pep 英语四年级下册各单元句型词组
unit 1 (our school
  1. hand in 上交;交上
  2. welcome to sw. 欢迎到某地
  3. have a look 看一看;瞧一瞧
  4. talk about 谈论
  5. be quiet 安静
  6. go up/down 上来/下去
  7. it’s time for … 到了…的时间了。
  8. on the first/second floor 在一楼/二楼
  9. how many + 名词复数 多少…
  10. go there/come here 去那里/来这里
unit 2 (what time is it ?
  11. it’s time to do sth. 到了做某事的时间了。
  12. hurry up 赶快
  13. just a minute 稍候;等一下
  14. at the door 在门口
  15. be doing sth. 正在做某事
  16. be ready 准备好了
  17. have a try 试一试
  18. be late for… 为…而迟到
  19. wake up 醒来
  20. cut out 裁剪出; 切掉
unit 3 (is this your skirt?
  21. put on/take off 穿上/脱下
  22. hang up 挂起来
  23. put away 放好;收起来
  24. pass sb. sth. 递给某人某物
  25. go on/for a trip 去旅行
  26. come from 来自
  27. be proud of 以…而自豪
  28. what for 为何;为什么
  29. have a baby 生孩子
  30. be funny 有趣;滑稽
recycle 1 (pep 小学英语四年级下
  31. see you later 回头见

  32. look like 看起来像
  33. it’s one’s turn. 该轮到某人了
  34. find out 找出;查明
  35. be missing 丢失;不见
  36. have no class 不上课
  37. go to chinese class 上语文课
  38. in/on the playground 在操场
  39. take sth. to sw. 把某物带往某处
  40. what time is it ?=what’s the time?几点了?
unit 4 (it’s warmtoday
  41. take a show 洗澡;洗淋浴
  42. come on 过来;加油;继续
  43. open up 打开;展开
  44. hold on to sth. 坚持某事
  45. what’s the weather like?天气怎么样?
  46. what’s the matter with sb.? 某人怎么了?
  47. how/what about…?…怎么样/如何?
  48. have to do sth. 不得不做某事
  49. be all wet 湿透
  50. have/get a cold 感冒;伤风
unit 5 (howmuchis it?
  51. can i help you? 你要买什么?(我能帮助你吗?
  52. be on/for sale 出售/待售
  53. 贵的 反义词 便宜的
  54. a pair of… 一双;一对
  55. all right=ok 行;好吧;可以
  56. buy sb. sth.=buy sth. for sb. 为某人买某物
  57. no problem. 没问题。
  58. want to do sth. 想要做某事
  59. make a mistake 出差错
  60. be fired/hired 被解雇/受雇佣
unit 6 (atafarm
  61. at/on a farm 在农场
  62. as + adj. + as … 和…一样
  63. fatopp.thin 胖的 反义词 瘦的
  64. hungryopp.full 饿的 反义词 饱的
  65. so many +名词复数 那么多的…
  66. as strong as an ox 壮如牛

  67. as fast as a horse 快如马
  68. as gentle as a lamb 温顺如小羊
  69. be sure to do sth. 肯定去做某事
  70. introduce sth. to sb. 向某人介绍某事
recycle 2 (pep 小学英语四年级下
  71. have a picnic 野餐
  72. will do sth. 将要做某事
  73. be going to do sth. 将要做某事
  74. can/can’t do sth. 能/不能做某事
  75. hot opp.cold 热的 反义词 冷的
  76. warm 暖和的 反义词 凉爽的
  77. buyopp.sell 买 反义词 卖
  78. thank sb. for sth. 感谢某人某事。
  79. how much+u.n 多少+不可数名词;多钱
  80. what’s the price?=how much is it?多少钱? Yesterday Once More when I was young I'd listen to the radio waiting for my favorite songs when they played I'd sing along, it make me smile. those were such happy times and not so long ago how I wondered where they'd gone. but they're back again just like a long lost friend all the songs I love so well. every shalala every wo'wo still shines. every shing-a-ling-a-ling that they're starting to sing so fine when they get to the part where he's breaking her heart it can really make me cry just like before. it's yesterday once more. (shoobie do lang lang) looking back on how it was in years gone by and the good times that had makes today seem rather sad, so much has changed. it was songs of love that I would sing to them and I'd memorise each word. those old melodies still sound so good to me as they melt the years away all my best memories come back clearly to me
some can even make me cry just like before. every shalala every wo'wo still shines every shing-a-ling-a-ling that they're starting to sing so fine


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