五 年级 英语 期中学业水平检测
一、 选择合适的词的序号。
( )
  1. What's your favourite season?
A. I like fall best. C. I swim in summer. B. February is my favourite.
( )
  2. My parents usually get up 6:
A. on ( )
  3. I A. usually B. in B. am C. at C. Are go to school at 7:
( )4 . What's the date today?
A. It's Tuesday. ( )
  5. Yes. A. Are B. Am C. Is B. It's cool C. It's April 1st. your birthday in February?
( )6 . Is Amy answering the phone?
A. Yes, he does. A. seven ( A. What B. No, she is writing a letter. B. ninth B. Who C. eighth about you? C. When C. No, he isn't.
( )
  7. August is the month of the year.
  8. My birthday is in June.
( )
  9. What is Mike doing?
He A. running B. swims in the river C. is walking
( )
  10. do you like summer?
I can swim in the river. A. Why, Because B. Why, And C. Which, Because
( )
  11. There is a call you.
A. for ( )
  12. At 7:
  30. A. How ( )
  13. What’s the It’s warm and sunny. A. day ( )
  14. What’s your Winter. A.good ( ( A. May )
  16. Winter. A. What ( )
  17. --A. Do ( A. sports No, he doesn’t. B. Is ? C. exercise B. exercises C. Does )
  18. When do you do morning B. How he have a birthday party? C. When B. best B. July C. favourite C. June )
  15. Children’s Day is in is the best time to go to Canada? B. weather C. shorts season, Chen Jie ? B. Where like in spring? C. When B. on C. At do you go to school?
(连词成句 连词成句) 二、 Read and write. (连词成句)

  1. I, leaves, on, pick, the, up, weekend, often, (.)

  2. he, making, is,snowman, a, (?)

  3. season, like,do,best,which,you(?)

  4. birthday,my,is, in, June, grandpa’s, (.)

  5. is,dinner,cooking,in,brother,kitchen,the,my,(.)

  6. visit
  7. about my you Sometimes What in like what’s I grandparents
__________ __________

  8. weather the spring
三、 写出下列单词的中文 December April October July March September August February November May January June
四、 找出适当的答语,将其字母填在括号里。 ( ( ( ( )
  1.Why do you like spring? )
  2.Which month does Mike like best? A. He’s sending Grandpa an e-card. B. Usually I do my homework.
  3.What do you usually do on Saturday? C. Because I can plant trees. )
  4.What’s Zoom doing? D. November.
五、 根据中文提示,用单词完成句子。
  1. 我最喜欢春季。I like .
  2. 你在周末通常做些什么?What you usually do on the ?
  3.明天让我们一起去晨练。 Let’s do tomorrow.
  4.五一是一年的第五个月。 is the month of a year.
  5.今天是几月几日? the today?
选择合适的答句。 六、 选择合适的答句。 ( ( ( ( )
  1. When is National Day? )
  2. Who has a birthday in October? )
  3. What’s the date? )
  4. Is your birthday in February?
A. B. C. D. E.
June nineth. October first. No, my birthday is in August. My uncle. Yes, June second.
( )
  5. Is her birthday in June? 阅读理解。判断下列句子意思与短文意思是否相符,用“ ” 七、 阅读理解。判断下列句子意思与短文意思是否相符,用“T”或“F” 表示。 ” Zoom and Zip are good friends. They are planning a trip(旅游). Zip is going to sunny Australia(澳大利亚)! It’s so warm there. He can swim all day. He has a new bathing suit(游泳衣) and sunglasses(太阳镜). But Zoom doesn’t like swimming. He likes skating. So he is going to Canada, It’s winter there now. He can skate all day. He has winter coats(冬衣) and some new ice skates(滑冰鞋). ( ( ( ( ( ( )
  1.The season in Australia and Canada is the same. )
  2.Zoom and Zip are going to Canada. )
  3. Zoom likes swimming. )
  4.Zip has a new bathing suit and sunglasses. )
  5.Zoom can swim all day in Canada. )
  6.It’s warm in Australia.



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