Unit 1单元分析 一、 教学内容
  1、本单元要求会听,说,认读的单词: window board light picture door floor classroom have
computer wall teacher’s desk fan what in the we new go where
  2、本单元要求会听,说的单词和词组: many our seat near classmate clean have a look good idea all right good job

  3、 帮助学生在掌握单词的基础上造出句子, 编出对话, 学以致用。
  4、培养学生用英语交流的能力,为学生的进一步学习奠定基础。 二、教学要求
  3、会唱本单元的歌曲。 三、教学重点和难点
  1、对于较长的单词如 classroom, classmate, computer 的掌握以及 对于第一次出现的词组和短语如 have a look, good job 的掌握。

  2、 对于礼貌用语“Thank you , Excuse me, After you”的掌握与应用。 3描述教室中所有物件,并能据此编出对话。 四、教学时间 本单元共6课时,每周3课时,2周完成。 Lesson 1
  1. Teaching Aims Let the students master the words: window, classroom, floor, light, door, board, and picture. When they see the objects, they can recognize and read them and do the action about them.
  2. Teaching Aids A bloom, a piece of cloth, a picture A board-wiper and a tape- recorder.
  3. Important points Picture, classroom, window, board, and blackboard
  4.Teaching steps (
  1) Preparation The teacher asks the question : “What day is it today?” The student answers : “Today is Monday.”
Then the question “What’s the weather like today?” (
  2) Presentation/Practice The teacher reads the words like that the classroom, the windows, the door, the floor, the board and the lights in English one by one. Then the teacher asks students to read after him. He asks:” What’s in the classroom?” Choose several students who knows the answers to answer by using the words they’ve just learned. The teacher shows the cards of the words while the students are answering. Then the teacher points at the card and asks the students to read after her one by one. Group work One student asks the question and the other answers. Then the teacher asks some groups to show the work. (
  3)Production/Progress The teacher hands the cards of the bloom, the piece of cloth, the picture and the board-wiper to the students and asks them to read after her. Then the students listen to the tape while the teacher is doing the actions: opening the door, turn on the light, Sweep the floor, clean the window, put up the picture and clean the board. Then the teacher does the actions again and asks students to follow. After that, choose several pairs of students to do it like her. During this period the teacher says something about the verbs like open, turn, sweep, clean and put. Listen to the tape
and read after it. Homework Ask the student to remember the new words and listen to the tape after class and try to imitate the American accent. Listen to the tape. 课后反思: 课后反思: 本节课基本上达到了预期的目标,课堂气氛挺活跃的。在现实情 景中教学英语,比较贴近学生,学生也比较容易接受。本节课的知识 与学生的实际生活息息相关。 课堂中充分利用教室这个场地的自身环 境优势。学生们身处教室这一环境中,一切都是身临其境的。当我问 到学生 What’s in the classroom?后,同学们都非常急切的从教室中搜 寻自己学过的东西。用他们学过的 pen, pencil, pencil-case, book, crayon, bag, ruler 等积极回答问题。
Lesson 2
  1. Teaching Aims Let the students recognize and read the words and expressions (classmate, seat, and have a look) and use the dialogue freely.
  2. Teaching aids A tape-recorder some pictures some cards

