2007 启东中学 2007 届高三英语考前辅导

  1. --Have you heard of Wang Meng? --Yeah. She have done better. She won China's first gold medal at Turin. A. should B. might C. needn't D. couldn't
  2. From his voice on the phone I know everything is going under way. A. satisfactory B. satisfying C. satisfied D. satisfaction
  3. ?Is the experiment easy? ? . I’ll just do my bit. D. Anything but A. I think so B. Certainly C. Not a little
  4. He was suddenly with a strange illness when he was about to finish his work. A. seized B. caught C. hit D. controlled
  5.Put the books back they belong after you have finished them. A. where B. to where C. to which D. to the place
  6. Being determined is a kind of quality and that’s it takes to do anything properly. A. how B. which C. where D. what
  7. ?Did you have any trouble with the customs officer? ? to speak of. A. No B. Nothing C. None D. Neither
  8. Nowadays, mobile phone is means of communication. A. the; a B. the; the C. a; the D. a; /
  9. ? What does the model plane look like? ? Well, the wings of the plane are of its body. A. more than the length twice B. twice more than the length C. more than twice the length D. more twice than the length
  10. ? Well, my daughters take great interest in most of the food on the menu. ? Thanks. ? ? Salad, fried fish, chips and orange juice, please. A. Shall I take your order B. At your service C. What to follow D. Can I help you
  11. Just as we were sitting down to have dinner, the telephone ring. A. must B. could C. might D. need
  12.The jewels that the rich lady was wearing last evening must be . A. cost fortune B. worth a fortune C. cost a fortune D. worth fortune
  13.May I move your bag a little and take this seat? . A. I don’t mind B. Go ahead C. It doesn’t matter D. Do it please
  14. All the students who’d like to visit the Province Museum, put down names here.
A. their B. your C. his or her D. those
  15. Is this hotel we were to stay? A. where B. which C. in that D. in which
  16. The largest collecting ever found in English was one of about 2000 silver pennies, over 600 years old. A. all of them B. all of which C. all of it D. none of which
  17. Last term our maths teacher set so difficult an examination problem none of us worked it out. A. that B. as C. so that D. which
  18.The artist the judge gave a prize is the teacher I have been taught painting for two years. A. from whom; by whom B. to whom; who C. from whom; who D. to whom; by whom
  19. Before I take part in the sports meet, I’ll spend more time I . A. can training B. train C. to train D. trained
  20. The farm, as well as its neighbouring hills we once spent so much time on a new look as recently as last year. A. on has taken B. has taken C. on having taken D. having taken
  21. The weather fine, many people went for a picnic. A. was B. are C. is D. being
  22.Susan, go and join your sister cleaning the yard. Why ? John is sitting there doing nothing. A. him B. he C.I D. me
  23.The truck ran down the hill, and the driver , according to the local newspaper, to have been killed. A. was reported B. was reporting C. reported D. had been reported
  24.Whether we are out to set a new record ourselves or simply enjoy reading about champions, the Guinness Book of World Record interesting reading. A. makes up B. makes out C. makes for D. makes from
  25. Mary has a very low opinion of George. It can' t be any worse than of her. A. he B. his C. him D. he does
  26. How do you like the film? There was nothing special it was only . A. average B. usual C. normal D. common
  27. I smoke out of habit, not for pleasure; for I have been in the habit for twenty years. A. a; the B. the; a C. x; the D. /; /
  28. My father my brother for driving but he wanted to pick the knowledge of the
computer during his spare time. D. managed; out A. advised; up B. persuaded; out C. intended; up
  29. the youth the rising sun at 8 or 9 o'clock am, Mao Zedong expressed his great hope for the young men. A. Comparing; with B. Compared; to C. Compared; with D. Comparing; to
  30. Not far from the club, there was a garden, owner seated in it playing bridge with his children every afternoon. A. whose B. its C. which D. that
  31. Knowing how long the test would last, the students who finished back and waited until the end of the exam. A. settle B. settled C. settling D. to settle
  32.The wedding party is to be held on May 18, is, ten days today. A. which; from B. that; except C. that; from D. as; since
  33. My enthusiasm for Chinese football team gradually because of their countless failures. A. disappeared B. faded C. ran out D. gave up
  34. Television has many advantages. It keeps us about the news and also provides entertainment in the house. A. informed; latest B. to know; later C. learning; latter D. to think; latest
  35. I haven’t seen her the time she had the accident. A. for; that B. since; when C. since; as D. for; when
  36.Don’t get that ink on your shirt, for it . B. won’t be washing A. won’t wash out C. isn’t washing out D. doesn’t wash out
  37. You know what I mean you go about with your eyes shut. A. but B. or C. unless D until
  38. With all the money she kept , she had to find another job. A. using up B. being used up C. used up D. having used up
  39. One day, Mrs. Li told me I didn’t have enough fun in my life and it upon herself to teach me the art. A. took B. set C. make D. fit
  40. The amount of money doesn’t what I borrowed last month. A. agree on B. make for C. compare to with D. fit in with
  41. It is reported that some mainland visitors to Hong Kong Disneyland didn’t the park rules and behaved improperly. A. get across B. keep to C. take up D. make up
  42. Scientists photographed for the first time ever wild gorillas used a stick to test
the depth of a pool before getting into it, according to a recent study. C. that D. when A. which B. what
  43. Did you know Chinese, Joyce, before you arrived in Beijing? If fact, never it. A. have I known B. I have known C. had I known D. I had known
  44. the “age”, each time period is shaped by the latest and the most advanced technology. A. However B. No matter how C. Whatever D. Whatever is
  45. What do you think of the furniture on exhibition? Well, great! But I don’t think much of you bought. D. that A. the one B. that that C. that which
  46. Did it seem was the best they could make of the material? A. that that; use B. that; what C. that what; that D. that; things
  47. He can’t have come back to his dormitory last night, he? No. His room is still in complete mass with clothes and books about. A. did; lying B. did; laying C. has; laid D. has; lying
  48. I try to make him understand that I’m not interested in him, but he never gets the . A. information B. news C. message D. word
  49. In Shenzhou Ⅵ, Chinese astronauts aren’t only spaceship drivers, machine repairers and scientists. A. so B. or C. and D. but
  50. A good ad often uses words people attach positive meanings. A. in which B. to which C. which D. that
  51. In which play of Shakespeare’s is it Viola appears? A. where B. which C. who D. that
  52. It’s reported that a bus went out of control on a highway east of the city and crashed into a river. A. the; the B. /; the C. the; / D. /; /
  53. You will have to see to that the machine is in good condition before using it. A. everything B. yourself C. all D. it
  54. If you want to know more about society off campus, why not get some work experience first go straight on to university? A. more than B. other than C. instead of D. rather than
  55. What a pity! I such a good play. I didn’t see it either. I if it will be put on again. A. have missed; wonder B. missed; wonder C. have missed; wondering D. missed; was wondering
  56. Harry was so outgoing that he soon the other children in the kindergarten. A. came up with B. put up with
C. fitted in with D. dropped out of
  57. After the six-party talk in Beijing, an agreement was reached that North Korea would abandon nuclear weapons. A. stating; to develop B. stating; developing C. to state; to develop D. states; developing
  58. People have different personality types and to those types are different learning styles. A. to connect B. connected C. to be connected D. connecting
  59. Neither party of the talks much hope for a final peaceful settlement. A. held out B. held up C. held down D. in
  60. Just because he got a higher mark, he really thinks he’s . A. it B. that C. so
  61. A long time a person, which is really a truth. A.examines A. is assigned C. be assigned like cotton, wool or silk. A. this B. one C. that D. what
  64. Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, set on July 16, picks up the story of his sixth-year school life. A. to be published B. to publish C. published D. publishing
  65. "Harry Potter" is such an interesting book all kids like to read. A. as B. that C. / D. which
  66. When I got off the crowded bus, I found my pocket and the disk in it with the important documents gone. A. picked B. stolen C. missing D. lost
  67. ?How many of you have been to Paris? ? at all, but we all hope to. A. Not B. No C. Nobody D. None
  68. Jimmy needs to improve his technique if he gold at 2008 Olympics. A. wins B. is winning C. will win D. is to win
  69.?Jackie says she can’t help because she’s got a lot of work on. ?Well, she say that? she always uses that excuse. A. should B. may C. can D. would
  70. When shall we start? Let’s the time for the trip. What about 8:30? Is that all right?
D. such D.experiments
C.tests B. will be assigned

