小学英语重点句型 小学英语重点句型
三年级上(第一册)句型总汇 What’s your name? My name’s Chen Jie。 Good morning。 Let’s go to school。 This is John。 Nice to meet you。 Good afternoon. How are you? Fine,thank you. Let's paint. I'm fine. I have a rabbit. Really? May I have a look? Sure. Here you are. I like hamburgers. Have some French fries. You're welcome. Can I have some chicken? Happy birthday! How old are you? Let's eat the birthday cake. How many balloons? This is for you. 三年级上(第二册)句型总汇 We have a new friend today. I'm from America. Where are you from? Who's that woman? She's my mother. Who's that man? He's my father. Let's watch TV. What a big fish! Let's fly it! It's beautiful. Look at my new crayons! Open it and see. Do you like peaches/ Yes, I do. No, I don't. What about pears? I don't like bananas. Can I have an apple, please? Where is my car? It's under the chair. Can I use your pencil? No problem. It has a long nose. It's so funny! The giraffe is tall
Book 4
  1) This is my computer. That is your computer.
  2) Is this a teacher’s desk? Yes, it is.
  3) What time is it? It’s two o’clock.
  4) It’s 9:
  45. It’s time for math class.
  5) Is this your T-shirt? No, it’s not.
  6) What colour is it? It’s white.
  7) It’s warm today. Let’s play football.
  8) It’s cool. Is it cold?
  9) How much is it? It’s ten yuan.
  10) How much are they? They’re three yuan.
  11) Are they ducks? No, they aren’t.
  12) How many horses are there? Twelve. Book 5
  1)Who’s your English teacher? Mr Carter.
  2)What’s he like? He’s tall and strong.
  3) Is she quiet? No, she isn’t. She’s very active.
  4)Is she strict? Yes ,she is. But she’s very kind .

  5) What day is it today? It’s Wednesday.
  6) What’s do you have on Thursdays? We have English, math and science on Thursdays.
  7) What do you do on Saturdays? I watch TV on Saturdays.
  8) What about you? I do my homework ,too.
  9) What do you have for lunch on Mondays? We have tomatoes, tofu and fish.
  10) What’s your favourite fruit? I like apples. They’re sweet. I like fruit. But I don’t like grapes. They’re sour.
  11) What can you do? I can sweep the floor. I can cook the meals. I can water the flowers.
  12) Can you make the bed? No, I can’t.
  13) Can you use a computer? Yes, I can.
  14) There are two bedrooms, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living room.

  15) There is a mirror, a bed and a big closet.
  16) The closet is near the table. Many clothes are in the closet. The trash bin is behind the door.
  17) Is there a forest in the park? Yes, there is.
  18) Is there a river? No, there isn’t.
  19) Are there any pandas in the mountains? No, there aren’t.
  20) Are there any fish in the rivers? Yes, there are.. Book 6
  1) When do you eat dinner? I eat dinner at 7:00 in the evening.
  2) When do you get up? I usually get up at 12:00 at noon.
  3) What do you do on the weekend? Usually I watch TV and go shopping. Sometimes I visit my grandparents.
  4) I often play football. Sometimes I go hiking.
  5) Which season do you like best? I like winter best. Summer is good., but fall is my favourite season.
  6) Why do you like summer? Because I can swim in the lake.
  7) Why do you like winter? Because I can sleep a long time.
  8) When is your birthday? It’s in May. My birthday is in June. Uncle Bill’s birthday is in June, too.
  9) Is her birthday in June? Yes. What’s the date? June 9th.
  10) This is Zhang Peng. What are you doing? I’m doing the dishes. I’m reading a book.
  11) Grandpa is writing a letter. Brother is doing homework.
  12) Mom is cooking dinner in the kitchen. He is writing an e-mail in the study.
  13) What is it doing? It’s eating bananas. What is she doing? She is jumping.
  14) What are they doing? They’re swimming. They’re climbing trees.
  15) Are you eating lunch? No, we aren’t. Are they eating the honey? Yes, they are.
  16) Is he playing chess? Yes, he is. Is she counting insects? No, she isn’t. Book 7