  3. Teaching steps (
  1)Preparation Greetings Say “Hello” to each other. -What day is it today? -It’s Tuesday today. -What’s the weather like today? -It’s sunny today. Revision The teacher hands the cards and asks all the students to read them one by one as quickly as they can. Listen to the music and do the action"开门,开灯,擦窗,擦黑板" and ask the students to say them in English. (
  2) Presentation/Practice The teacher shows the text sentence on the blackboard using the computer sentence by sentence and ask who can read them. Let the student who can read them to read and then choose 2 or 3 students to read after him. After that the teacher reads the sentences and let them follow him. Then listen to the tape and follow it.
  3)Production/Progress Divide them into some small groups and let them practice in groups and then asks some of them to show the text. Chant Listen to the tape and ask the students to imitate. Then practice the chant in pairs by clapping hands. After that, choose 2 groups to play this game in the front of the classroom. Homework Listen to the tape after class and try to imitate the accent. Read the text smoothly.
Lesson 3
  1. Teaching aims Let the students master the letters A , B , C , D, E . Remember the words and expressions: computer , wall , fan and the teacher's desk
  2. Teaching aids a tape-recorder pictures
  3. Teaching steps cards
  1)Preparation Greetings Says "Good morning!" to everybody and talk something about the weather and the date. Revision Let the students listen to the tape and follow it sentence by sentence. Then all the students read the text together. Next, ask some ones to read the text. At last, ask some questions and let them answer. (
  2) Presentation/Practice The teacher asks the students to look at the board while he writes "Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee ". Then ask the students to practice them on their exercise-books. Then ask some ones to come to the board and write the letters to them. Next, let others see wether there is mistake. “Fill in the blank”. A: The teacher gives the students several letters of a word. B: Let the students guess what the word is. Then ask them to fill in the blanks. Do exercises about the 6 words. (
  3)Production/Progress Listen to the tape and ask the students to do the
students’ book. Then the teacher checks the answers. Bingo Let the students look at the "Bingo" in the book and the teacher explains it to them. Then listen to the teacher and cross it. Choose the students who do it very quickly and finally be winner. Homework Let the students to memorize the words. Recite the whole dialogue.
  1. Teaching aims
Let the students know the word clean (verb and adj.) and the expressions “Good job, Good idea, All right” and use them freely. Let the students master the sentence “Let’s do… ” and “Let somebody do…
  2. Teaching aids A clean paper, a dirty paper, a table cloth and some pictures.
  3. Teaching steps
  1)Preparation Greetings Say ”Good morning” to the class and ask them “ How are you?” After getting the answer the teacher talk about the date and the weather. Revision Ask one student to say the furniture in his house and describe its co lour in his house. (
  2) Presentation/Practice
  1) The teacher reads the text first. Then ask the students to read after her sentence by sentence. When the students read the text themselves, the teacher writes” clean, Good idea, Good job, All right” on the blackboard. Then explain these words and expressions (When the teacher explains the word “clean”, she shows the clean paper and the dirty one to the class. And then use the tablecloth to wipe the dirt on the paper. Tell them clean is not only an adj. but also a verb) and ask the students to read them. After that, divide the whole class into several groups. Let them practice the story in groups. Then choose 2 or 3 Groups to act it. (
  3)Production/Progress Game
Choose 1 student to come to the teacher’s desk. The teacher shows the pictures one by one and let the student guess what the picture is. Play the game some times. Homework Ask the students to memorize the text and listen to the tape after class and try to imitate the tape.
Lesson 5
  1. Teaching aims Let the students master the letters (Ff Gg Hh Ii) and the handwriting. They can fill the blanks when some letters of a word, which they’ve just read, have given. Let them master the song.
  2. Teaching aids A tape-recorder, four plates, a tablecloth
  3. Teaching steps (
  1)Preparation Greetings Say ”Hello” to one of the students. Talk about the weather and the
date. Revision Ask one student to wipe his table with the tablecloth. Choose another student to speak the action of the first student. Then ask the monitor to Prize him ”Good job!” (
  2) Presentation/Practice Listen to the tape and ask the students to read after the tape. The teacher writes ”Ff, Gg, Hh, Ii” on the blackboard and ask the students to write them on the notebook. Then let them check in pairs and write the letters carefully again. Let the students fill in the blanks on the textbook. Then draw the very picture on the “plates”. This is a competition. (
  3)Production/Progress Listen to the tape. The teacher sings the song and asks the students to follow her. The teacher and the students sing together. Then ask a little “singer” to sing to the whole class. Homework Let the students write the letters on their homework-notebook. Listen to the tape and sing the song after class.
  1. Teaching aims Review the last unit.
Check the knowledge they have learned in this unit
  2. Teaching aids A tape-recorder
  3. Teaching steps (
  1)Preparation Greetings Greet to each other. And talk about the date and the weather. (
  2) Presentation/Practice A: The teacher let some ones to write the letters on the board and check their homework. B: Divide the students in to several groups. Talk about the pictures they’ve painted. Then choose 2 or 3 groups to describe their ideal classroom. C: Each of the groups can make up a dialogue by using the pictures PPT board
on the textbook and the bag and the ball that the teacher gives them. Then choose 4 groups to act. Listen to the tape and practice it in groups. Ask some one what is the main idea of the story and let him show the main idea to the students in Chinese. Then read the story together. Let the students know what is a bee. At last, point out the important points and let them remember them. (
  3)Production/Progress Greeting sentences “Thank you. Excuse me. After you.” Tell the importance of these sentences to the whole class. Then ask them to make up a dialogue with these sentences. Let some groups to act out their plays. Next, listen to the story. Homework Let the students remember all the word and expressions that appeared in the text. Memorize every text in this unit.



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