

  3. A: What did you do on Friday evening? B: I good on Friday evening.
  4. A: What did you see yesterday? B: I many in the zoo yesterday? 二、看答句写问句。
  1. A: ?
  2. A: ? B: He’s reading a book now. B: Mike played sports yesterday.

  3. A: ? B: We went to Hainan by plane last Sunday.
  4. A: ? B: Yes, Lucy saw the full moon last night.
  5. A: ? B: They’re going to the zoo tomorrow.
  6. A: ? B: No, I often go to bed at 9:00 in the evening.
  7. A: ? B: No, she didn’t play ping-pong this morning.
  8. A: ? B: My friend often climbs mountains on the weekend.
  9. A: ?
  10. A: ? 三、根据上下文补充句子。 A: Hello, this is Amy. B: Hi! Amy, ?
B: I feel sick. I have a headache. B: Tom is 160 cm tall.
A: I am listening to the weather report. B: ? A: It is sunny today.
B: Oh. Let’s go to the museum. There is a kite show. A: I went there last week. A: I went there by car. B: ? A: I’m going to buy a book about planting trees this evening. B: ? A: Yes, I like planting trees very much. 四、选词填空:( took, climbed, food, saw, older, sang, happy, old, mountains, had, take, have ) Yesterday Ia mountain with my cousin Tom. Tom is 13 years . He is one year than I. We took some and drinks with us. And Tom took his camera, too. On the mountain, we took a lot of pictures of the beautiful scenery. When we got to the top of the , it was 1:25 p.m. We and danced there. We got tired. But we felt very . Because we some squirrels and many pictures. We a good time. 五、根据以下七个信息,选择五个来介绍你的生活。 Name Age Birthday Ability(能力) On the weekend Last weekend This weekend Amy 12 四月 22 日 B: ?




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