  1) How do you go to school, Sarah? Usually I go to school on foot. Sometimes I go by bike.
  2) How can I get to Zhongshan Park? You can go by the No.15 bus.
  3) Where is the cinema, please? It’s next to the hospital.
  4) Turn left at the cinema, then go straight. It’s on the left.
  5) What are you going to do on the weekend? I’m going to visit my grandparents this weekend.
  6) Where are you this afternoon? I’m going to the bookstore.
  7) What are you going to buy? I am going to buy a comic book.
  8)What’s your hobby? I like collecting stamps. He likes collecting stamps, too.
  9) Does she teach English? Yes, she does.
  10) What does your mother do? She is a TV reporter.
  11) Where does she work? She works….
  12) How does she go to work? She goes to work by….
  13) Where does the rain come from? It comes from the clouds.
  14) How do you do that?
  15) What should you do then? Book 8
  1) How tall are you? I’m 164 cm tall. You’re shorter than me. You’re 4 cm taller than me.
  2) How heavy are you? I’m 48 kg. I’m thinner than you, and shorter.
  3) What’s the matter? My throat is sore. My nose hurts.
  4) How are you, Liu Yun? You look so happy. How are you, Sarah? You look sad today.
  5) What did you do last weekend? I played football.
  6) Did you read books? Yes, I did. /No, I didn’t.
  7) Where did you go on your holiday? I went to Xingjiang.
  8) How did you go there? I went by train.



   七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 七年级英语下册重点短语翻译 16. next 在旁边 第 1-2 单元 1. from = from 来自 17. in of 在……前面 2. a = a bit 一点(修饰不可数名词) 18. between…… 在……和……之间 3. like sth / like sth 喜欢做某事 19. left/right 向左(右)转 (前者强调习惯,后者强调一次性) 20. the left/right 在左(右)边 21. a walk= a walk 4. ...


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   Unit 1 1. Will people have robots in their homes in 20 years? 二 十年后人们家里会有机器人 吗? 2. People will live to be 200 years old. 人 们 将 会 活 到 200 岁. 3. I went to Shanghai last year and fell in love with it. 我去 年去了上海, 并且爱上了这 个城市. 4. I don’t like living alone ...


   小学英语 PEP 版五年级上册第一单元重点句型 为了方便家长在家对学生进行辅导, 特将课本中学生要掌握的知识 点总结归类,请家长在辅导时注意以下几点: 一. 每句话对不同程度的同学要求不一样, 请家长按照孩子的学习 情况进行辅导,一定要注意孩子的客观学习状况,不能拔苗助长。 二. 五会句型的要求为:会说、会读、会用、会翻译、能做连词成 句。(一般学习中等偏上的同学都要求做到五会) 三. 学习较好或者想做到更好的同学可以按照五会的要求进行复 习. 1.Do you have new teach ...


   Unit1 马 horse 羊 lamb Do you like young 母牛 cow 小狮子 cub animals? 你喜欢小动物吗? 你喜欢小动物吗? 山羊 goat 小山羊 kid 绵羊 sheep 小绵 小马 foal 狮子 lion 鸟 bird 小奶牛 calf 老虎 tiger 老鼠 mouse 袋鼠 kangaroo 什么 what 小袋鼠 joey 猴子 monkey 这个 this 那个 that 叫 call 兔子 rabbit 大象 elephant in 句型 ...


   初中一年级下册英语课文 第一课 第一单元 我们玩得很开心 贝蒂:你好,妈妈,你能听到我说话吗? 贝蒂的妈妈:使得,我能。你在哪里? 贝蒂:我正站在中国的长城上跟你通话呢? 贝蒂的妈妈:真的吗? 贝蒂:我们参加学校的郊游,而且玩的可高兴啦。 贝蒂的妈妈:好极了,贝蒂。其他人在做什么呢? 贝蒂:哦,托尼在吃冰激淋,王辉正在拍一些照片,玲玲在买礼物和明信片,大 明则躺在阳光下吃午饭。 贝蒂的妈妈:你能给我也寄一张明信片吗? 贝蒂:好的。我和玲玲正在写明信片呢。我们非常喜欢学校的这次郊游。好了, 我 ...


   四年级英语下册教学目标要求 一、目标总体描述 对英语有较浓的兴趣,持续的爱好。能用英语交换有关个人的信息(年龄、 正在进行的活动、兴趣、爱好、擅长、食物及用英语进行购物等) 。能做简单的 角色扮演,能唱一些英语歌,能在图片的帮助下听懂和读懂小故事。能正确拼写 词汇表中的单词,能根据图片或提示完成句子。在学习中乐于参与、积极合作、 主动请教,乐于了解异国文化习俗。 二、分类目标 (一)知识目标 了解元音字母在开闭音节中的发音;掌握本册词汇表中的词语(含三会、四 会及习惯用语) ;了解并能运用现 ...


