班级 姓名 成绩
听力部分 一、听音,选择(共 10 题,每小题 1 分) ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1、A. hurt )
  2、A. went )
  3、A. )
  4、A. )
  5、A. bag leave thin B. head B. wet B. B. bed left C. hand C. want C. bad C. laugh C. thank C . what colour C. last month C. I have
  22. C. I am
  13. C. I make kites.
B. think B. watch TV B. last week B. I have
  20. B. I am
  30. B. I flew kites.
  6、A. wash clothes )
  7、A. last weekend )
  8、A. I have
  12. )
  9、A. I am
  13. )
  10、A. I fly kites.
二、听音,判断对错(共 10 题,每小题 2 分)

  1. (

  2. (



三、听问题,选答句(共 5 小题,每小题 2 分) ( ( ( )
  1、A. Yes, I do. B. Yes, I didn’t. C. Yes, I did.
  2、A. I go hiking. B. I went hiking. C. I am going hiking. )
  3、A. She goes to the cinema B. She went to the cinema.
C. She is going to the cinema. ( ( )
  4、A. Yes, she did. )
  5、A. Yes, I can. B. Yes, he did. B. No, I can. C. Yes, it did. C. Yes, I did.
四、听一段对话, 判断下列五个句子的对错。 (10 分) ( )
  1、I visited my grandparents last Saturday.
( ( ( (
  2、I went there by car. )
  3、It was my grandfather’s birthday. )
  4、I went back home last Saturday. )
  5、I went to the cinema last Sunday morning. 笔试部分
五、找出划线部分发音不同的一项。(共 5 分 ( ( ( ( ( )
  1. A. weekend )
  2. A. floor )
  3. A. bear )
  4. A. warm )
  5. A. went B. clean B. door B. near B. park B. excited C. sweater C. poor C. fear C. garden C. yesterday
六、选择。 (每小题 1 分,共 10 分) ( )
  1. He A. is ( )
  2. busy last weekend. B. was you help them C. did their room? C. Did, clean Team A and Team B.
A. Do, clean (
B. Did, cleans
  3. There is a football match A. in B. into C. between me.
  4. He returned the kite A. with B. to C. at
  5. I studied English A. with B. at
him. C. and
  6. I
to John’s home this morning. B. walks C. walked
A. on foot ( )
  7. I was very A. great ( )
  8. He A. look (
to the dog. B. grate C. grateful
so happy. B. looks C. looked Saturday morning. C. on
  9. I went to a park A. in B. at
  10. --Did Amy A. go B. goes
fishing? C. went
--No, she didn’t.
  0.5 分,共 5 分) go, cooked, was, in, on, last, goes, tired, visited, washed, cleaned, with, next My mother morning. They She often busy last weekend. She noodles together. to the park, but she my grandma Saturday the clothes.
the evening, she
my bedroom last Sunday. In the me in the evening. She
afternoon, she went shopping. She watched TV was very weekend. 八、按要求完成句子。 (每小题 2 分,共 6 分)
last weekend. So I’ll help my mother do housework

  1. to, the, in, I, Mike’s, morning, walked, home, morning. (连词成句)

  2. They went hiking last weekend. (就划线部分提问)

  3. She played the piano yesterday morning.(变成一般疑问句)
九、根据中文提示完成句子。 (每小题 2 分,共 10 分)
  1. last weekend? We 上个周末你们干什么了?我们去远足。
  2. last night? No, I 昨晚你看电视了吗?没有。
  3. I last Sunday. . .
  4. I with yesterday.
  5. He often on the weekend.
他经常在周末去看望他的外祖父母。 十、找出下列句子中的错误,并改正。 (每题只有一个错误) (共 5 分)
  1.What do you do yesterday?

  2. Did you watched TV last night?
  3. They plant some trees last year.
  4. I usually played sports on Saturdays.
  5. I visit my grandparents last weekend. 十一、阅读理解(第小题 2 分,共 10 分) It was Sunday, so Lin Tao did not go to school. He helped his father in the fields. After two hours in the fields, he was tired. He rested under a tree on the bank(岸) of a river. He saw yellow leaves on the ground(地面) and on the water. Suddenly he was something moving(移动) under the leaves on the water. He looked at it carefully. It was a small fish. He took off(脱下) his hat. Very carefully, he put it into the water. With a quick scoop(舀), he caught the fish! What a beautiful fish! 根据短文内容,选择正确答案。 ( )
  1. Lin Tao didn’t go to school because A. He helped his father in the fields. ( . B. he was sick. . C. it was weekend.
  2. Lin Tao rested under a tree because he was A. happy B. tired C. bored in the river. A. winter . A. big A. fish
( ( (
  3. He could find )
  4. It was then.
B. duck
C. a hat
B. summer B. heavy
C. fall
  5. The fish was
C. small and beautiful.
十二、看图作文(9 分) John 在上个周末做了些什么啊?他的心情怎样啊?
听力材料 一、
  6.watch TV(B)
  7.last weekend(A)
  8.I have 20 books.(B)
  10.I flew kites.(B) 二、
  1.What did you do yesterday? I went hiking. ( × )
  2. Did you play football? Yes, I did. ( √ )
  3. I went to a zoo with my parents last weekend. ( × )
  4. Did you watch TV yesterday? No, I cleaned my room. (√ ) √
  5. What did you do last Sunday? 三、
  1. Did you watch TV yesterday?
  2. What did you do last weekend?
  3. What did she do last night? ( C) (B) I watched TV. ( × ) (C) ( B)

  4. Did Mr Ma got ot the park yesterday?
  5. Can you sweep the floor? (A)
四、 Hello, I am John. I was very busy last weekend. I visited my grandparents. They live in Dongguan. My father and I took a bus there. It was my grandpa’s birthday. I cooked noodles for them and I helped them do housework. On Sunday morning, we went back home. In the evening, I went to the cinema with my parents. I was very happy. (√ √ × √ × × )


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