Travel Around Canada

  1.What’s the population of Canada?

  2.What’s the name of the “Five Great Lakes”?
  3.Is there any special scenery in Canada?

  1.What are the main crops in Canada?
  2.Where is the warmest city in Canada?
  3.How do the people in Canada form?

  1.What is the symbol tree of Canada?
  2.List some main cities in Canada.
  3.What is the climate in Canada?

  1.How far is Canada from east to west?
  2.Which is the most popular city in Canada?
  3.What is the height of the tallest trees which lies on the north coast of Vancouver?

  1.Why is the population of Vancouver growing so rapidly?
  2.What is the Calgary famous for?
  3.Which continent does Canada lies?

  1.Are there any special places of interest in Canada?
  2.How many languages are spoken in Canada?
  3.What are some of the differences between China and Canada?

  1.Why does Vancouver become one of Canada’s most popular cities to live in?
  2.What is the most important reason does Canada has more fresh water than any other countries in the world?
  3.Why do they call the Canada “the True North”?

  1.What influence has the Rocky Mountains caused the climate of Canada?
  2.What is the altitude of Canadians’ government towards Chinese embezzlers who escape in Canada?

  1.What is the official language in Canada?
  2.Are there any special foods in Canada?
  3.What is the most famous traditional customs in Canada?


普通高中英语课程 人教版必修三 Unit 5 Travel Around Canada

   Travel Around Canada 1.What’s the population of Canada? 2.What’s the name of the “Five Great Lakes”? 3.Is there any special scenery in Canada? 1.What are the main crops in Canada? 2.Where is the warmest city in Canada? 3.How do the people in Canada ...

人教版高二英语选修7 Unit 5 Travelling abroad 全单元教案

   嘉兴英语教学网 收集整理 欢迎使用 Unit 5 Travelling abroad Ⅰ. 单元教学目标 技能目标 Skill Goals ▲Talk about travelling and studying in another country ▲Express likes and dislikes ▲Express probability and improbability ▲Read about a Chinese student’s life i ...

英语学案: Unit 5 Travelling abroad(新人教版选修7)

   本资料来自于资源最齐全的21世纪教育网 Unit 5 Travelling abroad 核心单词 1. board n.&vt. 上(船,车,飞机等);付费;木板;布告牌 飞机等);付费;木板; );付费 常用结构: 常用结构: above board 光明正大地 across the board 全面的; 全面的;全盘的 sweep the board 全胜, 全胜,大获全胜 go by the board 被丢弃;(计划 安排)全部失败 计划、 被 ...

人教版高二英语选修 选修7 Unit 5 Traveling Abroad单元测试(附答案)

   英语周报网教师频道 新课标 模块七 单元测验 第一卷( 第一卷(选择题 共 100 分) 网址: 第一部分 单项选择(20 分) 1. Cultural exchange better understanding. A takes for B looks for C makes for D sends for 2 .Sports cars such as Ferraris and Porsches are priced the reach of most peop ...

英语:Unit5 《Travelling abroad》课件-Reading(新人教版选修7)

   Reading Learning aims: 1. To comprehend the passage 2. To analyze and translate some important sentences Pre-reading What should we take into account before we decide to travel abroad? Money Make plans Travel abroad Apply for a visa Weather Local c ...

Unit3 Travel Journal reading_高一英语

   中国首家新课标免费资源网(不必注册,免费下载) 中国首家新课标免费资源网(不必注册,免费下载) 新课标免费资源网 请记住我们的网址: 请记住我们的网址 Welcome ! scenery travel agency fun travel transportation scenic spots places of interest nature historical sites Where would you like to pay a visit most ...

高一英语Travel Journey教案1

   3eud 教育网 百万教学资源,完全免费,无须注册,天天更新! Teaching Plan for Unit 3 of NSEC Book1 Travel Journey The Third Period: grammar Teaching goals: To learn useful structures the Present Continuous Tense to express future actions. Important and dif ...

高中英语:Working the land?Grammar课件(新人教版必修4)

   Unit 2 Working the land Grammar Teaching aims: 1. Help Ss discover useful structures. 2. Enable Ss to learn about the ing form as the Subject & Object. 3. Enable Ss to use the grammar properly. Teaching key points and difficulties: 1. To unders ...

逆向学英语口语-外国人学汉语经典教材 Travel in China 英汉对照

   Travel in Chinese Bookmarks Lesson 1 12-26-2005 15:30 1)哪儿 Where (例)你们住在哪儿?Where do you live? (例) 你从哪儿来?Where do you come from? (例) 哪儿卖火车票?Where do they sell train tickets? 2)给 preposition, as in "for" somebody (例)妈妈给儿子收拾房间。The mother tid ...

牛津英语8B Unit 2 Travelling Period 3 Reading 2

   Unit 2 Travelling Period 3 Reading 2 Sanrio Puroland Hello kitty What is Sanrio Puroland? It is a famous indoor theme park. What is Hello Kitty like? She had a crown on her head and a bow on her left ear. She wore a shiny golden silk dress. Hello K ...



   年考研英语( 与英语( 大纲要求之最早分析 对比分析 2011 年考研英语(一)与英语(二)大纲要求之最早分析 万学教育 海文考研 教育 万学教育海文考研 公共课教研中心 教研中心英语教研室 公共课教研中心英语教研室 孔令香 1. 考研英语一和英语二是如何拆分的? 考研英语一和英语二是如何拆分的? 考研英语大纲作为纲领性的文件,是所有统考科目复习的出发点,也是考研命题的依据。因此对它有 个全面的了解是必要的。那么出了两个大纲,考生应该以哪个大纲为复习依据呢?这就的从英语一和英语 二的拆分说起 ...


   本书由TXT小说电子书下载网站http://我爱资源 http://www.52zy.com提供. 声明:本书仅供读者预览,请在下载24小时内删除,不得用作商业用途;如果喜欢请购买正版图书! Lesson 1 Excuse me! 对不起! Listen to the tape then answer this question. Whose handbag is it? 听录音,然后回答问题,这是谁的手袋? Excuse me! Yes? Is this y ...


   经典英语文章,中英双语 However mean your life is,meet it and live it do not shun it and call it hard names.It is not so bad as you are.It looks poorest when you are richest.The fault-finder will find faults in paradise.Love your life,poor as it is.You may per ...


   Englishes Text Ⅰ Main Idea People should know how to distinguish one style from another and should use different styles on different occasions. 2010-6-5 copyright 2006 All Rights Reserved 2 A scale of styles exists ? there exi ...


   大学电脑主页 大学生的百事通 大学电脑主页 ?? ?? 大学生的百事通 英语四六级听力完全攻略 英语四六级听力完全攻略 四六级 听力可以说是我们中国学生英语学习的最大障碍.我问过很多顺利通过六 级考试的本科生,听力部分能真正听懂的实在是寥寥无几.很多人都是根据听懂 的只言片语,再利用推理,排除一些的考试策略选择答案的.(国内有些听力教 材还提出了只看答案就能选出正确答案的系统 "理论". )这样做考试是有可能通 过的,但实际掌握,运用英语的能 ...