   小学三年级英语下册教案 塔山中心小学 张虹 Unit 1 Welcome back to school A 部分 第一课时 教学内容与目标: 教学内容与目标: Let’s talk: 本部分主要巩固 Good morning./ Hi.并学习新句型: have a new friend We today. I’m from…(国家)。Welcome!通过教学会话,让学生学会介绍他人及做自 我介绍。 Let’s practice:为了巩固 Let’s talk 部分而设计的练习。 教学重点、难 ...


   重点短语 七(下)重点短语 下 重点 Module 1.People and Places 1.为某人买某物 buy sb sth=buy sth for sb 2. 等待 wait for 10 坏运气 11.好运气 bad luck good luck Module 4 Life in the future 1. 在将来 in the future 2. 未来生活 life in the future, future life 3. 有线电视 cable TV 4. 卫星电视 satel ...


   新目标英语八年级下册重点词组 Unit 1 1. 在人们家中 in people's home 2. 在家通过电脑学习 study at home on computers 3. 将来 in the future 4. 免费的 be free 5. 活到 200 岁 live to be 200 years old 6. 一百年之后 in 100 years 7. 一张纸 a piece of paper 8. 更多/更少的树 more / few trees 9. 更多/更少的污染 mor ...



   浅谈初中英语阅读教学 【内容摘要】 在初中英语教学中,对阅读课教学研究得较浅,远不如高中阅读课教学的研 究和运用。在新课程理念下,英语阅读教学的研究、学生阅读量增加、阅读兴趣、阅读技能 的培养的意义已超出为了学生考试的意义。 激发学生的阅读兴趣、 提高学生的阅读水平对激 发学生的英语学习兴趣、 提高学生的英语水平有着积极的现实意义。 本篇论文提出了研究的 问题,探讨解决的策略,并结合日常教学实践创造性地加强了“问题情景教学法”研究。以“问 题”的形式,以“情景”的方式,引导学生参与、体验英语 ...


   本资料由阳光家教网整理 www.ygjj.com 更多请进阳光家教网查看 作文模板大全 第一部分记叙文题型作文 diy 写作步骤 要求考生写一篇记叙文,描述事件发生的时间、地点、原因、人物及结果,最后对事件进行简单分析,如:2003 年 6 月四级作文、2003 年 9 月四级作文、2004 年 6 月六级作文。对这类题型,通常分为三个步骤来写: 第一段、总结描述 交代清楚故事涉及的人物、时间、地点: 主题句 第二段、具体描述 具体描述事件发生的原因、经过和结果 起因+经过+结果 第三段、对 ...


   MBA 联考应试辅导 联考应试辅导??三大类英语作文模板 三大类英语作文模板 三大类 感谢杭州谢敏敏老师根据讲义修改, 感谢杭州谢敏敏老师根据讲义修改,注释的作文模版 杭州谢敏敏老师根据讲义修改 我在里面做了小小的修改,也增加了一些能够背诵记忆的写作句型, 里面做了小小的修改 我在里面做了小小的修改,也增加了一些能够背诵记忆的写作句型, 力保大家作文达到理想的分数。 力保大家作文达到理想的分数。 第一类: 第一类:图表作文 第一段: 第一段 (3句话 ) 曲线图、柱形图、表格图: 曲线图、柱 ...


   Unit4 句子复习 1.A: ? 2A: ? B:I like making kites. B:She likes singing. 3.A: ? 4.A: ? B:He likes riding a bike. B:My sister likes drawing pictures. 5.A:What’s your brother’s hobby? 6A:What are your parents’ hobbies? B: . B: 7.A: ? 8A: ? B:No, I like pl ...


   商务英语专业人才培养方案 专业代码 660108 一、招生对象与学制 1.招生对象:高中毕业生、中专和职高对口升学学生。 2.学 制:全日制三年。 二、培养目标与职业岗位 1.培养目标 本专业重点面向涉外贸易行业生产、建设、管理和服务一线,培养拥护党的基本路线, 德、智、体、美方面全面发展的,具有较扎实的英语语言知识和较强的英语语言交际能力, 具有一定的商务英语专业知识,具有较强的涉外贸易行业基本操作技能,具有良好的思想 道德素质、职业道德素质、文化素质和心理素质,在外事、经贸、商务活动等涉 ...