小学五年级英语(上)第二单元达标题 小学五年级英语(
听力部分( 听力部分(40 分)
一、每个句子听两遍。(5分) )

  1、I have a 、 new English teacher . very kind.

  2、Our Chinese teacher is 、
  3、Today 、
  4、I often 、 is do Tuesday. homework on is it today?

  5、What day 、
二.听录音两遍,选出每件事所对应的日期,并把序号填入括号内。 分) (5
  1. ( )
  2、 ) (
  3、 ) (
  4、 ) (
  5、 ( )
A 三.
本题中有 5 幅图画,请听录音两遍,根据录音的先后顺序给下面的图画
从 1 到 5 标上序号。 (10 分)
( )
小学五年级英语试题,第 1 页
四、听对话两遍,回答下列问题。 (10 分) ( )
  1. What day is it today? It’s . A. Monday B. Tuesday C Friday . ( )
  2. What day is it tomorrow? Tomorrow is A. Tuesday B. Wednesday C. Saturday ( )
  3. Mike has Chinese, and math on Friday? A. English B. art C. music ( )
  4. What does Mike do on Saturdays? A. plays foot ball B. does homework C. plays computer games ( )
  5. What does Mike’s aunt do on Saturdays? A. do housework B. do homework C. play computer games 五.听录音两遍,回答问题,并将正确选项填入题前括号内。 (10 分) ( )
  1.What day is today? A Monday B Tuesday C Friday ( ( ( ( )
  2.What doesn’t John have on Friday A Art B English )
  3.What day is tomorrow? A Monday B Tuesday C Social Studies C Wednesday
  4.When does Mike often play ping-pong? A On Fridays B On weekends C On Sundays )
  5.What does Jane do on Sundays? A She does her homework. B She reads some books. C She plays ping-pong
笔试部分( 笔试部分(60 分)
六、选出划线部分读音与其他三个不同的单词。 分) (5 ( )
  1. A coat B goat C boat D house B jeans C queen D bread ( )
  2. A sheep ( )
  3. A mountain B snow C house D mouse ( )
  4. A crop B cry C close D crew ( )
  5. A knife B work C book D look 七、单项选择(10 分) ( )
  1.?What day is it today? ? . A It’s Wednesday. B It’s Wednesdays. C Its Wednesday.
小学五年级英语试题,第 2 页

  2. ?What do you have on Tuesdays? and . ?We have A math, science B eggplant, fishes C Chinese pork ( )
  3. ?What do you for lunch today? ?I have eggplant and tomatoes. A do B have C has ( )
  4. ?What do you do on Sundays? ? A She does her homework B He watches TV C I often read books ( )
  5. ?What do you do on Saturdays? ?I often ping-pong. A play B do C go Mondays? ( )
  6.What do you have A in B on C at ( )
  7. do you do on Tuesdays? A What B Who C How old ( )
  8.I often football on Sundays. A plays B play C playing day is it today? ( )
  9. A Who B How C What ( )
  10.We homework every day. A do B are C is 八、课间 Jessie 问 Kim 有关学校的问题,请你选择相应的句子完成他们的对 话。 分) (5 Jessie:What do we have on Tuesdays? Kim: Jessie:Who is that young lady? Kim: Jessie:Is she strict? Kim: Jessie:Do we have new teachers? Kim: Jessie:What’s he like? Kim: A. He is tall and strong. B. We have math, Chinese, English and P.E.
小学五年级英语试题,第 3 页

C. Yes, we have. D. She is our English teacher. E. Yes, but she is kind too. 九、连词成句。 分) (5
  1、I pair of want a sneakers
  3、often do you on have Mondays Sundays music on
I TV watch I on

  4、have Tuesdays
  5、to is it
time up
十.根据首字母或提示写出单词。 (10 分) is it today?
  1.What d
  2.What do you do on (星期六)?
  3.The second Sunday in May is M Day.
  4.The first day of the week is S .
  5.The fifth day of the week is T .
  6.I w TV ,do my homework at home.
  7.I read books or play c games .
  8.There are s days in a week.
  9.It’s 7:00 . It’s t to get up.
  10.I often play f after school. 十一。按要求完成下列句子(5 分)
  1. I often do homework and watch TV on Sundays.(就划线部分提问)
  5. He often (play) game on Saturdays.(写出单词的正确形式)
It’s time to have lunch.(写出同义句) Is he tall and strong?(做肯定回答) We have English on Mondays.(划线部分提问) 、
小学五年级英语试题,第 4 页
十二、完型填空(10 分) Today is Sunday. Mrs White __1 go to work. She and her little son are __2 home. She is showing him a card. Her son is
  3. On the card 4 a word “MOTHER”. “Can you __5_ this word, my boy?” says the mother. The boy 6_ the word for __7 and shakes(摇) his head. “8_you know the word,” says the mother patiently(耐心的).” Just think __9__ I often call your grandmother?” “Old mutton head(背时鬼)!” answers the boy10__. ( )
  1.A. can’t B. don’t C. doesn’t ( )
  2.A. in B. at C. going ( )
  3.A. five year old B. five years old C. five year?old ( )
  4.A.has B. there is C. there are ( )
  5.A.read B. watch C. see ( )
  6.A.looks after B. looks at C. looks like ( )
  7.A.sometimes B. some times C. some time ( )
  8.A.Sure B. Great C. Well ( )
  9.A.who B. what C. which ( )
  10.A.quickly B. slow C. quick 十三.阅读短文(10 分) A.判断正(T)误(F). Wu Dong has a good friend. His name is Peter. He is from the USA. Wu Dong and Peter are in the same class. They go to school five days a week. They stay at home on Saturday and Sunday . Peter likes China and Chinese food. He likes rice cakes very much. At school they play table tennis (乒乓球)after class. Wu Dong and Peter likes making things. Now they are making a plane. They like flying planes on Sunday morning. Peter speaks English and a little Chinese.Wu Dong speaks Chinese and a little English. They teach each other (互相). ( )
  1、Wu Dong has an American friend. ( )
  2、They go to school from Monday to Friday. ( )
  3、They often fly planes after class. ( )
  4、Wu Dong teaches Peter English and Peter teaches Wu Dong Chinese. ( )
  5、Peter often eats rice cakes because he likes eating them. B.对话内容中谈论到的,在表格中打“√”
小学五年级英语试题,第 5 页
Chen Jie: What do you do on Saturdays? Mike: I often play ping-pong and watch TV. Zhang Peng: I often play football and read books. What about you? Chen Jie: I often do homework and help mother do some housework. Mike and Zhang Peng: Oh! You’re a good girl.
Activity Name Chen Jie Zhang Peng Mike Do homework √ Play football Watch TV Play ping-pong Read books Do housework
十四.作文(5 分) 回到家向爸爸妈妈描述一下你今天是怎么度过的,都上了什么课? 要求:语义连贯,语句通顺。50 词左右。
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