  62.I don’t think it advisable that Tom to the post since he has no experience. D. has been assigned

  63.Clothing made of man- made fibers has certain advantages over made of natural fibers
A. make B. meet C. set D. take
  71. It is well-known that Suzhou is almost every Chinese wants to pay a visit to. A. where B. what C. that D. which
  72. In such a hurry to the airport that he left his passport behind at home. A. he went B he had gone C. did he go D. had he gone
  73. I feel sick when I smell the medicine, which a hospital. A. suggests B. reminds C. thinks D. sees
  74. Five minutes earlier, we could have caught the train. A. and B. so C. but D. or
  75. Medical scientists said it would be two weeks the two Chinese astronauts, Nie and Fei, could really go back to their home. B. since C. after D. when A. before
  76. Can I help you? I want these nice roses for Lucy’s birthday. A. two dozen of B. two dozen C. dozen of D. two dozens of
  77. You must obey every word of mine. I don’t ? B. What if C. So what D. What about A. How about
  78.Was it still under the tree you were talking with your friends. Yes. But a moment later I found it gone. A. that B. when C. which D. where
  79. Does Alan like hamburgers? Yes, so much that he eats than almost every day. A. for B. as C. to D. so
  80. Everyone thinks that the chairman’s speech may a conclusion with the decision. A. uses as ,which is ended B. be meant for, which end C. be intended for , to end D. serve as , which to end
  81.At the well-known research institute at Princeton, they have a number of laboratories with computers each room. A. equipping with B. equipping C. equipped with D. equipped
  82. Children, we have to what we have now and it is for you to get better things in the future. A. make up for B. run away with C. do away with D. put up with
  83. he was ill I was expected to take his place greatly surprise me for I didn’t have much work experience. A. If B. If that C. That D. That if
  84. A young woman named Mary gave birth to her first child and because her husband was on military duty,she spent a couple of weeks after the birth at the home of her parents.
A. a;a B.不填;a C.the;a D.不填;不填
  85. The truth is, ,that the old man was crossing the road when suddenly a car hit him. A.I see B.I'm telling you C.no one can tell D.I look out
  86. He glanced over at her, that though she was tiny,she seemed very well put together. A.having noted B.noted C.to note D.noting
  87. The housing of teachers used to be worse than of today.That's to say their living conditions have improved a lot. A.those B.that C.ones D.the ones
  88. ?Where is Jenny? ?Well,she you here.Or else she would be here right now. A.doesn't know;are B.hadn't known;were C.didn't know;were D.hasn't known;are
  89. -Hello,Mr.Smith.This is Larry Jackson.I am afraid I won't be able to arrive on time for the meeting in your office. - . We’ll wait for you. A.Hurry up B.No doubt C.Cheer up D.That's all right
  90. What a table! I’ve never seen such a thing before.It is it is long A.h



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