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Unit 3 Project Making a booklet on keeping fit
What is a booklet?
A very thin book with a small number of pages and a paper cover, giving information about something.
A booklet on keeping fit
A booklet for keeping fit
healthy eating regular exercise enough sleep
How to keep fit
What should we eat
What exercise can we do We need enough sleep
Wish you could keep fit
A booklet for keeping fit
Read the article together and find out the topic sentence of each paragraph
Para. 1 You can feel better, look better, and have more energy if you eat the right food and exercise regularly.
Para. 2 Healthy eating along with regular exercise is the only way to become fit.
Para. 3 It is important to give your body the energy and water it needs.
Para. 4
Exercise is something that can help to make you look good, feel good and be healthy.
Para. 5
A good amount of sleep every night is also important for you health.
Para. 6 Follow the suggestions above, you will feel much better.
Find the answers to the following question. How many suggestions are given Regular in the passage if you want to exercise are they? keep healthy? What
suggestions Healthy eating Enough sleep
How to eat properly
Describe a vision of company or strategic contents.
Description of the products
Describe a vision of company or strategic contents.
Exercise regularly
When exercising, your body produces chemicals that make you and relaxed and increase peaceful your ability to when you concentrate study
Enough sleep
8 of sleep each night to 10 hours gain Loss of sleep can even cause you to
the main idea of this article Eating right food, drinking plenty of water, exercising regularly and having enough sleep will make a teenager feel and look better.
Let’s play a game !
? Suppose you are a doctor, here comes a boy who is overweight, he asks for some advice. Give him a list of a healthy diet. ? Here are some food for you to choose. Eggs, fish, vegetables, milk, noodles, bread, corns, beef, pork, soup, chicken, pizza… You can also choose food which is not in this list.
Healthy Diet for you
? Breakfast: ? Lunch: ? Supper: ? Eggs, fish, vegetables, milk, noodles, bread, corns, beef, pork, soup, chicken, pizza…


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